Thursday, January 19, 2006

Don't jiggle on a rickshaw

I really must apologize for slacking off in blogland. My time has been devoted mostly to getting rid of STUFF and packing (in my mind).
The other day I was at a redlight, thinking, yeah this is boring, but contemplating my wardrobe for the next 6 months in Asia - mostly Taipei but also India.
I was having the same old "scary" flashblack - thinking back to last spring, when during a visit to India to see my in-laws, I was chastized for wearing a (sleeveless, yet conservative) dress with a "western bra" while travelling with my mother-in-law on a bicycle rickshaw. You see, an "Indian bra" (*) is really an unspoken wardrobe requirement when full-figured Western gals, (like myself) visit India.
I was called on the carpet for "jiggling on the rickshaw" which was "horribly embarrasing." If only I was wearing an "Indian bra" she would have been able to have waltzed through the townsquare with her head up, proud of her western daughter-in-law.
But no..
All eyes were upon ME, the girl with the va - va voom, jiggling her way "to market, to market."
This...brought to you by the country that gave the world the Kama Sutra, and temples laden with relief sculptures of man and woman doing it in every position known to man, woman, and beast.
I have a feeling Indians actually ENJOY sex and, the female form. I don't know what it is, just a little hunch.
So, as I was saying, this little exchange, if you will, between my beloved, embarrassed mom-in-law and I is going through my head, and I am thinking, "gosh, should I bring the ugly silwar-chemise that she made for me because it's 'less embarassing' to be seen in it (with or without an Indian bra) than a western style dress?"...and in the same split second, I see a woman, who had been jogging, but she paused and jogged in place at the previously mentioned red light...and she removed her t-shirt to reveal, a very, very skimpy jog bra... and.... my head exploded.

* An Indian bra is kind of like Madonna's "Cone bra" from the early 90s...only not as pointy. They are very flattering and Marilyn Monroe inducing (if you are well endowed).


Tausha71979 said...

Hello Sue!

Ooh loved your post! I too have the va va voom! I don't know about the Madonna type bra, though I wished I had one when I was 12 & Madonna was sporting it! Don't let anyone make you feel uncomfortable. Even if it that you are somewhere else, sure they have their own culture things (which should be respected). Though that is not you, & to try & fit in so much that you are not yourself is what I think is uncomfortable. Though I think it is cool to try & embrace other cultures, not so much that you lose yourself. Though that is just my thought:) I hope that all is going well with preparing for your move! See you around the blogs sweets:)


Suesjoy said...

Hi Tausha!
Yeah it's a "mother-in-law" thang, ya know?
I didn't mean to slam her (no, really!) but it was funny - the contrast in cultures/attitudes.
But my mother-in-law is ah, honest to a fault, I think.
And I love the silwar/chemise - that's the long tunic w/pajama type pants, but she picked out the UGLIEST fabric when she had a few made for me. So that puts me in a bind (well it did): do I wear the outfits to make HER happy, and who cares if I feel uncomfortable in these hideous (to me) fabric? It's tricky - this intercultural marriage! I really do embrace their culture - but I like what you said - you really shouldn't lose your own.
Even when I wear Indian clothes - people stare (in most places, not the big cities).
Oh well, now I know what it feels like to be a celeb! ha ha ha.

Mike S said...

I'm covering my eyes as I shyly
say hello Sue,LOL!! Interesting
though.Have you seen my nekked
Simon pics yet? Hope all is well
with you and the family :O)

Mike S said...

I love your warped sense of humour
Sue,I was only yoking when I said
I was shy,lol.My gramps used to
refer to joking as yoking :)
If you are having trouble down
loading Simons video,you are
not alone,go to the bottom link
to Paul B's blog and don't do
a thing.The film will start in
20 seconds or less.Let me know
if it worked.

lryicsgrl said...

Hey Sue,
Great Post!
I laughed out loud. Yes, I really did.
Wow, that is a LONG visit to see the in-laws.
I am contemplating seeing my Mom, Step-Dad, and my In-laws for just a few days, down in SUNNY ONLY WHEN I'M NOT THERE, florida.
I say, go for the Indian bra. If it makes everyone feel better. Who knows, maybe after all that time wearing it, you will be "standing up" on your own!
Just kidding.
I would leave the silwar/chemise at home, if it is really ugly.
Will you be blogging from Tapei?

Have a great time. Can't wait to hear of your adventures.

AlianaDrex said...

Well, I have no damn va-va or voom for that matter! I only wear bras when I have to appear to have cleavage for a certain dress. I can't even imagine having to keep them bound for a ride! I often think that it must be a blessing that I don't travel much because I would surely piss people off in every culture.

Elaine said...

Hmmm where can I get one of those indian bras? ;-)

Nabonidus said...

Wow! So you are going, afterall!
I hope you can blog us!
I, too am curious about this Indian bra, as I am vavoom also. Wonder if one typed in a serach using the words "India, bra" what would happen? Hmm...
BTW that really is odd considering how
sexual a lot of temples/things are, you were so right!:)

Marietta said...

Hi Sue,

This is SO hilarious!
I love your argument about the Kama Sutra, LOL!!!

So don't worry, go there and be yourself, this is 2006!

I'd love and Indian bra though...

JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...


Hi, I finally have my computer back. Yay!

This is hilarious, but unfortunately the case in a lot of countries. Apparently the female form is more of a myth to be enjoyed than an everyday thing...

Although with some people, they really need to show less every day. *grin*

Stress of the new semester is setting in... these are going to be a tough few weeks. Gonna keep it together!

One very determined,