Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stalk, Shop and Drop, Part One

A few weeks back I had the great fortune of taking a much needed vacation to my homeland. [Yes I'm being sarcastic. I AM a professional world traveler!].
My favorite sister, Jen (ok my ONLY sister) lives in New York City - Forest Hills, Queens to be specific. Lovely area. It reminds be of Brookline, MA.
I had a great visit, and it was really fun spending time with Jen, even though I drove her INSANE...but that's what big sisters are for, right???
The first night we ate delish Thai food. Yes , New York, New York IS a HELL of a town when you can get an amazing Thai meal delivered to your door!
The next day we lounged a bit and shopped around Jen's neighborhood. I bought a cute little teeny tiny silk paisley Guess purse with these cool aquamarine jewels that hang on them. [I know this is boring, but there'll be more on this later!].
Saturday evening we hit town and took in a Broadway play (my first). We saw Ralph Fiennes (gulp), Cherry Jones and Ian McDiarmid in Faith Healer. Jen got incredible seats - front row, center mezzanine, and the theater was very small. I can't tell you how awesome the actors' performances were.Needless to say, I have a major schoolgirl crush on Mr. Fiennes. Little problem for Sue though: the play consisted of 4 monologues - it was quite heavy. I was severely jet-lagged (NYC is 12 hours behind Taipei), so I ended up DOZING here and there. I was so mad - I tried so hard to concentrate, but the harder I tried, the sleepier I got! So sad. I will definately get my hands on the play and find out what I missed! The cool thing was, the next night, Ian McDiarmid won a Tony for his role. Pretty cool. He has appeared in many of the latest Star Wars movies. He did give a very funny, heartfelt performance.
I made my sister wait with me by the stage door after the play (see I told you I drove her crazy) so I could catch a glimpse of Ralph Fiennes. He came out after about 15 minutes. He's much smaller than he appeared on stage. Very casual in khakis and so cute with his black North Face backpack. He was very gracious about signing autographs, smiling the entire time. I couldn't believe this one woman - she had the nerve to whip out this huge 35 mm with a megaflash and she took a shot of him when he was about an inch away from the camera. Oh that will come out great. Nice pic of Valdemort for ya, sweetie.
(Anjoli was SO upset with me for not getting his autograph, but I was feeling shy and voyeuristic. It's not stalking, it's WATCHING!!). Yeah all of you who know me can laugh - I know I'm not normally shy about autographs. For some reason, it just felt really silly!

Ralph Fiennes looking scruffy in Faith Healer

Jen and I were about to head home when I realized that I left my teeny tiny purse (with my cash, AMEX card and subway pass) hanging on the hook behind a bathroom stall in the ladies room. Thank GOD there was a security guard, hanging out, waiting for his ride in front of the theater, which was locked, and all the lights were out. He showed us how to get in and we buzzed security. A guard led us down to the ladies lounge (so posh!) and PHEW my purse was still there!!
My angels work overtime, I swear...they were rolling their eyes that night. You wouldn't believe how many times I have lost and recovered wallets and purses! :)
Anyway, the security guard told me to tell my friends at home what an AWESOME city NYC is!!! And there ya go.
Sunday Jen and I took the train to Long Beach on Long Island. It was great to go to the beach after so long, a little strange to see the high rises along the shore...and the wind was blowing at about 20 mph - so that was a bit annoying. I did get some much needed sun though. Jen and I grabbed some good Cuban grub for lunch at a cute little place called AY CARUMBA!!!!!!!! Yum.
Jen works in mid-town Manhattan - off of 5th Avenue, so on Monday I went into town with her. Jen gave me a week long pass to her swanky gym, which is right next to Grand Central station. I had a long, leisurely 2 hour workout and I was so happy to watch the World Cup while working out on the elliptical trainer.
Then after my workout I had an incredibly awesome custom made salad in the gym's cafe and watched the US lose (sniff sniff) to Czech Republic. So sad about US.
I went to Jen's office after lunch and she introduced me to her co-workers. I think we confused them a bit though! You see, Jen is adopted - she was born in Korea (she became an Italian/Irishwoman when she was 18 months!). People looked REALLY confused when she introduced me as "her sister who is visiting from Taipei." hee hee.
I spent the rest of the day shopping (mostly window) and praying (!) at St. Patrick's Cathedral. I love that place - first time I've set foot in a church in a few years. :)
On Tuesday I stayed in at Jen's apartment and rested. I had to watch the first installment of In the Attic - On the Road, of course! It was the first webcast from their Airstream. I got a perfect feed - even chatted with other bloggers in Molly's chatroom.
Jen's cat, Vashi caught the webcast too. She's totally hooked now, as you can see:


Delbut said...

Ah, even the cat gets in on the act.

Italians -i dont quite see them in the saame light as you Sue! LOL. But i guess i can see the attraction.

Sarah Beth said...

London reminded me so much of NYC...I just couldn't appreciate it as much as I should have for that fact alone.

PS - Ralph Fiennes is a hottie! :o)

Thanks for the comment!

lryicsgrl said...

I for one, am very proud of you for giving Mr. Fiennes his "space". You were just trying to be respectful. A sign that you are indeed, a mature, considerate adult :)

You crack me up with your "purses" careful girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

What an awsome adventure. . .
And stay tuned for part two. . .

ba ba ba. . .


ginab said...

Great you are able to visit your sister in NYC, but I was a little sad to find you've returned from Tai Pei (I hope I spelled that even close). Sorry too my poem made you feel sad. Happens. Anytime I wage a "mother poem" well handbags (made from silk and otherwise)if the tissues sometimes wrench. ;-)

You do have the BEST portrait pic of them all by the way. Emits and transmits joy through-and-through.

Oh! I was talking about mister Ray the other night! How he's single...or maybe not. A fine actor. I'm not one for lengthy monologues but it seems the roles needed their own 'says'.

Here's to hoping you're rested, to your sis and to her cat.


lryicsgrl said...

Thanks for your sweet comments......and yes, I agree, a visit to Gina's blog, never fails to inspire....and do not doubt, your eloquence as well!
Grammar be damned!!!

And, thanks for sending me straight over there, for a tear and a laugh. Uncanny, isn't it? How he never fails to mirror what we think and feel. From the hesitance we all have to "spilling our guts", to the way we still see the young face in our oldest friends. Oh, I fear I am not doing him justice, ( or am I ready to drink the kool-aid?) so I will say goodnight and wish you pleasant dreams.


Metalchick said...

Hi Sue,
Good thing you were able to get your purse, you should be more careful next time, not every bathroom has a security guard at the door.

You know ITA is great when cats get into it too!

I think that's cool how you handled yourself seeing Ralph Fiennes. That does make you very mature. That lady with the camera sounded like she was too much like a star struck teenage fan.

Tausha71979 said...

HI Sue!!

I love the cat photo!! OMG I have so much to catch up on here. I hope that you are doing well!


VallyP said...

Hi Sue
Will read your post later as it looks really interesting (as usual!), but just dropped by to say thanks so much for your comment. It has been very hot here for the last three weeks - wonderful for us Europeans - but today is actually great because its still bright and sunny but the widn is fresh. Makes it easier to work outside! BTW I hope you aren't disappointed in my 'book'. It's not actually a novel - just an account of my early years in SA. I'm writing it to show what it was like for someone uprooted from all mod cons England to be dumped down in rural Africa. It was a culture shock of the richest and most amusing variety! Anyway, I would be honoured to have you read it and I welcome all comments...even criticism...ouch did I say that?..but yes, I mean it ;-)

Be back later after I've given your post the attention it deserves..Love, Val

VallyP said...

Hi Sue
Me again..a few hours later! It sounds as if you had a real sibling special. How I would love to spend time with my sister like that!

Anyway, would you like to send one of your angels my way? I never have that kind of luck, and have had so many things stolen and never returned. meep!

I didn't know Ralph F..I know, I'm ignorant ;-), but I am struck by his resemblance to Harrison Ford. I thought it was him when i saw your pics. I'll bet he appreciates fans who don't swamp him, so I echo the did right, dear.
Thanks for such a lively and interesting post again. They're always a pleasure to read!