Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wonderful Wu Lai

Last weekend we traveled about 30 miles south to a town in the mountains called Wulai.
Many years ago it was inhabited by an aboriginal tribe (the Tai Ya), but now it's a hot springs resort area. It's also famous for a beautiful waterfall:

It looks a bit thin - it hadn't rained (much) prior to our visit- but TODAY and yesterday too it poured - so it would be nice to go back SOON and see if it's a bit more full...

I spent a HEAVENLY three hours total in the ladies section of the hot spring baths at the hotel. There was a very large hot spring bath and other smaller tubs - one tub was filled with cold lemon scented water (there were actual lemons in a muslin bag) so the idea is to go back and forth between the hot and cold springs. I also hung out in the steam room (where I was told to rub my skin with salt - which is a great exfoliater!) and I also experienced for the first time this incredibly intense power jet shower - the woman who worked there encouraged me to do all sorts of stretching. Everything is all open - you walk around naked! woo hoo! I brought a bathing suit and the attendant LAUGHED! No no no.
No bathing suits required. Alright! I assumed (incorrectly) that things would be more modest here - but...no! Fine with me!
(I didn't take any pictures of the baths though, sorry guys!) ;)

On Sunday we took a cable car up to the top of a mountain to Nei-Dong Forest. It's a bit touristy -it's a "Theme Park" actually. We avoided the amusement park - but had a blast doing an obstacle course that included walking across small suspension bridges and swinging across the creek like a (whimpy) Tarzan - you'll see the very safe swing.

Here are pictures of how we spent our Sunday. (Sorry for the overexposures - it is usually always overcast...I need to learn how to shoot it correctly - maybe change the film speed? Anyone have any ideas about how to compensate for the bright light?).


LMS said...

Oh my gosh, a spa visit sounds divine right now! I'm all stiff and puggy from sitting in front of the computer for...I don't know, what day is it?

I'm seeing She & Him tonight -- have you heard them? It's sort of a 1930s revival sound.

Counting down the days until your joyous return to the US and the lovely Miss W.

VallyP said...

Sue, these photos are absolutely stunning! And only 30 miles south too. What a country and what scenery. You take a mean picture, our Sue. And by the way, I agree with Ims...a spa would be delicious!

grace said...

Hi Sue,

Your pictures are beautiful! Wow! What a peaceful trip it sounds. Thanks for your support for Carol. All positive vibes accepted.

I am not going to be at the VH1 honors. :( I have wedding hair scheduled for that weekend( before the news broke). bummer.
So, did you call your Dad?

I hope you are well. It's ok if you are a bad blogger, I still luv ya! :)


Hans said...

Oh My Gospelsongs...
I'm breathless!

lryicsgrl said...

Oh man, Sue, you are crackin me up with the spa visit..I do not think I could be so, erm, FREE! I am so happy to see you taking every advantage of LIVING!!! I envy your stamina, and joy for adventure....

I am sending you some pics in the (e)mail!


Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
What wonderful pictures you've shared with us. I love the nudie spa!


Lucy said...

Several things...

I LOVE your spider photo! Any idea what kind of spider that is? Mind if I right-click and save that picture? I promise I won't violate your copyright. ;-)

What are your husband and daughter tossing over that bridge? (if I'm seeing this correctly) Is it some kind of good luck thing, like throwing coins in the water?

Suspension bridges -- ack! I hate them ... though those look fun and low. I once went halfway across the Capilano suspension bridge near Vancouver and had to go back! It was swaying way too much (and it was VERY high). I got totally vertigo-ish.

I love that sign: Restroom / Zen Room. Only in China! (eh?)

Funny about the baths. Yeah, being totally naked is so liberating once you get used to it. I remember getting into a hot tub once (a long time ago) with my sister and aunt.. totally naked in Germany. It was a bit strange.

Salt on the skin -- yes. Not only is it a good exfoliant, but isn't salt also good at drawing out toxins?

Not sure what you can do about the overexposures. I think maybe 400 speed film is too high (or is this a digital camera?) Overcast days SUCK, I totally agree. Very depressing. (though I do love dramatic thunderstorms and rain)

Enjoyed this blog post! It's nice to see what you're up to over there while I sit here bored in Toledo. ;-)

Lucy said...


Forgot to say how much I grinned at: Mind Your Steps / Slippy Way

and love the pic also with the big warrior! What fun.

Lucy said...

This is the suspension bridge that just about made me ill, trying to cross it:

Capilano Suspension Bridge

... and I started off going across it with such confidence!

grace said...

Hey Sue, thought you had a new post up? :)

xox the real me!

grace said...

hope you don't mind, Slip Kid Sue is my new nick name for you :)

MargieCM said...

Sue, these pictures took my breath away. What a magical, wonderful place. I loved the rest room / Zen room signs too. What a wonderful culture.

I've never tried the communal nudity thing, although I agree with Lucy that it sounds quite liberating - perhaps after the first fifteen minutes. I'd take the nudity over the cold lemon bath though. Cold water and I do not go well together, no matter how much heat is offered as a reward afterwards.

Going back for another look at those gorgeous photos...

gypsy noir said...

I would need a heavily scented spa bath to calm me down if I had took a ride in that cable car yikes!!

It does look like a beautiful place though-apart from the cable cars they're just not right!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sue, hope things are good with you. Just a quick note wishing you a Happy Mother's Day. Though I think you're already into it with the time zone and everything. Have a good one!

grace said...

Happy Mothers Day Sue. xo

Thnx for posting that picture, what a computer whiz you are :) and very sweet for doing so. xo

Suesjoy said...

Thanks my beautiful blogger buds.
Happy Mother's Day.
Love yas.

Lucy said...

Happy Mother's Day (one day late to you, Sue) (though every day is Mother's Day!).

My daughter and I are getting ready to go out to lunch -- just the two of us! My son gave me a little pot he painted with a pansy (I think) in it. And a homemade card.

A little is enough. :-)

It's a nice day today. Including the rain...

Talk soon,

lryicsgrl said...

pass it on... http://emptymojo.blogspot.com/

Happy Mother's Day, Pretty Momma!!


Jen said...

Hmm. Looks like Anjoli's going to need those training bras now ...

Dan L. said...


Great, great post!


Thank you!

--Dan l.