Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ants Make Me Feel Small

So one of the perks of living in paradise a.k.a. San Diego is having to play hostess to a deluge of ants. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.
They have invaded my kitchen and they will not stop.
It's not a cleanliness thing either. My counter is spotless (well now it is) because I am constantly spraying the little buggers with a non-toxic lavender cleaning fluid. They die on the spot.
I googled non-toxic solutions to ant infestation, and saw a few good tips. Apparently the most effective natural deterrent is the bay leaf. So now my counters are strewn w/ bay leaves, but those clever insects are now crawling in droves just beneath the counter.
I suppose it could be worse - cockroaches maybe, but still, I looked in the mirror last night and there was a dead ant on one of my eyelids! Pretty!
So the moral is - we can video conference with our spouses while they are away on business trips (and have them do a little dance in the nude for you!), we can shop for groceries on line and have them delivered to your doorstep within minutes (although I am not THAT lazy...yet), and of course let's not forget to mention the proverbial rocket ship to the moon, yes we have all these wonders of science in our midst, YET, these ants have me on my kneees!!!!!!!!! I am begging them to just LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

But, really, who am I to whine? As I sit at my desk, squishing yet another little black nuisance, I think of the poor souls in New Orleans who wish they HAD A HOME to give shelter to these pests.

Yes, it's true: nature will always show us who is boss.
She's truly humbling. Not always nice, but always humbling.

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