Friday, August 29, 2008


Obviously I have let my blog go!
I think it's because I have so much to write, I don't know where to begin.

I nearly hung out a "Farewell my fellow bloggers" sign, but no, that would be lame.

I promise to return later this weekend...when I have time.

Going to the gym now.
Can't be fat and 46...nope. Pretty darn fit for an old lady....

In case you don't know...some of the OLD Rachel gang (and newbies) are trying to gather at the Kew Live Chatroom on Saturday, August 30th at:

11 pm in London, 6 pm in New York, 3 pm in LA. 6 amish-Sunday a.m. for some of those left of California...ok for ME in Taipei......

Go to KEW!

See YEW (there).



Suesjoy said...

ok so I am a LITTLE bit fat...
it's baby fat,actually.
I hear it stays with you for LIFE!


Lucy said...


You crack me up.

I'm well aware of the chat date tomorrow (it's 10:30 pm EST Friday night as I type this) but I bet I'm gonna FORGET! I just have this horrible feeling.

Anyway, I'll *TRY* to remember to see YEW at KEW 2moro.

- Lucy. (and take your time blogging about your trip. I know exactly what you mean about it being so huge you don't know where to start. Anyway, glad you're back)

Lucy said...

OK... it's 2 hours before the chat time (just after 4 pm EST Saturday now) ... and I just wanted to say I'm about to go out to eat with the fam (no choice), so I may not make it back in time to chat. I tried to post this on either the Kew or RF forum but THEY'RE BOTH DOWN!! hmmm....

Anyway, I MAY be back in two hours to chat .. if I'm lucky .. and IF Kew is open...

- Lucy.

Dan L. said...

Oh, oh,...


I will be 51 in but a few days, and know that I t am bigger than I thought I'd be!


Yes, it must be baby fat...or likely still...muscle!

Yes, I am a big old tank, i really do get around in the mountains and all...

Again, but...

51 is tougher. I feel for Sue at close to that!

...I wish Sue less than that, but she is already!

No, yo not be 51...

But alas, I be there soon,

--Dan L.

grace said...

Hi Sue,

I enjoyed the chat on Saturday. Glad you didn't hang out the farewell to bloggers sign!!


LMS said...

Come back to us!

lryicsgrl said...

oh hi!!

just caught a youtube of pete playing "too much of anthing" to rachel...the first time she is heard it...searched my blog, as i knew i posted the lyrics at some point, and i, according to my comment on my own blog, i actually did see this video, before.... though when i watched it last night, i thought it was the first time....ah, senility..not so much creeping as it is WHOSHING in on me!!

don't go....xo

Suesjoy said...

Ok I lie...
But I am SOOOO close to writing a REAL post.
I can feel it.

OH! And Gary (Stockton) has inspired me to make videos (since that's all my camera "wants" to do now...).

So stay tuned.

Thanks for all the sweet comments.

I love yas.

and, I'll be bAAAACK.

ick ick ick
Can't stand ahnold.
That's not true.
I love everyone!



Fleur de Bee said...

You are beautiful as always!! xoxoxoxo