Thursday, December 13, 2007

Anjoli's Music Box

I just had to share this lovely gift that my daughter made in clay class for her Dad for Christmas. I was REALLY impressed. She did it all on her own.

I have more pictures to post but I have to rush to acupuncture now. I have been sick since last Friday, but I have managed to do a little volunteering at the American School this week at their Book Fair and at the PTA Gift shop. (I did lots of Christmas shopping at the Gift Shop!). I'm volunteering at their "Winterwonderland Fair" this Saturday. I'll be helping kids decorate cookies in the morning and helping run the games booth in the afternoon. Should be fun! I loved spending time with the kids at the book fair. I felt horrible if they didn't have enough money...I nearly bought some of them books (but that's kind of frowned upon) so I "saved them" for later when they could drag their parents back and pay for them! :)

My sister is coming for Christmas for a week (Dec. 22-29). We're very excited! We are going for 3 days to a beautiful tiny island off the southeastern coast of Taiwan called Green Island. We're going to snorkel and enjoy the saltwater hot springs. Can't wait! (Yeah like I NEED A VACATION! Yeah yeah I know...).


Anne-Marie said...

Wow, nice present.

I hope you feel better soon! Your Xmas plans sound dreamy. Have a great time!


LMS said...

Wow. Anjoli rocks. Seriously, that girl is oozing talent.

In the words of my mother, "You were really retarded at that age!" (To my mother's credit this was said in jest, mainly to shock family members... she and I were the only ones who laughed.)

I die a thousand envy-filled deaths at your Christmas plans.

JLee said...

wow!! That is so creative! Great job...
snorkeling and hot springs sounds wonderful :)

Suesjoy said...

Thank you Anne-marie. I'm on the mend. Looking forward to Green Island!

Yes Laura, Anju rocks!
I KNOW I would get along well with your mum! I hope I meet her one day. Of course she is JOKING. You are hugely talented yourself, girl.
Be jealous. Be very jealous of ME for a change - Ms. "I've seen Rufus in 20 countries!" sheeeeeesh! :)
I will read story #2 this weekend and send my edits to you!

Hi Jlee!
Thanks - I'll tell Anju. (She's mortified that I put this up but what else can a proud mama do?).
Yeah - can't wait to go to the island! My husband can't swim, so he is having a fit about snorkeling. MEN.
(Alot of Indian men can't swim...but that excuse is getting OLD). They have lifejackets, so he can snorkel with that (which will be weird, but interesting).


grace said...

The music box is beautiful. So talented.

Enjoy your vacation, it sounds so wonderful. and feel better.


lryicsgrl said...

That kid is gorgeous, smart and talented...a chip off the old block!


Suesjoy said...

Thanks Grace! I am all better now.

Yeah couldn't agree with you more!
hee hee.
Seriously, my mom was incredibly artistic...I think it skipped a generation.
Anju is like my mom in SO many ways.


Gina said...

She did such wonderful work, I love it. I hope you are feeling better dear! Happy holidays to you.

pictures of lily said...

Ah Sue that's beautiful!!
I wonder where she gets her talent and don't say otherwise!!
You seem brillian, i've been up and down...
But, hoping next year will bring better luck, in fact I guess I have to believe it will and it will!!
So, your so lucky a mini-vaca.
Whats the weather there anyway, mostly warm? ( I should know this, sorry!)
Hope you are feeling good still, did Roggie answer you question?
I still need to get on there. And the Patriots are almost 14-0, it's almost anti-climatic at this point, they just keep winning...
Oh, wait with Tom Brady... could never be "anti-climatic_ ;-)
naughty me!!
Happy Holidays Sue!!

Lucy said...

OMG, Sue -- that music box is GORGEOUS! She's got talent there, for sure. A lot of care went into making it. So detailed.

Your upcoming time with your sister sounds fun -- I'm jealous. :-) Actually my sister and I are trying to arrange a sisters only trip down to New Orleans (she lives in Louisville). Not sure if it's gonna come together though. (our parents and other sister still live in N.O.)

Your book fair and gift shop volunteering sounds like it was great fun -- the kind of thing I like to do at my son's school too. Is there the option to purchase books for the teachers/classrooms also? That's what we do. Too bad you couldn't buy books for the kids... (:-( )...

Have a great week!!

- Lucy. (if you can, come see the coolo blog post I have up (about "hearing music" in the brain... I think you'll enjoy it -- if you can get the radio link to work)

lryicsgrl said...

Please take lots of vacation pictures, ok?xo

BallerinaGurl said...

Wow that IS impressive! What a tender gift he will cherish!!! Thanks for the sweet comments! Love you to bits! Have fun on that island! I am taking my husband to Hawaii for Christmas so I will think of you when I do the hula dance LOL!


ginab said...

Oh joy I love the music box. How precious. Makes me wish upon a star I could just even borrow a kid (to have them make me such a thing). I suspect it takes years of life together to culminate into clay to shape those happy holiday faces into a box for music.
I bet so.

And yes I would trade my ten days off for one of your sunny, warm colorful days.

happy season of joy to you Suejoy,

gypsy noir said...

Hello Susjoy,
I think your daughter has a future in design, her creation is beautiful..

Neil and I listened to the Crashing the Attic CD at the weekend, and I must say you have a beautiful voice!, the way you sang breath was outstanding..
Mind, you were all amazing...
Well done you!!..
love gypsy xx

elena said...

Wow, Sue, tell your daughter she is an artist. It is wonderful!
Happy Christmas to my favourite marathon girl..:)... and to all your family. Your holidays sound really good.
All the best to you,


Tink said...

Awww .. here I am bring up the rear .. as usual!

Anjoli ... I have seen many, many creations by 9 year olds. I'm telling you now. This is *the* most fabulous creation I have seen. I am impressed beyond words. Your Dad's gonna love it.

Have a wonderful "green" Christmas holiday!

xo Tink