Monday, January 18, 2010

Lame Girl

I have really neglected my sorry.

So much has been going on, but now things are quieting down a bit.

I promise to write a real post soon with an update of the happenings in Suesjoy's world...
but the big news is that I am a MOM again!


Is she a doll or what?


Lucy said...

She is PRECIOUS, Sue! That color is out of this world! It's like Burnt Sienna (crayon) ... or Rust.

If she were a boy, you could call her Rusty.

And what a face! To die for.

And Good. When I saw Lame Girl, I was afraid something was wrong with the pup! Whew.

:) xoxo

welcome back!

- Lucy.

(lol, your word verification is:
exrimet) I sometimes truly wonder about these!!!

Suesjoy said...

I sometimes call her Rusty by mistake!
Maybe I should have named her that...but it IS a very masculine name.

LOL at the word verification!!

yeah that's my life lately avec Roxy!!


VallyP said...

GORGEOUS Sue. What a sweety pie! I was also a bit worried at the title of your post, but all's well, and I love the photo. I hope you enjoy being a mom to this little one!

Lucy said...

ah well, Roxy and Rusty are VERY close.


Maybe you could just kind of slur it


grace said...

she is precious...lucy already used the word. Ok, she is incredibly adorable. and looks very puppyish with energy. the haircolour is beautiful. embrace these puppy days, they are so fun. Ah, don't worry about a long post, we will enjoy a cute pic of Roxy, that works!! in her growing weeks.

xoxo ttyl (never lame)been wearing this lovely pink and purple bracelet ;)

grace said...

I like rusty, she looks like a rusty. that would be a name of a Haircolour? right?

Dale said...

She's a real cutie, Sue!
It's fun having a pet to look (and clean up...) after, isn't it?
And I love the name Roxy!


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