Tuesday, November 20, 2007

World Cup...BASEBALL!

Who knew there was such a beast...but yesterday, me, Sujoy, Anjoli and Sujoy's partner, Thomas, his wife, Alice and their 1 year old daughter, Joanne, all headed to Tien Mu baseball stadium (1/4 mile from our apartment here in Taipei) to watch the World Cup Baseball final game between the US and Cuba.

This is the second baseball game we have attended here in Taipei. We only lasted 4 innings as it was kind of cool and RAINY. Here, games are never rained out. I will share pictures from both yesterday's game and the one we attended last year.

Oh, in case you were curious, the US team won, 6-3. I don't know anything about the players, but I am guessing they are all minor league dudes.

I still don't have a camera, but I had to take this shot of the Dunkin' Donuts ad with Sujoy's cell phone. (Last week,while waking by the Dunkin' Donuts outdoor patio here in Tien Mu, I heard the Who's "I Can't Explain." You have no idea how elated I was to smell the aroma of DD coffee AND hear the Who at the same moment in time. It was then I KNEW...YES, there is a God. I sampled a strange something that was being handed out... just to hear the Who. I forget what samples were being offered, but it was pretty strange, I remember that!).

The stadium is so beautiful, as are the surroundings. Here are some pics from when we last lived here (last year).

This adorable little munchkin is Joanne- she loves Anjoli.

Not too much to report on...I do have a picture of my latest creation from my flower arranging class. It's a Chinese/Japanese arrangement. I would like to say that it's something I created...but my teacher is a control freak. So...LOOK WHAT MY TEACHER MADE FOR ME! And YES, SHE made the origami horses...OF COURSE. They're in love! :)


elizabeth said...

A beautiful heartwarming post, from the stadium, to the loving horses, to the coffee, but most of all the little one in the little one's arms. Muchas gracias for this; you've made my day.

lryicsgrl said...

oh yes, I agree with dear elizabeth. very heartwarming, from the coffee and the who to anjoli showing off her maternal instincts.
i laughed out loud; you and your teacher the control freak..ha ha!

grace said...

You sound very happy Sue! love the horses, and Joanne looks like a doll, literally.

take care, xox grace

Suesjoy said...

Aw, I am glad I made your day elizabeth!

Yeah Sue, this woman. She's very sweet, but I would like to see what kind of a mess I can make on my OWN, thank you very much!

I am happy Grace, but the weather is making me sooooooo sleepy. It's gloomy again, I have to fight the urge to not crawl under the covers where it's so cozy...
Joanne is a cutey! She and Anjoli are thick as thieves. Anjoli gave her that little stuffed dog.

Take care ladies!

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
I love reading these little snippets of your new life. The Cubans have great baseball skills, I do remember this from the Olympics. What fun to see this all live.

Great pics. It's gloomy here too- late fall usually is.

Be well, my dear.

VallyP said...

Your posts always make me smile Sue. Baseball to flower arranging in one go....I love it...and you are just precious. The other pics, especially the one of Anjoli are also great!

ginab said...

Really great to know American and Cuba can play together! YES! The irony is profound, you know.

Anjoli is growing up! Or, that munchkin yes she makes everyone wook-uge. I feel like porky.

I do.

Been eating like one!

swimming later!

Oh and goodness your teacher makes you pretty arrangements! You're funny Suejoy. Fun-knee!


BlackVelvetLace said...

Swho that munchkin IS adorable, then again so is Anjoli. You're seeming well, I'm so glad, you've been through it all and came up shining.

Love the flowers your teacher made too LOL


grace said...

Hiya Sue!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Do you do a traditional dinner over there?

Thank you too for your love and support, it means alot to me for my few blog friends I have made; to keep in touch :)

take care xoxo

Metalchick said...

Hi Sue!
Wow! I didn't know there was a world cup for baseball! I learned something new! That flower arrangement is very nice! Those origami horses are very pretty!

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tink said...

Oh man ... hiya SUE! I am very remiss in commenting. ::::30 lashes:::: !
That is a lovely arrangement, but I would be real annoyed too.

I read on TOWHM that there are no ovens in Taiwan? This is so curious! Hm. A dutch oven or grilled turkey could work! I hope that if you celebrate the American Thanksgiving, that it is filled with relaxing, simple, and unique things. If you don't, I hope your day is filled with those things too.


Chris Capp said...

How appropriate to take in a little baseball in the week of American Thanksgiving! Sounds like great fun. Just wanted to stop by to say happy Thanksgiving and I hope life is good!

Chris Capp

Mike S said...

Wonderful photos Sue!

Happy Thanksgiving to you
and your family:)

gypsy noir said...

Hello Suesjoy,
Well. it's lovely to see how well you are doing, a true star you are..
The pictures are great and the little ones are beautiful..
Origami horses?, I think the Teach should make origami jockeys to go on the horses too ;0)

P.S..it's probably just aswell you couldn't see the vid..oh my word!..


Suesjoy said...

LOL Gypsy I will ask the teacher to please make me 2 jockeys for the horses! I wouldn't be surprised if she did!
We're making a Christmas arrangement next week. I mean, SHE'S making a lovely Christmas arrangement for me!
I STILL wanna see yer vid!
Aw, I'm not feeling very starlike today. I wish I wasn't so manic...

Hi Mike! Nice to see you. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

Hey Michelle! Wow - you're back!
So nice to see you too.
Yeah I didn't know about World Cup Baseball until..last week!
Thanks for popping by. Hope you are well.

Hi Grace! No, no turkey for us. We don't have a "real" oven, just this oversized toaster oven sort of thing.
Hope you had a nice one my dear.

Thanks Lace! Sadly I have the blues still, so I am not shining at the mo. I will again soon...I have a very busy week coming up, that should help.

Gina YOU crack me up. You really have a unique way with words. Makes me smile. :)

Hey Val!
So glad you enjoy my mental posts!!
Hope you are well!

Hello there Anne-Marie. Yes the Cubans are really great baseball players, but the Americans played really well. We just couldn't hack the rain and left early! It's a wonderful stadium - we were very close but it was hard to see through all the umbrellas! Glad you enjoyed the pics.

Thanks everyone!!!!

Hope all of you enjoyed Thanksgiving.
I am missing home, friends and family!

Amanda and SuperAmanda said...

Incredible photos as always:)

Happy Holidays!

Love Amanda

Suesjoy said...

Sorry Chris!
I didn't mean to leave you out!
Great seeing you!!
I didn't even think about watching Americans play baseball before Thanksgiving, but it was VERY cool rooting for them! And yes, as Gina said, ironic too.

I missed you Tink, too. 30 lashes pour MOI! So sorry! Yeah, most people don't have ovens. They're stir-frying crazy over here. :)
No need for ovens, really.
Ovens are for bakeries, I guess!


Thanks Amanda! Are you a Londoner again?
I am green with envy.
Enjoy yourself over there!