Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Anjoli's Piano Recital

Anju performed last Saturday at the Taipei American School Spring Music Recital. She played "The Dance of the Irish." I thought she sounded great! She didn't look too happy though...hmm.


Anonymous said...

That's because she's concentrating! Well Done! Look at you, proud mommy! Good to see you're having fun!

Suesjoy said...

Oh you're right, Rance!

Plus her dad and I were arguing a few minutes before the recital started...over taking pictures!
(Bad Sue and Sujoy).

Thanks, Rance!

MargieCM said...

Ranceman is right - it's concentration, not unhappiness. She's a pro! Nice, confident introduction, polished performance. I should know - I've sat though a few of these things!

Oh, and nice outfit, too.

grace said...

she sounded great. Probably nervous and like Rance said, concentrating. What a cutie. Thanks for sharing her recital Sue.

grace said...

oh, yes the outfit was fab :)

Jerry Megan said...

Awesome...beautiful piano playing anjoli, well done! You will have to learn some Elton John songs,
and go public,(ask Mom about Elton John songs)cool outfit too, very trendy...maybe a bit of english
influence? Congratulations again!

Love Nana -N- Jerry

Gina said...

Oh what a wonderful job she did!

VallyP said...

Oh Sue! for some reason, the clip doesn't come up. I'll have to try again later, but I'm sure everyone else is right and that Anju is just concentrating. It sounds from the comments as if she did extremely well, and Margie should know! I'll be back to listen and watch later. Sadly, have to go off to work now ;-(

gypsy noir said...

Anjoli is beautiful like her mummy..AND-a little star in the making..


Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
What a beautiful poised girl you have there! I agree with everyone else- my first thought was that she was concentrating too hard more than anything else. Been there- no time to feel anything!

I hope life is treating you and yours well, my dear. And I love Anjoli's outfit!


Suesjoy said...

Mama says:

She WAS concentrating...and she was nervous too.


ahvarahn said...

sure that was grand, just grand

Lucy said...

Wonderful job she did, Sue. (funny, I saw it on YT before I even knew it was posted here! Shows how lax I've been about blog visiting!)

Anyway, MUCH to be proud of Sue.

Enjoy your weekend. It's a long one here. :-)

- Lucy.

ginab said...

oh goodness ... Anjoli looked stunning and professional and she had practiced and practiced! She brought back for me the moments of hearing the song in the head, as it were, from all the practicing, to the live moment of having it come as though through the fingers. It's plenty to happen all at once! Takes a lot of concentration!

I love she played the Irish Wedding. I loved she played without notes. I love she plays piano!!!!


lryicsgrl said...

Well done!!!
I agree with Rance (and you, too) Anjoli was just concentrating; and it paid off

She really is so mature and confident.