Monday, April 07, 2008

"Finish yer lotus juice!"

Now THAT'S not something you hear everyday!

We went to central Taiwan over the weekend and visited this AMAZING forest (I promise to post pics battery died so I had to use our friends' camera and Sujoy forgot to bring home the pics today). Anyway, while exiting the forest we picked up some honey sweetened lotus juice extract (you just mix it with water). It's GOOOOOD! I am sure it's good for you too! Well, I hope it is.

So sorry to have let my blog go but....I'VE FALLEN AND I CAN'T GET UP!!!!

Seriously, I have been feeling SO blue/blah/blech for awhile now. Not sure why - it's a combination of many things. My face is healing, but it's not where I thought it would be.
I know it sounds shallow, but I miss my old face! Will she ever return? I dunno. I just want a normal smile and a non-droopy eye.

I don't know where Grateful Sue has gone. I hope she comes back soon. Whiny Sue who revels in pity parties IS NO FUN!

Other bummer inducing news is that Anjoli missed a TON of school due to TWO bad injuries, and now she keeps getting headaches due to she missed school AGAIN today. We took her to an excellent doctor far from us and he told us about a clinic he has at National Taiwan University Hospital. She will get a blood test this Saturday there and they will be able to determine just what she is allergic to. We have to wait a month for the results though. We have Taiwanese NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE now though - so the FANTASTIC thing about that is that the test is FREE! Yipee! Oh but the treatment will suck though - she will probably have to get all kinds of allergy shots. Not fun, but it will be better than having massive headaches.

On a positive note, teaching is going really well. Only problem is we are down to only one "paying" student (I borrow kids from the day classes when I can!). One student had to drop out because he lives too far away. It's a long boring story.

Anyway, my one and ONLY REAL student is doing really well. He is one handful though, I gotta say. EXTREMELY HYPER. It's not his fault though - you see the Taiwanese don't really believe in very much free/recess by the time he reaches MY class (one of three schools he attends on days when I teach him) he is just one mighty live wire. So, to channel his energy, I bought jump ropes and we take a break half way through and he jumps to jump rope rhymes and chants.

I found an excellent e book on-line - written by a British woman who teaches English in France. It's filled with hundreds of GAMES used to teach English. So I incorporate fun games into the class and he really enjoys them! He thinks we're PLAYING - and we are - but he is also learning English as well.

A few weeks back he drew this poster for me! (I bought him a funny book about dinosaurs and he was THRILLED - hence the poster). I sing a song every class about "getting to know someone" - it teaches kids how to start conversations. He knows I enjoy music so that's why he drew the musical notes.

Unfortunately, I had to correct his English though! (well I HAD to!). Then the following week he made me yet another poster but that time he wrote " I LOVE YOU!" with smiley stars that he said were pictures of me. Sujoy thought they were naked pictures of me and I had to point out that NO those aren't my boobs on the stars they're EYES! jeesh. Men.

One more CUTE thing - I am trying to teach him adjectives using flash cards - so I held up a picture of a mouse with glasses reading a book. I asked him to describe the mouse (maybe she's a teacher?) and he said: "Important!" then came up with this brilliant sentence:

"Miss Sue is IMPORTANT!"

Ah...from the mouths of babes...

We went to see the VERY FIRST CONCERT EVER in Taiwan by the fantastic London Symphony Orchestra a few weeks ago. Honestly, it was a bit LONG, but we really did enjoy it. The conductor was a young incredibly handsome Russian man...and the solo violinist was also Russian.

This was the program: Brahms: Violin Concerto in D major, Op.77/Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6 in B minor, Op. 74, "Pathetique"/Turnage: Lullaby for Hans/Henze: Seconda Sonata per achi (1995).

Turnage and Henze are both modern composers. I enjoyed the modern selections very much.

Here are a few pics of us at the National Concert Hall in Taipei.

Hope all is well with everyone!

Lots of love and a big hug,


P.S. I seriously was thinking of pulling the plug on my blog-o but...NAH!


James Casey said...

Good to see I don't have to glance at that tedious picture of Robert Plant every time I load up your blog.

I think you're a lovely person; you always come across as such and I suppose when one sees just that side of someone it's easy to assume that's how that person always is.

ginab said...

what a grand staircase!!! everyone looks lovely.

you are a creative teacher, Suesjoy. you are. naturally.

don't be angry. of course, buddhism is in place to heal physical and mental strife. angry is one of the mental-mentals.

meditate for patience. it's worth a try.


grace said...

Hi Sue,

Noooo! don't pull the plug, we would miss you terribly. The pics are beautiful, and you too!
I have Bruce pics up on my blog, and a video too, you might enjoy. (more to come)


Suesjoy said...

Yeah I was getting really tired of that pic too.

Oh I DO have my dark side, that's for sure...but thanks for your sweet compliment. I TRY to be as positive as I can when I blog, because really truly, no one wants to hear a load of kvetching.
I am trying to be more honest though about who I really am.
I am MOSTLY a good egg, I think.
A bit scrambled at times, but good!

Oh thank you.
It was a very cultured evening!
I meditated during acupuncture today, for as long as I could.
I have SUCH a hard time meditating...I guess most people do.

Hi Grace!
Aw I won't close my bloggie. I didn't realize how much I missed posting until I wrote this one last night.
It's very therapeutic!
I would miss everyone way too much too.
I left a message on your blog about THE MAN. Oh WOWZA. You are SOOO lucky.
Thanks for your support, sweetie!


Anonymous said...

Hey ya Sue, always enjoy your posts, (ehm, your writings here that is, as oppose to your breasts, though I hear they are quite fabulous.) they are always quite candid, funny and informative, what more could you ask for on a blog? Sorry to hear about Anjoli's health problems, hopefully they can sort it out quickly. It's amazing how powerful a symphony is when you see one in concert. Good on you for taking one in!

LMS said...

I'm so glad you're back in the blogging game. Never pull the plug, we all love these insta-updates.

I know blue too...bah humbug.

I love love love love the way your hair is growing out. You look too cool.

Love ya.


gypsy noir said...

You look positively radiant on that picture Sues!..
In the scheme of things you have come such a long way, so it's normal to feel blue and dis-heartend at times, but look at what you have achieved in the time since your illness and give yourself a massive pat on the back...
Peace is a breath away..xx..

grace said...

Sue.... go to 111GRACE at Youtube for more videos of Bruce. I think that should work. Let me know if not.


ahvarahn said...

Hey, I'm sorry I haven't been around. I had the blues too so you are in good company. It's a sign of intelligence. Or perhaps there is something in the water. My advice is to stop thinking about stuff, because, contrary to what that bollocks Socrates said, the unexamined life IS worth living. He had no gas bills, or car payments or had to deal with upping it to a new continent. All he did was think.
You look spiffing in that photo, you really do. Red Sox are playing and I’m thinking about you. And by the way, if you had let that little one finish the drawing it would have made more sense. There was supposed to be more than one sitting and I suspect he went a bit Delbut and was meaning to write –
“I Love Your….Bangers!”

all the best,

woof nanny said...

So good to see you again! And you look awesome girl! I think you've just grown accustomed to your progress and have forgotten how far you've really come. And the blues, well, they hit us all on occasion. Use the time to be introspective, to listen to music, to read...
I miss you.

lryicsgrl said...

He he...laughing at Rance's comment...tsk tsk!!

Hey, we could start a group called the "Blues Bloggers" da bump! I am bad at blog humor, I know!

Sue, I am so happy you posted look amazing, not that the most important thing in life is to look good on the outside, and all that bla bla. Still, I just want you to know, on the shallow side, though it is not important, you are truly gorgeous on the outside, too!!

I am sorry Anjoli is not feeling well...we all suffer from allergies, here. It is terrible. Her headaches are probably caused from sinusitus; all that fluid turns into bacteria and infection. I hope she is feeling better, soon!

Look for an email from me, later, k!


elizabeth said...

you're gorgeous and so is your family. the people who have you in their lives are very lucky, and that includes the children. and myself.
happy spring!
xo, E

Suesjoy said...

Thanks Rance, Gypsy, Laura,Paul,Barb, Sue and Elizabeth!
I love you guys!!

I feel SO much better lately. I'm so glad. People like YOU LOT give me a much needed lift!

I promise to be better about visiting your blogs and Paul I have a cute little something to share with you (re:the Sox).

See y'all soon!