Thursday, September 15, 2005

My Green Nose

I'm reading Augusten Burrough's Dry and I love it. I'm nearly done and I don't want it to end. Augusten and Anne Lamott make me want to write a pithy, self-deprecating memoir. Maybe blogging is a start.
Anyway, Dry has inspired me to really get sober, once and for all. I'm not out of control anymore, thank GOD (literally) but it's time to get healthy and really start LIVING.
Today, after getting out of work earlier than anticipated (like 2 hours!) I thought I'd "treat" myself and go hang out at this great organic, vegan, raw food restaurant here in Chula Vista called Cilantro.
So, I ordered a "double shot" of wheatgrass (lawn clippings as my not-so-granola friend Mary calls it) along with a 16 ounce glass of carrot juice. Ooh baby - when I make up my mind to get healthy, I just don't hold back! I felt so good, passing up my usual Starbucks Caramel Macchiato for a cocktail of enzymes, chlorophyll and vitamins. They even served the wheatgrass in a shot glass, no less. Fancy.
So, I read for a while, savoring the betacarotene beverage. I took my time.
When I left the restaurant, I honestly felt more energetic; my walk had a bounce to it.
I got to my car, picked up my daughter at school, chatted briefly with friends and teachers, and we drove home.
I'm feeling good about conquering demons, happy with my new job assignment - teaching 8 special needs kids, la dee dah. Then, I look in the mirror to assess the state of my mop top from hell (I am so sick of my hair) and I notice there's a HUGE smudge of green on my nose - it looked like someone took a paint brush across the tip of my nose! I was horrified. WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME I HAD DRIED WHEATGRASS ON MY NOSE????
Ah, just one of the perils of living in soCal, I guess.


Justin Kreutzmann said...

You sound like you have a good heart.

df said...

Thanks for the comments on Who'd a Thunk It. It does sound as tho our tastes are very much the same. I think from reading about Rufus, you are a little more fond of him than me, but I do like his music. I haven't listened to him much for awhile(maybe I should get some of his out), I've been stuck on the new White Stripes(just saw them a couple of weeks ago with my son, a brother and his 2 kids, at an amphitheatre here in K.C., I think that rates up there for me like R.W. did for you) album, Becks-Guero, Kings of Leon, Spoon & Weezers newest, the Ravonettes, & Lucinda Williams just put out a new live CD that's really good. Anyway, I'm stuck with my head in the music of bands I've saw just recently. This is where most of my free money goes. I'm kind of like a kid when it comes to seeing live music. Since I became single(8 yrs ago)I've let myself do that probably quite abit more than I should. My older brother(6 yrs) and I are concert junkies it seems sometimes. We like to joke about representin' the old folks. Although as I've gotten older I've noticed that there are a lot of us older kids at the concerts.
Smelly people. What a thing to have to put up with. I can understand why some people may not have access to a shower or bath all the time, but, deodorant doesn't cost that much and that would do wonders. I have a brother(different one)that used to choose not to have a place to live etc.. The feeling of living free I guess. And sometimes at get togethers or just when he'd stop by, it would make everyone very uncomfortable because he smelled the way he did. It got to be where we would kind of avoid him at times, because like you said, it was tough to even be around him. Gladly, he got thru whatever it was and now takes better care of himself. He now keeps a place to live that has running water and a bath/shower. :O)
I can't say much more about ANTS than you already have. PESTS!! ;O)
Talk to you later. Take care, dan

Isn't Rachel F.s just a fun blog to visit. I kind of feel like family there. Maybe this internet thing has gotten to me too much.

geek alert!

df said...

I forgot. Yes I do like Pete T. quite a bit. Always been a Who fan.
My saying about Art - I consider music to be included in the definition of art.
And this administration. I wont even start. I'm very active in a few different organizations.
And they're NOT pro-W!!
Glad to hear you're doing what you can too.
Why did so many people vote to cut their own heads off economically??
Read 'What's The Matter With Kansas?" Excellent book!