Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

I think most would agree that we often have the best times when we are spontaneous. Yesterday we were pretty much grief stricken, not exactly in a festive mood. But, around 11:30 p.m. Anjoli, Sujoy and I ventured outdoors, lured by a fireworks display that we viewed from our balcony.

We just followed our nose and took a new route to downtown Tien Mu and ended up at one of Sujoy's favorite haunts, The Green Bar.(He really hasn't been there for months though - he hung out there every night when he lived here by himself for 6 weeks last spring). We stumbled upon a HUGE fireworks show outside the Green Bar. It was INCREDIBLE!
The Green Bar is owned by a very sweet American guy from LA named Rich. He's been here for 25 years - and he came at the age of 21! Ironically, he is Mormon and doesn't even drink. He is married to a beautiful Taiwanese woman - you can see her to the left in the picture below. (Rich is the guy with his back to the camera in the striped shirt).

I had been to the Green Bar a few months ago and was thrilled to find a TON of Who music on the "digital jukebox" - they let the customers choose whatever music they want. So I went over to the computer and was happy to see this!

Then Sujoy managed to help me find THIS (click on it for a better view):

The last time Sujoy and I were there, we had the place to ourselves and danced like crazy to Pete Townshend and the Who (I couldn't dance for TOO long though! It still hurts my head to bounce up and down!)

Rich is going to tape the NFL playoffs for us - he gave me his card and said I could call him and he'll tape whatever I want off the satellite. What a guy. I really miss watching football. WEIRD, huh??? Gotta see the...Pats win the SuperBowl, of course! Traitor Sue I know I know. I'm from New England so I gotta go with my ROOTS, right?

We had a really nice Christmas. My sister, Jen came to visit from San Francisco (Palo Alto actually). She arrived on the 23rd and stayed only 6 days - just long enough to get her inner clock all messed up, poor babe. Jen gave me an iPod shuffle - woo hoo! I worked out with it the other day - you should see my OLD mp3 player - it weighs about 3 pounds I swear. Santa brought Anjoli a Wii! She was VERY surprised. Sujoy loved his music box.

We had fun while she was here - you can read HER blog if you'd like her version!
Jen's Bloggie

We went to a tiny, beautiful island for 3 days (Green Island - off the southeastern coast of Taiwan). The weather was better than expected - it only rained one day. We went on a guided snorkeling trip- it was FANTASTIC. We had an excellent time there - so relaxing and the food was really yummy. Our host, the hotel owner, Jack was so sweet.

Jen is much better with computers so she gave me permission to post HER slide show...but I wasn't able to post it, if you want to see it, please go visit her blog HERE!


Ahvarahn said...

This all looks very wonderful Sue - Happy New Year to you, Sujoy and Anjoli.

Sorry to hear about your friend.

Anne-Marie said...

I wanted to say, first of all, how sorry I am about the loss of your friend. It always hurts a little more when they are young, and 60 is much too young still.

I'm glad you let yourselves get transported last night, and that everyone had a great time. I think, too, that having your sister there for those few days was wonderful, no?

I hope 2008 brings you much joy and happiness.


Tink said...


Only a sister can get away with the "Drag Queen" imitation comment. lol

Your New Year wish has been released to the Universe

:::poof:::: !

xo Tink

gypsy noir said...

So sorry to hear about your lovely friend..
The picture capture new year brilliantly!..
Thank You for your good wishes, Neil and I had a wondeful holiday together...
On behalf of us both, I'd like to wish you and your family love, light and good things for 2008..

VallyP said...

I am so sorry about your friend, Sue. That must have been a tough one for you. Hugs for that.

As for this, it all looks wonderful, and I hope you have a great 2008 to follow on. You deserve it! xx

Anonymous said...

Sue thanks for your card, directions to the blog...and then connection to Jen's photo-documentary! glad to hear you and Anjoli are back together and that you are well on your way to recovered health.
thanks for remembering to add a nice picture to my refrigerator kids! (jen if you read these I have a long way to go to those collages at my mother's where the young you still smiles
love to you all

grace said...

I am sorry about your friend Sue. The picture will be a special one close to you.
I hope 2008 is a happy one for you and your family.


Lin-no-da said...

Sorry to read about your friend Jo. Everyone from Kent is a sweetheart!
Didn;t know your Mom passed so close to X-Mas, my Dad did as well (one year after your Mom) so my question is... did you have as much trouble with funeral arrangements as we did since it was so close to X-Mas?

Your smile seems to be coming back nicely in some of those pix. is it true? Hope so...

no hurry on the postcard, I am just psyched you rememberred it for me


Suesjoy said...

Thanks Paul.

Yes anne-marie - I am only 15 years away from 60 - it IS too young. But like Anjoli says, "I don't ever wanna die."
It WAS great having Jen here - yes - a blessing for our little family to be together.

Hi Tink!
Hee hee. I dunno - I think I look like Bette Davis there for some reason!
Thank you for releasing my wish to the Universe!

Thank you Gypsy. Glad you and Neil had a wonderful holiday.

Hi Val - hugs to you too!
Thank you.

So HAPPY you found my blog! It's fantastic to see you here.
Thanks for popping by!
Hope all is well with you.

Thank you, Grace.
Jo was so sweet and yes, it IS a special photo - taken at our going away party last summer.

Hi Lin-
Thank you, sweetie.
Oh my stepfather made all the funeral arrangements - surprisingly we didn't have a hard time - we had her funeral a few days after Christmas.
Oh I dunno about my smile - I look kinda scary in some of those pictures but OH WELL! I'm alive and kickin'.
Actually, I have some VERY good news - it's kinda a "too much information" thing - but when I SNEEZE my left nostril is now "active" you could say! Ever since the surgery I have only had one "active" nostril! So that is MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR. I feel weird writing a whole post about it, but I probably will mention it eventually!

Happy New Year everyone.

Love you guyz!


BallerinaGurl said...

Just got home. WOW was SD cold! Could see my breath! Thank goodness the hotel was fab and I could relax a bit when back from the days activities! Didn't get to Bonita, however I was near Vista where Grandmothers old estate was. VERY beautifiul place and fond memories! She had this huge orchard and it was wonderful to see fresh citrus everywhere still. It is nice to see when others take care of something you planted, or built or I did wave to everyone for you and hope you are enjoying the fresh new year. SNORKLING...oh how fun!

Can't wait to see you again! Snorkling just might lure me there! lol


BallerinaGurl said...

ahhhh I really can't spell today for some reason...been on everything I have touched today. SNORKELING lol now how hard was that!


elena said...

Hi Sue,

Sorry to hear about your friend.

I just wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year, hope it's a great one for you and your family.

Lots of love,

grace said...

Hi Sue


VallyP said...

Have a happy week Sue! Work starts this week again, so I'll not be blogging too much - but then I've been quite a bad blogger lately because of being away so much.

Thanks for the kind words about my daughter's wedding dear. It was a truly special day xxx

Scott said...

Happy New Year! Celtics fan huh? Uh-oh =)