Saturday, October 18, 2008

What I've Been Up To

Ok for the remaining three readers of my blog.......what have I been up to?

Well,for starters, I got a NEW job teaching just 3 mornings a week (for now) at a kindergarten. It's more like a pre-school but it's called Lily Kids Kindergarten. It's a school and a day care and it's a WONDERFUL school. The building is fairly new and the staff are awesome. It's a bilingual school though- so most of the teachers only really speak Mandarin. The owners are a sweet couple - the wife is Taiwanese and the husband is from England.

I am teaching English, math, art and singing and dancing to kids aged 2-5. I don't really "teach" art though - I just help out because all 32 kids are in that class. All 32 are in the singing and dancing class too. I am having a blast teaching them new songs and fingerplays, etc.

I am SORT OF managing the PTA bookstore at the American School. I am getting ready to take over the position from the former manager. I had a bit of a nervous breakdown (ok exaggerating) in September because I realized I had taken on too much- working as an assistant director at one school and managing the bookstore. I was VERY depressed, so I quit my (paying job) and felt better for a bit...but then got depressed AGAIN. I am someone who REALLY needs structure or I will never get out of bed. That's just how I am.
I was shopping at an ex-pat grocery store called Wellman's here and I saw an ad posted for a part-time position for a FUN kindergarten teacher. I went to the interview and was hired on the spot! The hours are perfect (and yeah there aren't many of them, but that's ok because my in-laws are visiting here for two months- which I will get to!). I work Tuesday - Thursday from 9 to 11:30. My boss (Johnson) is SUCH a sweetheart. He let me pick my hours...and he is SO laid back and let's me do whatever I want with the music class...and I shadowed him for a few weeks and learned his teaching methods for English and maths. (Yes, the English say, "maths!").

Oh and YES my in-laws are here visiting from India for two months and I have a MISSION- to help them out with their health problems. I won't bore you with the details, but I am taking them to 2 different Chinese Medicine doctors...and already they both have had positive results, so I am THRILLED. It feels good to help OTHERS for a change! My friends and family took care of me when I needed now I can be on the giving end. I like that!

Hope you are all well.

I've missed blogging!!!

Oh I should add that I have become a Facebook junkie! It is SO addictive - but lots of fun. Drives Sujoy crazy though...

I recently reconnected with a former co-worker - his name is Van. I think he found me on Facebook. We worked together at Boston University...many,many moons ago. We have had some wonderful "chats." He's such a wonderful guy (and so is his wife, Shemetra).

Check out his WONDERFUL blog,ok?

Van's Blog!!!


~VanO~ said...


Thanks for the too kind words about my blog. And I see now what you meant in your FB comment about feeling good. I guess you REALLY ARE what you eat ... and I SHOULD have what you're having! My diet is so sporadic ... Shemetra makes healthy meals but I alternate it with the kind of crap that a 40+ year old fella has no business eating. So you confirm that I ought to listen to my wife.
I am glad that you are feeling good these days -- and WICKED glad that you are blogging again. By the way, hope you like that little "bostonism" there. When I wasn't living here I always liked to hear the dialect ... made me feel WICKED PISSA! :)

Darlin' you are the COOLEST!! Thanks for still being my friend. And, again, thanks for plugging my little blog!


Suesjoy said...

Yay Van!
My only fan! LOL.

I just realized I use the word "wonderful" about 14 times in this post...hmm.
But,YOU,my friend, ARE wonderful!!!!


Suesjoy said...

oh yeah, I forgot to add that I have MASSIVELY cleaned up my diet.
I eat a whole foods type of diet...very very little processed ocassional cookie or potato or tortilla chip!
Tons of salad, fruit and fish.

BUT if I am craving a burger and fries then I HAVE A BURGER AND FRIES (but not ALL the fries).

I drink lots of herbal teas that have been prescribed to me by my Chinese medicine doctor too.
(One is supposed to make you "beautiful" ha ha ha.I still don't get what they mean by that!!).

VallyP said...

Hi Sues, so glad you have found a lovely job that you enjoy so much. I feel I learn so much more about what you are doing from your blog. It's much more personal than FB. Facebook is like a chat with a zillion different people, but a blog really says so much more about the real you. Love both, but this more!

It sounds as if you are really busy with very fulfilling things, which is great. I think If I taught at a school I would also prefer primary or kindergarten.

Great that you are so buzzing with health these days too. Lots of love to you dear xxx

Gina said...

Missed you!

Lucy said...

OK, here I am.

Love this blog post!

Your K-garten job sounds fun and very manageable at just 3 days a week. I'm sure you're a natural at it and that the kids LOVE you!

Cool that you met up with an old colleague. (did you used to work at a uni. too, Sue?!?)

I need to eat better, exercise again. It's hard though, to do it alone (he he)... y'know?

Anyway, you inspire me.

Now Sue, have you heard of The International Child Art Foundation? I've talked to their director a few times: Dr. Ashfaq Ishaq. He's very helpful! They run an Arts Olympiad every few years (but it's geared toward slightly older children). Still, it's a great resource of a website .. for all children, I think. Couldn't hurt to look.

(I'm trying to get my son's school involved and they're very interested)

Have a great week with the kiddies! (and the books)

- Lucy.

Lucy said...

I am someone who REALLY needs structure or I will never get out of bed. That's just how I am.

I totally, totally hear you on that! That's entirely my problem in life.

(I don't feel so alone now!)