Friday, February 27, 2009

Are you lonesome tonight?

Well, Elvis, since you asked...
YES I AM!!!!!!!!!

Sujoy is in the states, Anjoli is at a's just me and the cockroaches.


(I've tried getting rid of them, but they like us. They really, really do).

I went to an amazing concert this evening at the American School. I cannot explain just how phenomenal these teenagers are! The performances included voice, piano, cello, violin and trombone. They ran out of programs, but they performed pieces by Bach, Bartok, Schumann, and Chopin - those were the only names I remember. I knew one piece (which received a standing ovation) but I don't know who the composer was. It's sad, but I remember it from a Gilligan's Island episode!! Oh Sue. :)
Many of the kids memorized their pieces...I just can't get over that. I was COMPLETELY blown away tonight.

It's very sad, but there were very few people in the audience. I think it's a shame that so few parents and students were there to appreciate and support these kids - and it was FREE.

Ok, the cockroaches and I are going to watch You Kill Me. (Sujoy if you are reading this, I bet you just fainted!).

Bye bye!

You think I'm joking? (cockroach is on the right)

Extreme close-up of my "date" for the evening:


grace said...

that is a shame not more showed to show support.

but...enjoy your movie. Haven't heard of it. You are never alone when you have the internet!! :) We're here....

VanO said...

Leave it to VanO to comment on the roaches.

I don't know what variety you have there in Taipei ... New Orleans had the huge creepy flying ones. Lost many a night's sleep chasing those bad boys down (Shemetra is deathly afraid of them).

When I was a kid, we lived in a house that was hoplessly infested. They got into everything ... they even destroyed a couple of small appliances (I know -- gross, right).

My mother annihilated them with one fell swoop. Bought this stuff called boric acid (it's white powder. She spread it around avery corner and across every threshold in the place and then used plain old raid. We left the house for one day, cleaned up insect carnage the next and never saw another one of those critters again.

Solitude ain't so bad as long as it's short-lived ... Shemetra and the kids were gone for like 2 weeks last summer and I about lost my freakin' mind. I enjoyed being alone for exactly 2 days. Anyway, hope you enjoy it for a little while and that your honies come back soon.

Nice pic of Presley ...I am a closet-fan of ('50's) Elvis music, you know :)

ginab said...

hey there YOU. my mom used to have a gazzilion cockroaches. I mean these were EVERYWHERE. Nothing went unturned by them.

Yours sound not so bad.

I'm glad Elvis finally asked you and in the nick of time!

I hope everything works out.


Lucy said...

Hi Sue!
Aw, sad you were lonely. It's no fun not to be able to share a wonderful concert like this. But like Grace said...

Oh, I know all about roaches. (shudder) Grew up with the little bug(gers). LOL

(New Orleans, y'know... just like VanO :-)) He's right about boric acid. My mother used it too. :-)

They were worse in Orlando though. Huge Palmetto bugs would swoop down on you when you were out walking at night. Aaaah!!!

Since I've been in Ohio, I've never seen one single solitary roach of any kind. Ants though -- they are THE hardest to get rid of. But I HATE poison. Won't have it in the house.

Talk later!
- Lucy (stay away from my blog -- it's showing it's super conservative side... though you just ... might....... laugh.... a little.)


Suesjoy said...

Aw...thanks for your comments.
Yes - boric acid DOES work... I had some...somewhere!
I better buy some MORE.

While I was watching You Kill Me, my date crawled up my leg! I kid you not.
I have banned food from Anju's room!
(that's where I was watching the movie- on her laptop).


Lucy said...

Sue ---

You kill me!


Suesjoy said...

hee hee!

My computer monitor is dying - see that line?
so sad...
(it's MY computer but my darling daughter STOLE it from me!!).