Sunday, March 01, 2009

This is scary!

I was just googling "easy fruit salads," just to get some hints...I have to bring dessert to a PTA Board meeting tomorrow. I was going to buy a cheesecake and make a fruit salad.

No wonder we (Americans!) are so fat. Look at THIS:


1 can Wilderness cherry or raspberry pie mix
1 can Borden's sweetened condensed milk
1 lg. can crushed pineapple, drained
1 (16 oz.) Cool Whip

Mix together and chill.


I just spent a small fortune on fruit at the outdoor market. All good stuff...and I found a nice dressing recipe: just sugar, lemon juice and mint.

No Cool Whip,pie mix or sweetened condensed milk in MY fruit salad!


Elaine said...

OMG what are they thinking with that recipe?!! Why not just yank all your teeth out with a pliers?

I'd much prefer your fruit salad.

Suesjoy said...

Aw...ta Elaine!
It IS delish...
strawberries, cherries, apples, kiwi, tangerines, honeydew melon...and the lemon juice, water, sugar and mint dressing.

Very simple and very colorful too!

VanO said...

Googling is dangerous business ... Shemetra wanted to go apple-picking last fall so we googled "honey pot hill" which we knew to be the name of a popular orchard. Well, the first five hits were porno sites.

With "Easy" and "Fruit" you might have gotten some doozies too :)

YOUR recipe sounds better to me ... and I AM a fat American!!!

Suesjoy said...

LOL Van-O!!!
Yeah you are right about Fruit and easy! But I DID type in salad so...that's why what popped up was G- rated!


LMS said...

I have to admit, that does sound a bit tasty. I am an American with PMS! Here me gorge! But it should be labeled as dessert...I mean, really!

grace said...

whilst it sounds good, but not so good for the body.

VallyP said...

Good for you Sue! Their recipe sounds hopelessly unhealthy, but with all the fruit you are that sounds reeeeeal good!