Thursday, October 23, 2008

Please Vote for Gary Stockton!!!

Gary is an amazing guitarist who deserves to win this contest called ,
"You Sing the Who."

The Prize is 4 tickets to see The Who in Washington,DC.

The deadline is October 23rd.
He is SOOOO close to winning!

It only takes a second to vote, so please do so by voting:


GO VOTE NOW!!!!!!!!!!



grace said...

I did, I did. :)

VallyP said...

We did, we did, but sadly it wasn't enough I see. Still, the contenders were also very good, I have to admit! I didn't think the band of Nancies should have won though. Gary should!!!

bookworm said...


hope you feel good.
I vote for Gary, too. He send an e-mail to me, but he is not the winner, but he was the best. I can't believe.
Now is autumn and I hope to be more in this blogland space.
Promise to come back soon.
Do you come to London to see THE WHO in december? I will go with my daughter.

Have a great week.
Love Stefan

Hans said...

I voted but Gary didn't win :(
He was outstanding though...

Suesjoy said...

So sad!
Gary deserved to win- he really did!

Good on ya for voting - those who did!


VallyP said...

Koos voted twice (from different computers), but even still.....;(

James Casey said...

I voted for Gary but I don't think he picked up a single state. Virginia was apparently in the balance for a while, but, nothing.

Suesjoy said...

LOL James!


VallyP said...

ROFL James! He should have had California for sure ;-) Sue, when are you going to do another ,ovely post for us??

Gina said...

Hi SueZQ!

grace said...

Hi there Sue!

just dropin' by....xox

VallyP said...

Suuuuuuuuueee!!! Where are yoooou?

Lucy said...

Just sayin' hey. I haven't visited in a while....

and... I keep thinking of joining FB, but ... am a little leery of yet another entity out there with my name on it ...

I'll join one of these days, I'm sure.

(oh .. and no London... boo hoo.... very sad).

Chris Capp said...

Hi Sue,

It's been a long time ... I voted for Gary at home and at work. Vote early, vote often -- isn't that the key to Chicago politics?

I hope you're doing well and thriving. I miss our old TBWHM group, but I suppose it's the nature of things to splinter off, drift away and, hopefully, eventually come back.

I really did like Gary's piece the best. Bloody gimmicks win every time, though, eh?

Cheers from SoCal,

LMS said...

The blog's up and no one is home. Come back to us Sue come back to us!

Hans said...

Merry X-mas to you!