Tuesday, December 04, 2007

More pics of my 'hood!

Yesterday I wandered through some back alleys on my way back from grocery shopping at a store that is like a mini - Harrod's (with matching sky high prices). I discovered a few shops and cafes that I had never seen before. My absolute favorite is the Tom Waits Cafe. They have the BEST coffee on the planet. I haven't been back since returning to Taipei because of my (propensity for) insomnia...but I really am hankering for their coffee. The owner is a very interesting man- he was a label chief for Polydor here in Taiwan(he decided which albums to import and how many), but had to quit his job after a bad car accident. I guess it hurt him to sit for too long. He still puts together really cool compilations and writes the liner notes for them. What impressed me MOST was - he knew who Rufus Wainwright was! (AS WELL AS Ru's mom and aunt- the McGarrigle Sisters, and Ru's dad, Loudon). I will go visit soon and take pics of the interior (they were closed yesterday) and I'll ask if I can take a picture of the owner too. There are SO many cafes in my neighborhood, I need to visit them all...it's very tempting!


You'll have to click of this cafe pic below. It looked very cute and cozy!

The exterior shot of Mais Cafe didn't come out so hot, but it looks like a pleasant spot.

This shop sells tea and BEAUTIFUL tea pots.

Whenever a shop has a grand opening, they have these beautiful flower displays outside the store.The arrangements remind me of funeral arrangements though- the way they are displayed on pillars! (Usually all of the flowers are displayed on pillars). I loved these orchids. I think this is a bedding store. I will have to check it out one day.

Looks a bit like San Diego!

This is a Chinese medicine shop around the corner from our apartment. I guess this customer had lice or something! :)

Here is a close up shot of my latest flower arrangement taken by Anjoli. (I posted a full pic on the previous post).


gypsy noir said...

Hello Suesjoy, Your pictures of your hood reminds me of the song by Space called 'My Beautiful Neighborhood'..very bohemian!..
The flower arranging is coming on fabulous!..
All the best-gypsy..xx..

LMS said...

I never thought I would say this, but wow, it makes me want to shop... or at least cover my world with beautiful flowers and fancy teas.

lryicsgrl said...

Ah, Susie Swhosie, is baaaaack and livin' like a Rock Star!!!

You have a real talent there missy. Don't let that teachers "mucking about" fool you; she sees your potential and is helping you bring it out!!

We just celebrated the first night of Hannukah!
So let the light shine for you too!

BallerinaGurl said...

hey Lady! Got your comment. Yes I can order you stuff if you like. They are so beautiful!!

I love the "funeral" flowers. That is a crackup. I think it would drive people away from the stores here hehe

I will have to catch up to your blog as you to mine. Wow times flies when you get a project!


grace said...

HI Sue, your hood looks good!!! :)

love the flower.

thnks for you sweet comments, bringing myself back, I missed you all, what was I thinkin'

hope you are well, xox

eyesite2theblind said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks for the nice comments. I love the pictures keep them coming.

gypsy noir said...

Suesjoy, heres the link to the video for Space, Neighbourhood!..


MargieCM said...

Hi Sue - sorry it's been so long, but I've wanted to catch up with you again for a while. I really love these photos. This is going to sound a little weird, but some of them look almost European. I've never ben to Taipei, but this particular part of it looks very enticing. Quirky and cosmopolitan but with that wonderful Asian simplicity in there somewhere too.

Sorry to hear you're still suffering with the insomnia. It must be incredibly frustrating.

grace said...

alright, another Bruce fan! Hi Sue, it is him singing Santa Claus is coming to Town. Good one.

hope you are w ell. xx

BlackVelvetLace said...

Swho.. you got a camera! I love your pics!! Your hood looks beautiful, you are beautiful. I cannot believe your zest for life. Can I borrow some?!?!?


Lucy said...

Wow, love your new blog, redecorated!

I want to live where you live!
Can I come over?

It's looking very upscale over there. Good economy, eh? So sad for us Americans these days...


- Lucy.

Lin-no-da said...

I agree with Lucy, I was just thinking and dreaming because of your photos, how nice it would be to take a trip half way round the globe to aplace I have never even thought of visiting, just because...

wish I had the dough for a plane ticket, mus be a fortune... I have an opportunity to go to Korea in '08 and I may do it, just because I ahve been living my life like a homebody since my Mom becamse ill, I need some me time...

hi to Anjoli and Sujoy


ginab said...

I want to move there, you know I do!

I love Tom Waits. But my friend Ing, she LOVES Tom Waits. I can only imagine the coffee served up there. I can only imagine. But at least!

Thank you for sharing lovely, quaint yet urban pics of where you are. The first image reminds me of den Nederlands.

thank you!


Metalchick said...

Hi Suesjoy!
Great pictures! Your hood looks like a nice place to live!

Hope you have a nice holiday!

Take care!

grace said...

I enjoyed your Bruce story

Lucy said...

Lin -- I think you should GO for it. (the Korea trip)