Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's not easy...

being mentally challenged!

I just read a headline on the BBC news website that said "Elephants strike" and under that another line - "festive note"
but the first line caught my eye and I immediately thought: "those Europeans...even the ELEPHANTS go on strike!" You see, I've been reading about the transit strike in France for the past week!

(In case you were wondering,it turns out the BBC posted a video about 3 elephants in JAPAN who have been trained to play "Jingle Bells" while holding bells in their trunks. I think I need to head on over to Japan and pull a Cesar Chavez...get 'em organized! Maybe teach them how to ring out a few bars of "We Shall Overcome." Ooh she's feisty today!).

Yeah it's always a party being me! (har har har).

I was WALKING in Boston one day and it was very foggy and rainy, so I thought, "oh I better put on my headlights!"

The good news is, I can blame the ol' golf ball sized tumour that was taking up residence in my brain for MANY years!

Ok, that excuse no longer works.

I am SO glad Thanksgiving is over, because I was quite sad and terribly homesick. I hope everyone back home had a good one though!

I have an incredibly busy week coming up, and I am really looking forward to it!
Here's what it looks like:

1. Chinese Health Secrets Class
2. Yangmingshuwu in the Yangmingshan Mountains- a former guest house of Chiang Kai-Shek.
3. Chaperoning Anjoi's class on a park field trip for a botany project.
4. Cloudgate Performance (A Taiwanese modern dance company that are supposed to be incredibly fantastic) at the National Theatre.
5. Greens Galore and Tasty Tofu Cooking Class
6. Volunteering at the PTA school gift shop for 2 hours
7. Flower Arranging Class - my teacher will make a lovely Christmas arrangement for me! hee hee. I will ask nicely if I could PLEASE do it by myself for a change!! (Seeing how it IS the last class).

My camera arrived - it's at Sujoy's office, I have to pick it up tomorrow because I am going to Yangmingshan on Tuesday. I may not be able to post pictures for awhile though (probably). Sujoy is in Korea. I know, I shouldn't be so technically dependent. I know I know...

Hope everyone has a great week!

Lots of love,


LMS said...

New camera new camera! Whoot!

I tell you, everytime you post your actvities I want to ask when the time in the sauna starts, or where you go for your massages... Asian club med, I'm telling you!

I miss you x10. Something about Thanksgiving made me want to share it with all my non-American friends- it was then I realized you'd slipped into that catagory. Weird. I can't blame a brain tumour (at least I hope note) but I'm sure all the years of bleaching streaks in my hair have finally taken thier toll.

Love ya!

Ahvarahn said...

great skedule you have there. i worked 95 hours last week, so i plan to do nothing this week but sleep.

i did tell folk i was thankful that in the last year i only once tried to get into the shower with my socks on. the figured i slept with my socks on but i told them i shower twice a day. had i had my headlights on, i would have spotted the socks immediately.

lryicsgrl said...

I love ya, Sue!
You know, I really DO want a hand held navigation device for my trips into manhattan; when I am on foot, I don't what direction on am in??? I think headlights would be helpful, too, btw! ;)

Paul cracks me up!!

bye 4 now!

grace said...

yeah camera!!! extra extra!!

aww, you are so fabulous Sue, I wish I was there to cheer you!!
I had a quiet one with the girls, hope you are well and peaceful xox

lol to you too!! grace, summer & june

BlackVelvetLace said...

Wow your week makes mine look positively paltry! Come to think of it, mine is pretty paltry all on it's own.

::Still laffin about walkin with the headlights out:: :P


lryicsgrl said...
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lryicsgrl said...

Oh yes it is easy to be mentally challenged, it comes very easily to me!!

I just joined the who site, and tried to post a reply to one of your comments, and well, i don't know how the hell to navigate that forum. it looks lovely though!

Delbut said...

you are a crazy person. Send me a photo of your arranged flowers.

Suesjoy said...

Ok I was lame and didn't get my camera until the day before yesterday!
It was POURING on Tueday, so I couldn't really take pics anyway.

I will post about my very busy week soon (tomorrow!). I promise.

Yeah Del, I know I know...

Love yas,

Lucy said...

headlights! LOL !

(I just now read this post)

Here's something (HELLO!) stupid I once did:

OK I was in high school. My dad dropped me off at school. On the way in the car, the radio announcer said it was "7:59". I got out of the car and walked up the sidewalk to school. Along the way, a guy asked me for the time. Thinking fast, I said, "it's 7:60." He looked puzzled and I didn't realize why until a minute or so later (7:61, LOL).