Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I'm Entering a "Biggest Loser" Contest!

ha ha ha!

I belong to a gym here in Taipei called California Fitness.
My trainer told me about a cool contest today. Whoever loses the highest percentage of fat in 3 months splits NT$100,000 with their trainer! $1USD=$32 NT (roughly)...so that's about $1500USD!

I need this incentive as I have consistently gained weight (fat!) since moving to Taipei!
eeks. I HAVE gained muscle weight TOO though...but still...gaining fat is very discouraging...especially since I DO work out (but not enough!).

My trainer said that the last person who won this contest lost 7kg in the 3 month time frame...so that's a good goal to shoot for.

They have a machine that calculates your body fat and lean muscle and how it's distributed. Oddly enough my upper body is stronger than my lower body!

It's good that they are calculating body fat only...I don't want to starve myself and lose lean body mass (which I did over the summer when I did HerbalLife for a spell).

I am psyched to have a GOAL now...but it's gonna be ROUGH.

I'll post BEFORE and AFTER pics at the END of the three months. NOT NOW!

I'm so hungry...hmmm...here we GO!!!



LMS said...

Go kick butt! Use the winnings to buy a plane ticket to the USA...we'll go eat it all back on.

Ugg...I'm with you. I think I've turned into a terrible slug like creature.

grace said...

You go girl! most definetley kick butt!! I am rooting for ya slip kid :)


ginab said...


Cathy with a C said...

Good luck, Sue! I've started walking again - it will be summer before we know it!


VallyP said...

Wow, Sue, what an incentive! Now just imagine what you would like to do with the money and make that the real goal! I think that's amazing and I'll be rooting for you too, like Grace. You're going to slip off those few extra pounds weight like butter off a hot knife ;-)

Suesjoy said...

Thanks everyone!
I will keep you posted about how much I've lost...I'll weigh myself tomorrow at the club.

It's not as hard as I thought it would be.


Lucy said...

I feel rather slug-like too lately. For about a year now, actually.


Do some exercising for me too, 'k Sue?

Good luck, girl! You can do it.

(coz I sure won't!)

- Lucy.

James Casey said...

Ah! Nice to see a new post here.

~VanO~ said...

A great goal, Sister Sue ... I ought to take this one up too ...Imagine my being my old skinny self if/when we come to Taiwan next year ...

Actually, why not just say WHEN :)