Monday, February 23, 2009

Just a Quick One...

Because it's LATE!

Thanks so much for your encouraging words. It really helps!

Well, I had a training session with my personal trainer at the gym today. She told me that the contest won't actually start until March 1st! Oh well. That's ok.

I've lost 2.o kilograms so far...but some of it is water and lean body mass! Only 1 kilogram was fat...but that's ok. As long as I LOST something- I am happy!
My fat percentage is now 32%, and ideally a woman should have 23% or less body, my goal is to lose 10% body fat by June 1st!

I have a few cute little snippets to share. About a week before I entered this contest one of the 3 year olds I teach kept smacking my butt saying:"fatty! fatty!" Yeah yeah yeah. Shut it!!! Little brat. Hee hee. Nah- he is RIGHT!
THEN the SAME morning - an older boy - who loves me unabashedly - put his arms around my waist - looked up at me and smiled - then patted my stomach and said:
"baby? baby???" ha ha ha. NOT QUITE! He is such a cutie. I give the kids "high fives"(no one does that here and they love it. Very American. Yes, I know). Whenever I give him a high five he grabs my hand and kisses the back of it (a ladies' man in the making, fer sure) then he mouths to me: " I LOVE YOU!" aw........I'm tellin' ya...the kids I teach - they make me very happy. And I agree with the teasing!!! Doesn't bother me in the least. Kids don't lie. It's refreshing, actually!


Lucy said...

LOL, how CUTE! (and funny!!)

Aw, Sue -- don't worry too much about the official goal and the contest. With regard to losing weight, remember: "just a little is enough!" (haha, had to get that one in)

Really. Bottomline is: you're a winner just for getting in better shape. (which is a lot more than I can say for myself lately!)

Keep up the good work. Oh, and the kids are right to say they love you. :-)

Have a great week!
- Lucy

grace said...

(while he's away...) LOL

those kids! they say exactly what they are thinking. Funny and cute. You may not have thought so at the time though!

you are beautiful Sue! getting in shape for health is a fanatstic thing to do.

VanO said...

Those kids ... hilarious. You must have so much fun with them. Sounds like you're doing great with your workout/wieght loss plan. I'm sure you're going to win the contest ... whatcha gonna buy.

Andy said...


Just remember, in all things, too much is never enough!

We are taking good care of Sujoy for you.

LMS said...

Oh Sue, you sneaky, cheeky facebooker.

Suesjoy said...

Sneaky and Cheeky...c'est moi!

Thanks so much Lucy, Grace and Van!!!

Oh I don't know if I will win the contest...but if I do, I am giving some of it away (I promised myself I will donate a bit) and the rest I will save for our summer vacation!



LMS said...

You're only allowed to use the part you keep on a summer vacation IF YOU SWING BY LA! NO excuses. The Laura has spoken.