Monday, January 07, 2008

Oh the Cuckoo...

...she's a pretty bird
She warbles as she flies
But I never give her water
Till the fourth day of July.

There's a cuckoo that sings to me every day.
S/he lives behind our apartments.
I hear her (I'll just call it a "she") whenever I do laundry.
(We have a Malibu Barbie washer and dryer on our back porch. I say that because they are plastic and small - but they do the trick! I am used to everything in the States being so BIG and STURDY - you know STEEL appliances!).

I am just so gosh darned HAPPY lately.
I am not going to overanalyze this new Sue (I honestly am a bit manic - have been for many, many years). I will just enjoy the ride!

Today Anjoli went back to school. I passed a new friend, Hilary, who hails from Toronto in the hall. I worked with her at the Book Fair last month. Awesome woman - so friendly and smart. She went to McGill in Montreal and knew the exact street where we lived (for a year -not even - 10 months actually! too c-c-c-c-old!).She got her degree in library science. Anyway, she's the PTA bookstore manager - when I met her last month we got to chatting and she let me know that she was looking for someone to replace her next ding ding...c'est MOI! I am SO EXCITED.
So, this morning she bought me coffee and I spent 3 hours with her in the bookstore. I helped her take down the Christmas decorations, etc and re-shelve books that weren't sold at the Book Fair. She started showing me the ropes - it's a REALLY big job - just like running your own bookstore! There are books from kindergarten through adult levels.
The profits go toward getting two authors to come to the school to lecture and sign their books.
We left the school together - I walked with her to her car. I told her I was deaf in one ear from "the surgery." She just stopped and said: "What surgery?" I am so surprised (and proud!) that I hadn't even told her - for awhile it was one of the first things I would tell people I had just met - just to explain what was going on with my crooked face.
I told her the story and her mouth dropped to the ground...then she gave me a big hug and said, "who CARES about your face! You're here! You're alive! I am SO glad we are working together - you are such a lovely person....and we have to get together outside of school - our daughters have to meet!" She has a daughter who, since KINDERGARTEN has attended a Chinese school (she's NOT even Asian - but she was born here and insisted on going to a Chinese school - I am SO impressed!!). Her daughter is the same age as Anjoli. I've met lots of other cool, FRIENDLY moms in the past month or so volunteering at the school. I'm so glad...I knew I WOULD.
Things just take time.

Over the weekend I went to get acupuncture after missing a week and a half of treatments and the doctor looked at me and said "Looks BETTER!" He's right - the paralysis IS improving. I have been taking this secret herbal tea (a mixture of herbs - he won't tell me what's in it!). It's supposed to help the neurons grow. I wonder if it is the tea that is helping? I drink it twice a day.

I will post pics of my route to my Chinese doctor's office. It's a really nice walk. Last time I went I ran out of batteries JUST as I got my doc to pose! He's so sweet. So I will take a pic of him tomorrow and post pics tomorrow night.

Have a great week everyone!



Suesjoy said...

Even though I am in a good place lately, I am still missing Jo.

Life is short so...enjoy each and every day you have here and cherish those who are near (or far!) and dear to you.


BallerinaGurl said...

OH what a fab post! Finding good friends, even in a new city really DOES take time. You are such an amazing woman Swho, I am positive she picked up on your vivacious personality. You truly are one to draw others to you so I would stay tuned for a whole basketfull of good friends to support you there!

HA love the bit about the Barbie washer! Keep crackin' me up!

Just loaded more of those 430 pics...check em out!


Suesjoy said...

Aw...thank you, Molly!
I dunno about VIVACIOUS though!
I am more quiet in person than I am in person, to be honest.
Hilary is a doll though.

Thanks for the email, sweetie.
I will write back soon.
Love ya,

LMS said...

I miss you x 10.

I'd resist saying I told you so but... I'm not mature. And I TOTALLY told you so. You're the kind of light good and wonderful people can't help but be drawn to. So... how did you ever get a friend like me?

I'm so glad you're happy. I'm happy too! A week into 2008 and it already feels different. I can't wait to see what else it brings.

Suesjoy said...

THANKS Laura!!
Miss you TOO.
I have been a slack editor though...I feel guilty about THAT.
Tomorrow I will go to a nice cafe and read your stories with a red no scratch that - a PURPLE pen!
I am quite content but I am itching to work and feel useful.
Love you!

grace said...

Hi Sue,

So many happy things in your post! I know you still miss your friend, that will take awhile.
But I am so happy for you, you're feeling better, and I knew you would meet some Moms that would appreciate you! :) I consider you my friend, and I've never met you! (yet)

BlackVelvetLace said...

Swho, you sound positively radiant. CONGRATULATIONS on the upcoming job AND that the woman you are befriending didn't even notice your face!! The healing must be steaming full speed ahead.

It's hard to believe that only a few short months ago you were struggling with a family in Taiwan and your hospitalization. Whenever I'm down I have to make it a point to remember how strong you are and how bright you shine.

Love you!!

PS What are you cooking up with Del this time??? Can't wait to hear about it....


Suesjoy said...

Hi Grace!
Yes, of course we are friends!
Someday we will meet - next time I am in California - fer sure.

Hey Lacey Lace!
Thank you!!
I can't get over how good I feel too.
It's a miracle. I think prayer has A LOT to do with it. It's VERY powerful.
Oh my bookstore gig is a VOLUNTEER "job!"
I have to look for a REAL teaching job. I got some excellent leads from Hilary though.
It's all about networking here, I am finding out.
Del is helping me with a song I wrote!
He's going to try to get a guitar track down.
He's so sweet.
We'll see what happens. He is busy right now with a panto (it's a play) in Wales at the mo.
I hope YOU record more, sweetie.
I LOVE your voice. I don't understand why you aren't famous! Really.
Take care!


lryicsgrl said...
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Cathy with a C said...

Life sounds so good, Sue. I'm so happy for you! And I love hearing about your adventures in your new home.


gypsy noir said...

Hi Sue!, great to hear of your on going improvement, you are a star..long may it continue..

Yes, it's early days and you will miss your friend, and in time tuck the hurt away in a special place..

Great to hear your making more music with Del..when we heard him on the C/A CD we thought he sounded like a young PT!..

P.s, iv'e put me blog to bed for a little

Lucy said...

Hi Sue!

Loved your latest blog.

Wow, cool about the new friend Hilary. :-) Librarians are some of the smartest people I know. And great about the bookstore next year! Sometimes I wish I worked in a bookstore 'stead of an academic library. (it's the pressure to publish that's hard to bear sometimes).

I love the cuckoo anecdote. Is that an Audubon print? Do you know who the mom and dad birds are? (i.e., who'd Mama Cuckoo dump her kid on?)

I'll say it again, you've got a great blog going here -- coz you actually have interesting stuff to write about - quite an adventure.

I just need a few days to catch up to your earlier posts.. am sorry to hear about your friend Jo, though.

Take good care,

p.s. got any authors in mind yet??

pictures of lily said...

Wow, your neighbor.. I mean "hood" just looks so cute and quaint!
I'm so glad you're in a "manic" state.. stay there!! Don't come down here!! You have a ton of things I'd be happy about too.. especially the teas (would love to know if they grow nerves in eyes??!!)still waiting to see the "guy"!!
I hope you are in for subbing next year! I would love you to be my daughter's para.. she would adore you! We have colds so I'm playing nurse all weekend, lots of steroids so we may be watching Who videos all night.. Oh, and I've begged Tausha to put Pleasure Seeker on Rach's myspace.. That song, I adore. Especially right now with all the bull.. I want to add it to my page and now the video of it went too!!
So, I shall wait patiently - NOT!
Nah, T's a sweetie! And, I'm annoying..So, I'll go now. You look fab, life appears fab. You are a great role model for me!
Thanks Sue, I do adore you!! You are so full of life and inspiration to many of us.
Anjoli looks fab. too!! Has a great mummy!!
love you!

JLee said...

I'm glad things are going well, Sue! I really wonder if the tumor had caused your "mania" or bad feelings in the past perhaps? I'm no medical expert, but it does seem interesting. I'm also glad you found a new friend. Have a great weekend!

LMS said...

I wrote you a nice long letter full of thoughts and feelings and ideas, all expressed in my adult words...

and then hotmail ate it!

Hotmail is a stupid-meanie head.

Mike S said...

Hi Sue,

How odd,I posted a message here
about 4 days ago from my work
computer at the hospital I work
at and I don't see it.Maybe I
assumed it went through?

Oh well,that'll teach me to
wait and make sure I see
that it was posted for sure.

As for Pete and his writing,
his assistant Nicola said
that he is very busy writing
and didn't want to be bothered
with anything else at this time.

I made the assumption on my own
because of when Pete said he was
putting his autobiography on
hold for awhile,and he's been
dropping hints about writing
for a new album.Of course,
I can be off on this,but I
have a gut feeling I'm not.

Fingers crossed.

My deepest sympathies to
Jo and continued health
to you Sue.As one of my
heroes,Tom Snyder used
to say before he would
sign off the airwaves...
"Goodnight folks and's later
than you think".And
to add CS&N "LOVE THE

Suesjoy said...


Cathy! Oh I have been a very slack blogger lately, but I'm so glad you are enjoying my so-called "adventures!"
No it IS an adventure being here. I am having a blast, truly. xx

Hi Gypsy!
I did email THEE as you know...come back to blogland SOON. xx

Lucy darling-
I feel like we are bumping into eachother all over blogland - it's a GOOD thing!
I'm glad you caved and joined!
Next year!
I want to get Philip Pullman and J.K. Rowling! "Dreamer, you know (Sue is) a DREAMER!"
Ok any realistic suggestions pour MOI? xx

Lucy sweetie!
Yes, I love my 'hood. I really do.
That's why we moved BACK here.
This area used to have an American barracks - that's why it's so darned expensive (well, it's still cheaper than San Diego so...whatever!).

I LOVE Pleasure Seeker - that's my fave tune by Rachel.

I hope you feel better soon!
GO PATS!! What an AWESOME game!
I was tickled to be able to watch it LIVE! And I didn't' even have a beer until NOON. Good on me! xx

Hi Jlee!
I have to check your blog now.
I hope you are feeling ok and that your surgery went well.
YES I am sure my tumor made me a bit...OFF. I have no doubt about it.
I am just feeling so good now...I am so happy.
Talk at you soon! XX

oh NO Laura!!!
I''m sorry.
Talk to you soon.
Hope you are well.

Lots of love to you girlz.


Lucy said...

Hi again Sue! I was JUST at your blog when you were at mine! Glad you know of NRBQ. I was beginning to wonder if anyone did. :-)

NRBQ's "Dummy" video (and song) on YT is really funny (and catchy). It's not like anything you see anymore. A breath of fresh air (or a blast from the past).

Enjoy the new week!
(and I'll be thinking about authors)...

- Lucy.

blue said...

Hi Sue!!

Good to hear you are feeling BETTER.Please take care of yourself.

OH YES, I got married last October.
We had a honeymoon to UK and Italy.
We met Marietta in London then.That was really FUN.


Tomoko xx

Mike S said...

Hi again Sue,

This article confirms the Pete
writing rumor.I think you need
to register to hear the clip. ates.html

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
I am so glad you're feeling bettah and making new friends- but then again, I happen to think people from Toronto are awesome, so good choice!

I love that you have your own songbird. Very cool.


Suesjoy said...

Hey Mike-
Didn't mean to neglect you - you sent your comment while I was writing mine!
I left you a comment on your blog, btw, but THANK YOU for the link - that's a very cool site.
Yeah Rog was getting his Visa so it looks like they may be touring again in the US??? Maybe...
Thanks for your condolences too.
I am missing her so much. I wish I had called her after moving here.
You are right - it IS later than you think. I liked Tom Snyder too.

Hi Again Lucy!
I can't "get" You Tube on my stupid computer. I dunno why...
I will watch it on Anjoli's...

Blue my dear!
So NICE to see you here!
Hey I'm a (very bad) poet!
Cool that you met Marietta. I bet she is a sweetie. She's very quiet nowadays - must be very busy.
Great that you went to Italy too!
I REALLY want to see Italy. The world is too BIG! WAH!

Hi Anne-Marie-
YES - here here for Toronto folk!
Hilary is the COOLEST. She has amazing energy. Really fun to be around. I am so laid back, wish I wasn't so mellow. Oh well. I be what I be, and I gotta be me.
Oh no she's trying tp be a poet again...
I haven't heard my songbird for a few days since the temperature's dropped. Hope she returns.