Monday, February 16, 2009

I Feel Good!

Just got back from an hour of cardio on the *&^%ing treadmill...actually it was a really good workout. I jogged for a half hour and ran for a half hour.
I listened to great music...mostly Nina Simone, Gnarls Barkley and Bruce Springsteen.
I am addicted to these artists at the moment! I MUST add that I am also loving my friend James Casey's band's new songs. James is my friend in London who was kind enough to put me up in December when I impulsively went to see The Who! His band is called Ether City (I actually posted YouTube videos here in August). Check out Ether City's songs on their groovy new website HERE!!! (October 13,2008).

I am getting up the NOIVE to sing at an open mic night at a club that Sujoy and I went to over the weekend (to celebrate Valentine's Day) called,Sappho de Base. With Anjoli's help I will record myself singing something by Nina and maybe even Gnrarls Barkley and figure out which songs could be tolerated by strangers! :)

Sappho de Base is the COOLEST club - it's a lounge -very cozy.We chatted with the owner for a long time - we were there from 11 - 3am! (It's a late night club). The owner is a Taiwanese woman (who wore a very cool Stevie Ray Vaughnish looking hat!). She lived in San Francisco for many years. We went to see a local "Chicago Blues" band - they were fun...but even more fun was an impromptu set by 3 other musicians who were friends of the owner's. I told the owner I'd be back - she gave me her card and asked us to call her sometime and hang out! I love that the club is ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC. She wanted it to be a "non-profit" club - but a non-profit club can't serve alcohol! is their website: Sappho de Base.

I am happy to report that I have steadily been losing poundage! Ya hoo!! Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to see how much lower my fat percentage is- I have my weekly training session with my sweetie of a personal trainer, Debbie. It's cool - because I am NOT starving myself whatsoever...just making healthier choices. I did drink over the weekend,but just didn't eat much! Like last year though, I plan on giving up alcohol for Lent. Heck, maybe I will even go to Church this year. Stranger things have happened.

I am nearly done writing up my recovery story from brain surgery for my Chinese Medicine doctor's blog. He has been bugging me for ages to write it up.I just have to tweak it a bit. Sujoy reminded me of some of the finer points I missed! My wonderful doctor, Dr.Chang, is going to have it translated,and also add which acupuncture points he used. I will share this article with brain tumor (support) organizations,and with my surgeons in Boston who will be SO pleased(and they can share my post with their patients as well). The before and after pictures are really remarkable! My main complaints, and I KNOW I shouldn't whine, BUT they are: 1.I do not feel that I need the platinum weight on my left eye anymore - it's TOO BIG and heavy, and NOT necessary, I think. 2. I can't smile all the way on my left side - the left side of my mouth doesn't no more big smiles from Sue! :( It doesn't STOP me from smiling, of course, but I have learned how to smile for pics (I keep my mouth closed).
3. SOMETIMES I get annoyed not being able to hear in my left ear. If I am in a group, or if there is background noise,I have a hard time following conversations.
I AM REALLY TIRED of saying, "Excuse me? Sorry? Pardon?" Maybe I should learn how to read lips.

Ok that's the last of my bitching...for NOW.

After tonight's workout...I REALIZE that exercise has such a profound effect on my mood. It's just not something I need to do to lose is THE best cure for the blues!

Oh and the OTHER cure for the blues is...DANCING to the BLUES! OOh baby - Sujoy and I danced the night away on Valentine's Day. Just like old times. It was a blast. Thank you, Lord/Greek Gods(!) for MUSIC!!!!!!!

FYI, Sujoy and I fell in love at a blues bar called, Harper's Ferry in Allston/Brighton,!!!!!!


LMS said...

I thought of you at the gym today. I was so pissed off -- I got nailed for being ten minutes past the validation time and ended up paying 7.50. This is the first time they've ever enforced that rule! Meenie heads! Of course there's not arguing with the woman holding the gate. My car would make a nice battering ram, but I've gotten enough scratches on it living in LA LA land.

VanO said...

Good for you, going to the gym and losing weight and gaining energy. Shemetra and I have shipped the bambinos north to my mother for a week ... we are planning on jumpstarting our workout routine in the evenings after work.
The club sounds great ... maybe when we visit next year we can all go and trip the light fantastic together :)
Oh, and I would like ot read your recovery log too ... are you gonna post it?
Glad your feel good SisterFriend. and nice to see you bloggin'

grace said...

Yay for you Sue! and must be that Bruce getting you rockin in your work out.

I like James music, what he has posted at RF place.

U go girl!! :) :)

luv and Hugs, xox

Fleur de Bee said...

Hi Swho!! Love you! You are a miracle and such an amazing woman. If anyone deserves to bitch a little it is you!! I also think you look AMAZING no matter what! Good luck on the workouts, good for you!