Sunday, November 11, 2007

Terry Fox 5 K Run

Terry Fox was the original boy wonder. For those of you who may not have heard of him, Terry was a Canadian university student who lost his leg to cancer in 1977. Before that he had been very active in basketball and running activities. After witnessing the pain and suffering of others (especially children) in the hospital where he was receiving cancer treatment, Terry decided, in 1980, to run across Canada and he called this mission "The Marathon of Hope." His goal was to raise money for cancer research and to make people aware of the suffering caused by this heartbreaking disease.

Terry ran over 5400 km with his artificial leg to show people that even with one leg, he could reach his goal. Sadly, in 1981,Terry lost his battle with cancer, but every year people around the world keep his dream alive by participating in local Marathon of Hope Runs.

Today I ran in the Annual 5k Terry Fox Run. I thought I was going to walk and run, but I ran (ok jogged) the whole thing! It was a blast. I did it in about 30 minutes. It was hard at the end, but I kept pushing myself and I thought of Terry the whole time. He is truly an inspiration.

I kept thinking how lucky I am - that my brain tumor was benign. I truly am very, very lucky.

Here is a beautiful video of Terry (the audio of his voice isn't very good in some parts though).


Anne-Marie said...

You made me cry, Sue, but that's okay.

Terry Fox is iconic in Canada, and I can so clearly remember much of what is in that small video- the running on the side of the road in the rain, the huge crowd at Toronto's city hall with our Toronto Maple Leafs team captain Darryl Sittler (who own wife sadly died of cancer) presenting him- and the announcement that he had to give up the run because of the cancer's return.

I have a beautiful picture of my father at the Terry Fox memorial in Thunder Bay- it's just next to Lake Superior and is on the spot where he had to give up his dream. It's one of my favourite photos because, at the point when it was taken, my dad had beaten 2 cancers and had yet to take up fights #3 and #4.

I'm so proud of you for taking up this run. We do ours at school every year, and it's the volunteer activity that I do the most passionately and work the hardest at.


VallyP said...

What a wonderful man, and you too for doing this run Sue.

Have lots to catch up on here, and I will be back. Just so busy right now that all I can do is drop the odd comment here and there, a bit like an apology note.
Thinking of you. xx

Lucy said...

Hi Sue,

Rob may be sending me a copy he made of the 1981 Rockpalast Who concert. If indeed I do get this, I'll see what I can do about forwarding something to you as well (either CD, or audiofiles via email)...

Sorry you missed it!! :-(

- Lucy.

Suesjoy said...

Oh...I know it IS very sad. What an incredible soul he was.
Your dad was quite the fighter too.
It's great that you are passionate about your work for Terry's Foundation.
My dad has cancer, but he is really doing well (overall). His depression is far worse than the cancer. (He never got over my mom divorcing him...a billion years ago). :(
Thanks Anne-Marie!

So good to see you. I see you have blogged off TOO. The whole world is blogging off so maybe I should take a hint...

Good luck with all your work, my dear.

Thank you so much Lucy! (again).

BlackVelvetLace said...

Swho, while I've been (and still am) on blogation, you've been blogging up a storm! Great post, but what's even greater is your willpower and tenacity.

You go girl!!!!!!!


LMS said...

Sue, your love for people is inspiring.

elena said...

Hola Sue,

This is a beautiful post, I cried too. It's fantastic and hopeful to see that there are people with such an incredible strength inside, and you have it!.

I'm glad that you ran the whole Marathon!! Well done!

I'm sending a big kiss for you and for your dad.

lryicsgrl said...


my comment is now in cyberspace!!!

SUE in short.....I am in awe of you, inspired by you, and proud of you!

Don't leave this space, you would leave too big a hole!!

you will always be my friend, anyway!

Gina said...

Wow, Terry Fox was an inspiration. Thank you for sharing that. And we are so lucky too dear, to have you with us. You are an inspiration too - hugs

Cathy with a C said...

Wouldn't it be a better world if we all lived as if we had cancer and only 6 months to live?

We wouldn't hold onto petty grievances or let the small things get us down. We would spend our time telling others what they mean to us and make every day, every moment, count.

You are an inspiration as well!

Cathy xox

Ahvarahn said...

I can't even run to the bathroom, and that can be sometimes a tremendous handicap as you can imagine.

a-a-Ah-chhew!, 'skuse me, think I’m getting a cold.

But your post has inspired me, I will start. I plan to initiate the first Boston bathroom dash from Copley fountain to the new automated Copley public lav. First there (with 25c of course for the first 25 minutes) gets a free copy of the Boston Globe newspaper (sports section missing unfortunately).

Ah-chhew!, sorry!

Ahvarahn said...

on second reading my previous comment seems a bit tasteless. i was only trying to be lighthearted. my apologies.

Suesjoy said...

Please don't apologize iit was not in bad taste! U R funny.
ALthough I WAS picturing you reading the Globe in the BPL loo! hee hee.
I need therapy now. Thanks.
(Ok I was born needing therapy).

Hi Cathy!
Nice to see you again. Great comment!
Thank you. Btw, I am using J&J bodywash soap. It's unscented!
I like it.

Aw gee thanks Gina. Hope you and hubby are well.

Thank you Susie belle!!! Oh I am not going anywhere, no worries.

Hola Elena~
Oh DEAR ME. I DIDN'T run a marathon- but Terry called his mission the Marathon of Hope. Sorry for the confusion...I edited my post.
I fear I need to get new kneecaps before running a marathon! They really hurt when I run.
Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

Thank you Laura! I still have to finish watching Fields Far's beautiful and the editing is superb! Really- not buttering you up. It must be very hard to edit a movie.

Hello Lace~
Yes I have been going nutters blogging. I didn't blog this week though because I wasn't feeling well.
Thank you for your kind words!
I get lots of strength from my friends- especially my blog buds!


Gary said...

What a beautiful film, and what a courageous human being he was. I found the film to be deeply poignant, particularly near the end. How sad.

elena said...

Hola Sue, problems with the language....:)