Tuesday, July 22, 2008




ahvarahn said...

#5 is my favourite. when she sang it in joe's pub she asked me to run away with her. i politely refused, breaking her heart forever.

Lucy said...

cool widget! And I'm listening right now.

Where'd she get that awesome voice?

I like it!

ginab said...

I love FACTORY!!!!

Love it.

Ahv is brave a'course. soldier!


lryicsgrl said...


I am NOT there! Its storming; lightening and rain, thunder and well, now my Uncle passed....two funerals in two weeks; one 19 and the other 92....too sad to move. Taylor went to camp today, so no children in my home...WHO am I?


ahvarahn said...

don't you think she looks a lot like Scarlett in that black 'n' white photo?

Suesjoy said...

ooh she does Paul.

I am all about the dress...oh and she does look dreamy too.

Yes we are all drooling over Martha!

She signed her legs for me when I met her in LA!
(I mean the ones on her cd cover, natch).
Rachel signed her legs for me too!
(She sent me C&HW).

Even Rachel admitted to having a girl crush on Martha!


Suesjoy said...


I am so sorry to hear about your recent losses.
I don't blame you for not making it to see Martha.
Poor babe.

Wish you were going to see ASH.
I will miss you...I'll be staying all by my lonesome.


Suesjoy said...

I love Factory too Gina...

Glad you like the widget Lucy!!

I will try to call you SOON, k?


grace said...

wow, she looks beautiful. Hot voice too.


LMS said...

Martha is a little hottie. I hate her and her perfect legs.

Rufus too.

And in regards to your London trip I've got one thing to say...

TAKE ME WITH YOU! (even if I'll be there in two months.)

I have a new plan. Let's sell me as a hot young journalist to the Taiwan tourist board. Surely if they pay for my long, lavish vacation to Taiwan I'll tell all my hip rich friends to visit. Right? RIGHT?!

BlackVelvetLace said...

boo you, I haven't been on blogger for ages.

M looks FABULOUS!!


Anonymous said...

Okay Sue, Martha is great, but tell us about the hurricane! I just got back from Bis Island. Had a super time. Did lots of yard work, chainsawed down seven trees, swam with dolphins, ate sushimi, danced in the rain, shopped with mom, picked and ate lots of mangos, papayas, and avocados, and slept real good! Missed Leo bunches of course. Each time I promise myself I will not leave him again. Good to be home. Quake in LA yesterday did no damage here...thank God! But, tell us about the hurricane, I want to know about it.

Love to you my sister gyspy, Chelice and Leo

Anonymous said...

oh, and I forgot to tell you I had a great time in Las Vegas! Stayed two nights with dear friend Sara. Then a night at Paris and then the Flamingo with dear friend Kimmy. Saw Mama Mia and Cirque de Solei "O." Both where fantastic. And I went for a boat ride on Lake Meade, the water was perfect, like a warm bath tub. Felt good to swim in fresh water!
Love, Chelicer and Leo

Gina said...

nice : )

grace said...

Hi Sue, how are you? I missed your last couple posts, catching up.
I did not receive anything on my end with the widget thing. But I hope you are well. xo

grace said...

Hey I was here!! I didnt remember, guess vacation got me out of it, and because nothing came up, and now too much work...what a dufus!!! xo

VallyP said...

I know I'm a tad late, but I did enjoy these songs...really cool Sue! I also enjoyed reading your last post. You are so vivid! Hope you are happy and life is treating you well now. Lots of love, VallyP

Gina said...

Hope you are doing well my dear gypsy!

grace said...

Happy Birthday !!

xoxo grace