Wednesday, February 01, 2006

5 Things You Must Know About Me!

Ok Jack tagged me so I better post this...ok here goes:

1. I love ice cream (in fact I love most things that are bad for you, food or otherwise!).
2. I have a bad temper (but only at home and I am trying hard to control it).
3. I am generous.
4. I'm notoriously 5 minutes late (no more than 10).
5. I repress my artistic talents and this makes me very sad. : (


JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...


You should contribute to Andy's communal blog. You could make visual art, write something... even send him chord changes that he could play. That'd allow you to be somewhat creative!

(We can't have a sad Sue.)


Tausha71979 said...


Ooh you were tagged! About number 5, believe in yourself & remember that it is better to know then to not. I am sure that you are a wonderful talent, let your passion drive you. You seem to have such incredible energy, don't waste it love


Anonymous said...

I still haven't introduced you to Diddy Rease, the king of all ice cream places have I?

Bad Laura.

Bad Sue. Plan a LA trip asap!

JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...

Kicking myself today. I slipped. :(

JoeBoy said...

But are you generous with your ice cream?

BallerinaGurl said...

Big Kisses! I am excited to see where you are going to be living, especially if your friends picked it out-VERY BRAVE!! I have just been super busy with hardly any time this past month to blog to anyone. We are headed there in a month but not sure if you will be around or gone yet?

just email me!

BallerinaGurl said...

And by the way....what do you mean by #5...YOU redid a whole room even if you hired someone else to hang the paper! THAT is being creative!

JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...


It's definitely more tricky than it seems. There is still a mental shift I think I have to do before I can deal with these sort of social functions. The thing is, it's so difficult at these charity/association functions. People who are at these know me as quite a drinker, and they just go up and buy me a beer or a glass of wine and bring it to me as I'm working. It's such a nice thankyou gesture, but it really does start off an evening of trouble.

Even after the physical balogney subsides, it seems the mentality hasn't necessarily changed.

Ah well, you and I are both strong women. We'll get it beat somehow!!!


Photography said...

You seem to be frank person sues coz ppl these days never spill there secrets :-)

Mike S said...

Good ones Sue.Happy Valentines day.