Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Merry Happy Happy!!

(Click to see my FABULOUS earrings! I made them MYSELF!!) :)

I hope all of you enjoy your holidays. May you all have a spectacular 2008.

Many many thanks for all your good wishes, prayers and support both before and after my surgery. Words could never convey how much your messages helped me. I continue to heal and get stronger day by day. I am very lucky and truly blessed.

Love this video!


BlackVelvetLace said...

OO OOO I'm #1 I'm #!!!

Sue you look great, but I can't really see the earrings. Are you losing weight too?

Loved Anjoli's clay gift, so cute. Hope alls well and you're feeling better than a few posts down!!


LMS said...

I LOVE the way your hair is growing out. It makes you look hip. Or French. Or hip and French.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue! Just wanted to pop by and check in on you here. You look GREAT! Like glowing-thin-happy-healthy-beautiful great.

Hope you picked up the Judy Garland cd by Le Rufus. What am I saying, I'm sure you did. I found it on Amazon the other day and thought of you. I'm hoping my hubby gets it for me for Christmas.

Much Love to You and Yours

Suesjoy said...

Hi Lace!
Thank you! I am feeling much better.

Ta Laura! Oh yes I am SO Fwench.

Why thanks Natalie. NO I don't have the new Ru cd YET!!
I'm so crazy for him, I have dreams about him.
My gay boyfriend.
Yes ONLY in my dreams....
I hope your hubby get his Judy cd for you for Christmas!


Suesjoy said...

oh Lace-
Well I lost a bit...I think it's the ANGLE of the photo! I'm always (semi) trying to lose weight...story of my life! :(

grace said...

Merry -mas Sue! The earings are fab! Your hair looks fantastic too, sorry, noticed that first :)
I could not see the video, it was coming through in pieces.
I wish you all the best in 2008. Thanks for being one of my blog friends.

ginab said...

High HIGH fashion! I love the bobbles!!! Red is your color! Do not, however, inform Anjoli she's grown antlers.

Maybe it's odd to remark about it here, but I may as well promote reading any book authored by Alice Munro. She writes short stories and novels. I suppose some comparison to Sophie's Choice and then not would be here View from Castle Rock. Another novel by her is The Love of a Good Woman; something you know personally a whole lot about.

Must get back. Wishing you and yours every bit of happiness. It's great to see you and yours in that lovely place where you live (so glad you're in the world!).


Ahvarahn said...

you just look fabulous sue, and I also like your santa hat ;)

what a year for you! 2008 is going to be terrific - best wishes to you, sujoy and anjoli!


elizabeth said...

Happy Christmas and 2008. It's lovely to see your beautiful self, and it always warms my heart to see Anjoli's smiling face.
Love to you all.

Gary said...

Hey there Sue, I have to tell you how fantastic you look! Love the earings. Hey, have a wonderful Christmas Sue. 2007 was quite a year eh? 2008 will be a great year he he.. don't forget your absentee ballot ok. :-)

Love Gary & Stephani

Tink said...

Tres chic! Christmas chic! Yes ... the hair is adorable. The Santa halo was the er .. crowning! touch. :o)

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and a healthy, peaceful, happy New Year ~*~



Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
You do indeed look terrific, and the video made me laugh.

I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas, and that you have fantastic 2008!


bookworm said...

Hi Sue,

I wish you a merry and peaceful christmas and all the best for the comming new year.

Hope you feel good. I'm so long away from your blog, but I promise to come back more in the new year.

I love your pics.

Take care

lryicsgrl said...

Have a Merry little Christmas Sweet Sue, Sujoy and Angoli, too!

I am so happy to see you looking gorgeous, as ever......You are an inspiration to us all....and I am, as Gina said, happy you are in the world. I am blessed for having known you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Suesjoy, just popping by to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Eats lots and have Fun!

Dan L. said...

Have a blessed and Merry Christmas!

Nice hat!

--Dan L.

Anonymous said...

And a Merry & Happy to you and all you are close to!


JLee said...

Merry Xmas, Sue! Love the pic of you and your daughter.

when we going to Vegas again??? ;)

woof nanny said...

I posted that video too! I swear, I can stay on You Tube for hours!
Thinking of you always. Merry Christmas and have the best New Year ever!
Miss you,

Chris Capp said...

Dear Sue, the strongest blogger of the bunch,

Wishing you a merry Christmas from across the Pacific! California misses you, but it is great to see you doing so well. May 2008 bring you continued good health and all of life's blessings!

Cheers from LA,
Chris Capp

Metalchick said...

Merry Christmas Sue!

Cathy with a C said...

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. I'm not sure how you can top 2007, but I'm sure the excitement will continue in your new life in Taipai. Keep us posted on your adventures.

Happy New Year

Mark T said...

Hi Sue,

Like the earrings. I went to Dubai on a business trip for three days. Lots of building work going on there, when it is finished in a few years time it will be a major tourist destination. Have a lovely festive season and a Happy, Healthy New Year.



pictures of lily said...

Good God, how much weight have you lost? Not that you were ever big (gees, what's the right word!) but me lady.. dont fade away..
You guys look fab. love the antlers. you do so well with her, children are definatley little angels to you.. they all must adore you, I know my jose. would and if you could sort out my 16 yr old too!!
Happy New Year, could you please think thoughts of me meeting dear Rog!! Been bugging Delbut to pinch his bum for me, but he hasn't responded.. Think he thinks I've lost it.. which i may of indeed, but i'm here to say "not yet!"
Feeling much better, and a few good men have entered my life.. and I'm going to darn picky this time!! I have a lovely friend too like you are, she keeps me grounded.. NO! not that way.. even though sometimes...... well...
ok, love to ya, keep healing well. It's amazing what strength you have.
much love and to a fantastic (Roger please!) New Year!! I know, it's my ego being sly......

Bonfire Jones said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks for your kindness & support this past year! I'm glad that you are doing well.

You look great in these pics!

Wishing you & your's Peace, Love & Prosperity in 2008!


BallerinaGurl said...

Hey Sweetie! Just wishing you a very Happy New Year and hope the holidays were and are still fantastic. You look wonderful and I am so happy for you that recovery is going strong. Patience is key I am sure! Hug Anjoli for me and tell her my Lexi wore the same head gear LOL! Your hair is beautiful. I really love that short on you! Brings out your facial features!!! I say it's a keeper!

I will be in San Diego tomorrow till Monday so I will wave to everyone for you. I am in LA right now.

Anywhoo....just thinking of you. Thanks for the emails too!


grace said...

Happy New Year Sue!