Wednesday, July 04, 2007

But I have so much to look forward to!

Most of you know I am moving to Taipei at the end of the month.

Ok, the packing is going ever so slowly...because, OF COURSE I have to read/go through all the crap I save.
I came across this brochure promoting a night market in Keelung called describes all the stalls in the market.
THIS ONE caught my eye:

(followed by Chinese script then this translation)
"Stuff the pig's large intestines with steamed greasy onion and glutinous rice and then steam it again til the whole body is filled with rice flavor. You can find thick and and thin large intestines here. After making your own choice, the owner will cut it up and pour it with sauce. DON'T FORGET to go with a bowl of pig's blood soup, which is braised with pig's bones. What a nice duo!"

And this is a brochure used to promote tourism!!!

I love the people in Taiwan, but


greekzoe said...

That is enough to make me quit eating. I think if I lived there I would starve.

Good luck with the move! I can't imagine all the work that is involved. I will be doing a move like yours in a few years time but it will be to Sweden. I have yet to see the brochures there on their markets. Hopefully their's are a little more appetizing.


lryicsgrl said...

I am so bad when I leave this country....I survive on bread, eggs and fruit only!!!

Viva la Formosa Festivale de Musica.......xo

Lin-no-da said...

I don't envy the task you have ahead but it will be so rewarding once you get there and get settled. Can't imagine what Anjoli's school is going to be like for her? Does she have to learn Mandarin Chinese or Taiwanese? Or both?
Holy Cannoli, Batman!

I hope we can devise a way to meet up later this month.
Rock on, My Who sister!

Peace and blogger love,

Anne-Marie said...

I think, as a vegetarian, I could never survive there. I've been painting the condo, so I understand packing and sorting. Best of luck, although it is a good opportunity to get rid of things you've moved beyond.

Safe travels! When do you leave?


Ahvarahn said...

I have a stomach for anything, Ireland perhaps, and grew up being told to clean my plate, so I have years of experience vacuuming or inhaling food! My Dad loved the Scottish Haggis, which sounds remarkably like your recipe here, and although I'm not mad fond of Haggis, I love blood sausage, and even a skewered run of chicken hearts seasoned with rosemary is a delicacy at our bar-b-ques (they're yummy, believe it or not, but I get a few turned up noses "~"). I draw the line at chicken feet though (well, have you seen the crap they walk in?), which you will get in Taiwan, if you are not careful.

Hmm, leaving at the end of the month and packing now? That is a very odd concept for a man whose only experience of said packing lark is dumping a sock and t-shirt drawer into a suitcase about three or four hours before the flight.

Don’t forget your toothbrush!

Grace said...

Hi Sue, Oh I thought you had moved already. Cultures around the world will eat some very strange things. There is a programme on the travel Channel with some guy who travels around the globe and eats anything, some pretty strange stuff to eat out there!! Speaking of intestines, CNN had a story yesterday, of this 6yr old girl in MN, wading in a kiddie pool near the drain, and the pump came on and sucked her intestines out her behind!

ginab said...

Major Blech!

And I thought you had already gone. Jeepers, I am out of the loop.

But I know the fun of discovering saved question marks (brochures and letters and the like). Neat hunting for you and it seems what you find has its stock in Taiwan.

neato. ready-to-eato!


as ever, our best happiness to you and yours,


Gina said...


Lucy said...

sorry to see you "leave" Sue.

BTW, I think I have ADD too. Never been diagnosed, but I highly suspect it.

keep in touch!!

Cathy with a C said...

Good luck, Sue. At least they have the internet in most places in this world. You'll be able to stay in touch.

It will be exciting and probably scary at times - maybe more so at the dinner table. ;-) Sometimes, it's better not to know what you are eating.

Cathy xox

Tink said...

Hiya Suesjoy!
Thanks for the lovely note ;o)
Always happy to be able to bring a smile.

Oh the pig intestine. blech. My Dad and Grandma were huge fans of head cheese which isn't cheese at all. Some weird congealed mixture of parts and stuff. :::barf::: :o) I'll agree there with Paul ... i really like chicken hearts. Cooked, tho ... not ala Rosemary's Baby. heh.

My brother was in Taiwan for about a year back in the early 90s. He loved the open air markets and did brave some of the local cuisine. I wish you much happiness and enjoyment as you merge into a new culture.

xo Tink

Suesjoy said...

Thanks everyone for your comments.
I am slowly visiting your blogs!
So many interesting posts - I want to take my time and read them.

I didn't mean to be culturally insensitive - and yes, Grace, I know different cultures eat alot of stuff that is odd to Westerners.
I did think of haggis Paul too! I never had it though....
My Italian grandmother used to make pigs' feet. That always grossed me out seeing those hooves in her to the jell-o. :)

Packing is going slow. Hubby is going to whip my butt!
Poor babe. It's not easy being married to MOI.

Take care you guys- thanks for your good wishes and support - it really helps.


lryicsgrl said...

Now I'm the one Packing and (mostly) Procrastinating!!!!
Taylor's camp trunks get picked up manana....and here I sit....leaving YOU a comment...WTF am I doing now?????