Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Thank you, Alice in Wonderland and Thomas the Train!!

(Note: There's a new post before this one, FYI!!).

This post is dedicated to our dear friends:


And his wonder of a wife, Alice:

Words could never convey our thanks for all you have done for us here in Taipei. Your kindness, warmth and generosity could fill a fleet of Magic Buses!
You are truly special people.
We love you both dearly!

~Susan, Sujoy and Anjoli xx


lryicsgrl said...

So sweet........may you enjoy many more happy times with your friends :)

Delbut said...

Hi SUe. NO! not on ITA, but i got to sit outside the Airstream while it was on last night. Bloody good fun. Met Pete, balh, blah. Oh the life of a delbut.


Marietta said...
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Marietta said...

Hi Sue,

Sorry for the previous delete, why can't we edit our comments on Blogger? Urgh!
I just wanted to say that you are so lucky to have been into these amazing places.
And I'm lucky for my amazing journey with the Who, indeed.
Why can't we all have everything? LOL

It was a great day in Hyde Park. I didn't even reach the Airstream, the security guards wouldn't let me. But maybe because it was a huge festival, as you said, with 40,000 people, so the security was tight.

The pictures were from very far away, that's why I didn't take a lot, not a very good view. Thank God for Ross Halfin, lol.

Take care,

5:01 PM

Anne-Marie said...

Lovely pictures, Sue. Aren't good friends just the greatest treasures?


Chelice said...

Hey, so when do you come home? I just got on email from Anjoli. She is so sweet and I can hardly wait to visit you you both. The pics you posted here are incredible. I can see why that one place could be your 'secret place.' Very cool. The summer is going by sooooo fast. It seems I have really done nothing yet. But, I suppose that is the joy of it. Still feel as if I am unwinding from the school year. The pups are full grown now. We love to visit Dog Beach. Perhaps when you get back you can go there with us for an afternoon. Greetings to Sujoy! Enjoy each moment.

E.L. Wisty said...

Hi Sue,

There is no greater treasure in the world than friends like this, don't you agree?


Metalchick said...

Hi Sue,
Looks like you are having a lovely trip. I just got back from my camping trip to Morro Bay, California. It was beautiful, but a little cold.

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
I'm off to paddington's tomorrow to look for sparking man, okay? ;)

We are seeing the Who on Wednesday in Berlin, and I am so excited.