Friday, February 27, 2009

DHL Tai Tais

Well I finally got up the nerve to play "social touch rugby" at the American School last night!
The team is called the DHL Tai Tais (tai tai means "wife" in Mandarin. hmmm).
I absolutely loved it and I am SO proud because I wasn't worn out in the least. We have a really awesome Aussie coach - he had us do drills from 5-5:30,then we scrimmaged from 5:30 - 6:30.
I made some great catches, but I still need to figure out the plays. It's don't throw the ball like a football, you toss it (with a spin)and you must keep behind the team mate who tosses you the ball.
We played women vs women and for a bit with the "blokes" (husbands mostly).
I can't wait for Sujoy (hubby) to play - I hope he does!

Most of the women are FANTASTIC players - much better than the men! Yeah!
When I was leaving a few of the ladies told me I played really well. I shocked myself, to be honest!



VanO said...

Cool ...
Jared played rugby in a summer league when he was still a little guy and wants to play again now that he is a moose. In a strange way it seems more chaotic and yet less violent than Anerican Football. Lots or running ... I'm impressed that you were not worn out.

Fiwibabe said...

Just a word up - our Coach is a KIWI. And we are damn proud of that - he rocks!

Suesjoy said...

ooh Fiwibabe- sorry!
I assumed he was an Aussie.
My bad.
He's fantastic!
I had so much fun.
Tell me next week, okay?

Very cool that Jared will play again Van!
It's an awesome game. I love it.

Xuxinha said...

Hi there, I'm a female rugby player in HK looking for some info on the Taiwan women's teams to try to organize a tour. Any help you could give would be appreciated!

Tien Mu Tai Tais said...

Thanks for forwarding on Sue...

Xuxinha: leave your email address and I will contact you with some more information.