Thursday, June 05, 2008

Working Stiff

C'est moi!

I am officially now the assistant director of a preschool here in Taiwan. (I better not say anymore than that!).

I love my job, but my body has been protesting. Yesterday I had a total physical breakdown.
My neck REALLY hurts at times due to the surgery...still! I had my brain surgery nearly one year ago and I am STILL recovering! It's very annoying, but I really can't complain since the operation was SUCH a success.

Anyway, I have been waking up every night around 3 or 4 a.m. writhing in pain. I take this wonderful over-the-counter Japanese painkiller called EVE-A. My friend Alice supplies me with it...and ANOTHER Japanese friend that I met through The Who's website just sent me 4 boxes. It's the best thing since sliced bread! I don't like taking too many pills though, I worry about that. The bottles always say they can cause liver damage if you drink more than 3 alcoholic beverages a day (which I usually don't!). So with that kind of warning...well, I worry.

Work is going SO well, I really truly am blessed. The real challenge is managing the staff - we are QUITE the motley crew! Again, I can't say much...I don't want to incriminate myself or cause an uproar. Let's just say I am happy to be a peacekeeper sort. I can't believe how centered I am lately. I guess having been there and back set me up well for this job. Most people (including my husband) think I'm insane to work at this school. I am so up for the challenge and the kids give bring me so much happiness (which makes up for the bickering amongst the staff!).

I am supposed to plan an Open House to attract more students (we need them badly) but I am going to plan a FAIR so we can raise money AND attract students. I am hoping to get my hubby's company to help sponsor it (as well as local businesses). I will get restaurants and stores to donate prizes for a raffle, get a henna artist (the ladies dig Indian tatoos!), have my daughter and her friends run the games and do face painting, etc. It sounds like FUN, yeah???? I mentioned it to one of the teachers and she said, "ah, good luck!"
Not very supportive. Ah well. I told you I have my work cut out for me!!

Heading to San Diego next week! I will be staying for only 2 weeks, but Anjoli will stay with her best friend for about 6 weeks and fly back by herself! It's a non-stop flight from LA to Taipei, and she'll be taken care of by the airline staff. I had to BUY her an adult ticket - we weren't allowed to use frequent flier miles for an unaccompanied minor ticket.

Can't wait to see everyone!!! My "tenants" are planning a welcome home bbq for us! How WONDERFUL is that? I think the silliest/ strangest thing will be having to ring the doorbell to MY house! hee hee. My brain works in odd ways, I know I know.

I'm going to LA for a few days to hang with my dear Ru buddy Laura. We're going to see MARTHA WAINWRIGHT at the Troubadour!!! WOO HOO!!! I can't WAIT to see her. It's been about oh, 3 years nearly since I've seen her. And yes, everyone is tired of my story, but I will finally get to tell her that I am the fairy godmother who introduced her to Pete Townshend and Rachel Fuller. THAT will be a doozy to drop on her.

I will be sure to take tons of pics of my trip home!

Hope all is well.

I promise to visit everyone's blogs soon!!!

Lots of love,


LMS said...

I am so excited about you coming to LA I've taken to prancing around...more than usual!

But take care of yourself until then! Seriously! Your body's doing the it can, but you've gotta hold up on your end of the deal and not push it too hard.

And have fun at your open house. I know it'll be a winner. With your spirit? We should all be so luck.

Love x100.

James Casey said...

A year already... wow. Obviously I don't hang around you, but the amount of cheer you spread doesn't seem to have been dimmed at all.

grace said...

sue, have a great trip home, that will be so nice for you. :)

congrats on your new job. But take it easy on yourself. And be careful of the pills you are taking too. Make sure they are good for the rest of your body too.

xo grace

gypsy noir said...

Well done on everything you have acheived so far.

Have fun with everything that's coming up..

Shine on you crazy diamond..xx..

Anne-Marie said...

I can't believe it's a year already. Have a great time visiting back home, my dear, and congrats on the new job!


Chris Capp said...


Congrats on the new position! And is it true that you'll be back in SoCal soon? How wonderful! Sorry I've been AWOL for awhile, but I am back and happy to hear what's new and exciting for everybody. so glad to hear you're doing so well just one year later. You're an inspiration!

xx Chris Capp

Anonymous said...

Always great to hear you're doing so well Sue! Have a great trip back, sounds like a real blast. Martha's really picking up steam this days, good on her!

Lucy said...

oh don't you hate it when people try to take the wind out of your sails?

Your open house/fair idea sounds GREAT to me. I know you'll make it a success. Even if it's only a small success this year, you (or whoever) can always build on it next year. (In fact, it might be wise to start smallish, the first year... there's always room for expansion later. IOW, don't expend too much effort in the face of people of might not appreciate it (like they should!!)

Hope you're enjoying SD and LA. Sounds great, I know you've missed U.S.

LMS said...

You're on your way home! (sad face.) I can't stop listening to Jesca Hoop...yes I e-mailed her. Now we wait.

Gina said...

I hope you are feeling better dear. Congrats on your assistant director postion! Have a nice trip can't wait to see the pics.

lryicsgrl said...

Hey are we to start calling you "Mistress Sue"?