Monday, April 14, 2008

I Love you! (I know) I LOVE YOU!!! ( I KNOW!!!!)

Those are actual lyrics by some CRAZY new wave 80s band - the name of the band escapes me though. Maybe Paul remembers!

My student Samuel now has his own before class ritual. Yup, as soon as he sees me, he runs to get a piece of construction paper and makes me an "I Love You" poster! I included last week's poster in this shot - you couldn't see the star he drew (that I won't go on about) so I shamelessly re-traced it for your viewing pleasure! (Be sure to click on it for the full effect, heh heh).

I want to share more pictures from our second trip to Taichung a few weeks back. We went to a town called Linnei to watch what was "billed"as being a phenomenal butterfly migration. Supposedly you can see 12,000 butterflies per MINUTE! Last year the government shut down a major highway during the migration period to save the butterflies! Aw...
Well, we only saw 500 butterflies per minute.It was a bit of a letdown but, still kinda cool nevertheless. There were volunteers catching and numbering them to track their voyage from southern to northern Taiwan.
The lifespan of a butterfly is only one month, so there are actually three generations of butterflies who migrate at this time every year. After they mark them they let the kids set them free, as you can see!

After we went to see the flutterbys, we went to a BEAUTIFUL (subtropical I guess you could say) forest called Chi-Tou Forest which is located in central Taiwan. Pictures (especially mine!) just can't do justice but here is a glimpse of this very special place.

Our friends Thomas and Alice and their daughter Joanne.

I look kinda like a Dr. Seuss character here! ( with a fern tree growing out of my head!)


James Casey said...

All looks lovely! A particularly nice picture to end on.

elizabeth said...

It's all so enchanting. The curly ferns, the fluttering by-s,yourself and your people.
xxo, E

lryicsgrl said...

Butterfly + Beautiful = Butterful!!!

I love you, Sue....YOU ARE my HERO, too!!!!!!

btw, I am not going lesbian...not that there is anything wrong with that, just wanted you to know, cause, you know, I don't want you to panic..he he!

MargieCM said...

Mega post! What a beautiful, beautiful place that forest is Sue. Lovely photos. As for the butterflies, the people marking them must be very gentle - it's not easy to handle a butterfly without doing major damage. I didn't even know butterflies migrated. It must be an amazing sight to see them massed like that.

The poster is so sweet. Oh, and James is right - you are looking fabulous!

Suesjoy said...

Thank you James!

Aw, Elizabeth, you would LOVE Taiwan.
Come visit anytime! I'm serious.

Sue! If I WERE a lesbian, you'd be my main squeeze, fer sure. :)

Thanks so much Margie! I need to visit YOUR blog!
You are right about being gentle with the butterflies. I felt bad that they were marked like that! I was about to call PETA... kidding!

Well, here's an update on the poster situation:
YESTERDAY, Samuel did his thang, then asked how to spell my name.
Last week I had asked him to christen me with a Chinese name, so he said, "how about 'wah'?" (Chinese for flower).
I liked it - especially since I am always whining (or so says my husband) WAH!

So...yesterday, he wrote: 'I Love..." then he asked how to spell my name, so I said, "oh just use my Chinese know...wah...flower."

He finished his masterpiece and it said:


Wasn't that the name of the skunk in Bambi??

lryicsgrl said...

WAH WAH is one of my favorite George Harrison songs...

me feeling better, too!!

tanks for the compliment, btw ;)

lryicsgrl said...

yeah flower was bambis skunk friend..she had beautiful eyes!!

gypsy noir said...

The butterflys are lovely!..and the forest looks enchanting..

I like your new hat, you could start a new trend in tree hats...


Dale said...

Samuel, I'm sure your teacher loves you as much!

Hi Sue!

Your photos of the butterfly migration are amazing! What type of butterfly are they?
I've had a bug or two smacked upon my windshield, so kudos to the Taiwanese government!

You must be familiar with the Monarch butterfly migration... but I don't see many of them here in western Canada. Maybe I should look more carefully from now on.

The tropical forest appears very humid...good for the complextion, is it? And that "suspended" bridge has me fascinated! I've never seen one with quite that circumfrence...

Thanks for the lovely photos and I hope you're doing well. It's been quite a year for some of us and I'm glad to see you looking so well - in a Dr. Seuss sort of way.

That is SO funny, by the way.

Take care.

Metalchick said...

Hi Sue,
I wish I could've seen those butterflies! Nice pictures!

VallyP said...

Hi Sue, I absolutely LOVE butterflies, and your pics are so beautiful. By the way, you are looking fantastic...interesting growth an all ;-)

The poster is adorable too. What a sweetie! But then, you deserve it too.

grace said...

boy am I late in this post. I love the photos. The forest, and the bridge and the tree growing out of your head, love it!!
Where have I been, oh yeah, work has been craaazy this week. (have you checked out your Bruce videos yet)

xox grace

Anonymous said...

Great Pics Sue! I thought I had already posted a comment, but apparently not. Sorry about that. Yes the jungle there looks like Indiana Jones is about to jump out at any moment. You look fabulous Sue! Good on you!

Cathy with a C said...

Hey, Sue, looks like a great time was had by all - except maybe the butterflies. The last butterfly conservatory I went to was very stressful to me as the other visitors were not following directions on how to handle the butterflies. They were trying to catch them rather than let them just land on you. I actually told one boy to leave a butterfly alone because he was going to kill it. He glared at me and ran back to his parents.

You look wonderful! Glad you are enjoying your new job. My daughter has decided to go into elementary education. She did some career shadowing this past week and she came home so excited, saying she knew she could be a good teacher and that she could do a better job than the one teacher she observed. I'm glad she seems to have a direction now. Maybe someday, she'll get daily love letters from her students as well!


Jen said...

Wow, what a great picture of you! I like your hair that length, it looks really good on you and, more importantly, it's nice to see your smile coming back! It's hard to imagine that it was less than a year ago we were in Boston and you were getting a hackey-sack sized tumor removed from your head ...

Gina said...

Oh how beautiful! And you are so cute : )

BallerinaGurl said...

Hey sweetness!!!! WOW no blog then WHAMMY!!! Look at you go and all the most amazing photos and adventures to boot! Those gondolas are so amazing and colorful, how cool!

Miss you and wanted to let you know how amazing you and and so uplifting! Thanks so much for the friendship especially while I am going through this!!