Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stalk, Shop and Drop, Part 2

On Wednesday, Jen was kind enough to accompany me to NBC Studios, where we waited (in vain, ultimately) for Late Night w/Conan O'Brien (stand-by) tickets. It was fun waiting in line and chatting with other Coney freaks. I met two girls from Calgary and found out that the young man behind us was from Finland. I told him he should get priority and move to the front of the line [Conan fans will understand the Finland-Conan connection - there's a running joke that he resembles the (female) Finnish president - hee hee].
After getting my stand by ticket (place holder actually) we were told to return to the studio later that afternoon where we would stand in ANOTHER line and see whether we would get an actual ticket. So all day long, the suspense was killing me!!
Jen went to work and left me at the studio - where I saw that The Today Show was being filmed outside of Rockefeller Plaza. I thought that would be kind of interesting, so I mosied over and caught the very end of a "Makeover your Dad" segment for Father's Day. The dad looked very handsome indeed - they did a nice job.
It's amazing what people in the audience will do to make sure they get noticed on this show. I got a charge out of these lovely ladies:

I was supposed to meet my Blogger buddy, Sue (the OTHER Sue), the one and only LZYGRL at around 10:30 or so. She was running late, so I hung out for a very long time in front of Matt Lauer and Ann Currie. You can see their profiles here (I know you're all excited about seeing these behind -the -scene photos!).

It was fun chatting with the rabid (!) Today Show fans. A few of them gave me sad, befuddled looks when I had to ask the co-host's name (I knew her face but not her name). "Oh," one woman said with a concerned look, "you're not a regular Today Show viewer?" Ahhhhhh nope. Sorry!
President Bush interrupted that day with a surprise news conference. Yeah big surprise - I think it's his second in 6 years maybe? Anyway, you may have noticed how Matt Lauer has that "intense" look on his face - he was taking copious notes - only to read 3 lines later written by Lord knows who off the teleprompter before he sped by us and ran into the building. (He probably had to use the loo). :)
Anyway, while the audience watched, ah NOTHING, I continued getting to know the hard core fans around me. Al Roker (the weatherman) came by to meet the fans and sign autographs. (!) Ok....
The real highlight of the morning was when a dragonfly came and sat on this shoulder for about 10 minutes. I really liked this woman, and so did the dragonfly, apparently!

The camera skimmed the crowd a few times. I hid, while others were calling their loved ones on their cells, frantically telling them to turn on their tvs- quick!!

I had had quite enough of the Today Show, so I walked across the street and hung out AGAIN at St. Pat's!! No, I didn't pray for Conan tix, maybe I should have. I'm actually not that pious, but it's "safer" than shopping...I was in hyperspending mode (not only on myself though!). I was just trying to make good use of my time waiting for Sue!
While waiting for Sue, I took this picture outside of Saks. I think the clothing is designed by one of the Rolling Stones. Their autographs were scribbled all over this suit.

Sue arrived and probably walked right by me at first. I forgot that we were supposed to meet by the handbags. I was really honored that she drove 45 minutes into town to meet me. I felt very special! She was so much fun and very sweet to buy me lunch! We talked non stop,and she regaled me with lots of juicy stories...dancing in the dark with Bruce Springsteen kind of tales, and of course my tongue was hanging! Not really. But she IS a Jersey girl, so yeah, she hung out at the same bar as Bruce, back in the Born in the USA days. Wow. We had a lot in common, I think! It was really wonderful to meet someone who understands my Pete/Who/Rachel/blogging obsession. She's a very smart, funny,generous and compassionate soul. And she's a gorgeous rock and roll mama, as you can see!

The Sues

Sue had to leave soon - boo hoo. Maybe it's better that we didn't get to shop together after all as originally planned. I was hankering to get to a museum, so she helped me get directions to the Museum of Modern Art. We bid our farewells, then I went for a quick visit to the museum. Oh my goodness, I just went gaga. I had NO idea about the magnitude of the art there. But DUH- it is NEW YORK after all!
Here's a few of the many pics I took, to remember my brief visit. I can't wait to take Anjoli there someday. She'll go nuts.



Van Gogh



A lovely view


lryicsgrl said...

Oh Sue,
I feel, so, so FAMOUS....ha ha....eventually I will post MY pictures. Now, where is that dang attachment???

Are you coming back in August???



VallyP said...

Hi Sue
How great that you got to spend time with Izygirl. Did you know each other before?

It sounds as if you had a terrific time, and the photos are great. I was amazed that you could take pics in the gallery though. I'm fairly sure that's not allowed over here.

Hope the rest of your hols is as much fun.

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
I love the last two entries about zour trip to NZC. The cat watching ITA was the funniest. Lucky you to meet the other Sue, and to get to see so much. The Picasso you show of the 3 musicians is my favourite of his.

Thanks for showing us all those pics and take care,

SuperAmanda said...

You look very lovely too ;)

Anonymous said...

Confession? I actually burst into tears in the middle of MOMA. All those painting. . how amazing.


Monsoon said...

Hi Sue!

Thanks for leaving a comment... and yes I am still working out, I even work out more now. Almost every day. I am proud of myself.

From the photos i can't see that you would need to exercise so much, and why should you need to lose weight!? You look lovely!

Aah, the pics from NY brings back memories. I was there in July 1999, and had the biggest blast of my life. Fan-fucking-tastic holiday!!! (pardon my french.. bad girl!) I have to go back some day, but then with a lot more money to spend.

There is almost too much to do in such a BIG city, for a girl from a tiny village in Norway. (the biggest city here, Oslo, has around 500 000 inhabitants, and NY has more people than my whole country.. Weird!)

Well, looks like you had a great time too!

Continue to be well and have a lovely summer.

Love Monsoon (Eilen)

ginab said...

Neat to see a pic-by-pic of a day in NYC. I'm so glad you and Sue met, and you both look 100% Saks-fabulous. I love the art (of course!) and look forward to one day seeing the museum myself.

Good to see you!


Metalchick said...

Hi Sue,
That is so cool that you got to meet lzygrl. I hope to meet you guys someday.
That is some amazing artwork! I will make a stop in that museum when I visit NYC.
I've been to the taping of the "Jimmy Kimmel Show." My friends and I just got asked if we wanted to be in the audience, cause they needed to fill up the seats. Show tapings are fun! I do find it ridiculous for the audience to call up their loved ones to turn on the TV to see them. Everybody wants their 15 minutes.

Take care.

Gary said...

Hey how cool, I love getting pictures of blogger meet ups, and particularly in a gorgious city like New York, where I have never been (yet). Looks like you all had a blast.

blue said...

Hi Sue!

Good to hear you meet and have FUN with blogger in NYC.
I'm so sorry I haven't put my post about Hyde Park Adventure.It was REALLY fun!!I wil let you know when I post it asap.

I'm going to see The Who in LA.
Hope to meet you there.

Tomoko xx

millymoon said...

Hi suesjoy..
I see that you like The too!
the 14 of july I went to their concert at Locarno!
It was very beautiful..mmm
I made photos..see it!

Sorry, but I don't speak english very well because I'm an italian girl and I'm only 14 years old..!
But I like very much the "old" music..hihi

please, visit my blog anytime

lryicsgrl said...

I am thinking hard...i was on blogger, so I just wanted to let you know, that I am THINKING....

JoeBoy said...

Hey Sue,
Doing well. Lots of interesting things you have been up to. Have fun.

ginab said...

Yes, I will see Picasso soon-soon, the whole museo! But about the world: only you Sue were able to comment in your own way, in reflection, on the world over to mine. I'm a little fascinated that when I leave a tough post how rarely anyone has something to say. Meaning, the blog seems another mode of escape. Perhaps. And yet I would personally like to do so much more related to responding to events, to be more effective and constructive and articulate and all of that. Following Spain, I will say, 'changes'. ;-)

And then I was wondering where in the world you are given New York, but I take it you're home with your family. What a change: New York from Tai Pei (and again, my spelling is atrocious, but you know where you are!).


Delbut said...

well that's just typical - "meet by the handbags" Sheesh. dont you girls have enough of handbags in your life without meeting outside a handbag shop?

Next time, meet by a menswear shop; a bar; a lacy underwear shop;, that will do, an underwear shop. And take some more photos!!!!!

NINANINA said...

hey there.
I just found your profile. I have also lived around the world including yugoslavia (for 8 mos as a kid!) england and canada. but I am settled here in texas. I have worked in special ed for 3 yrs... with many an autistic kid and just took my certification test for art teacher. I am praying I passed cos I got my degree a looong time ago! How come you travel so much? you seem to have a cultural and colorful life.