Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Power of Eternity

I started my New Year with a bang. Yeah! I came home from Boston on New Year's day -a day early because I missed my sweeties so much...
While I was on the plane I set my new watch (I never wear them but Sujoy gave me one for our anniversary) back to central time while I was flying. Ok - so I get to Houston and have to walk five miles to my connecting flight - what a horrible airport. The gates aren't in order - it's very confusing. So anyway, I got to the gate but it was super crowded, so I found a chair, made some phone calls home, then became quite engrossed sending a text message to my friend Laura who I want to get in touch with badly - I missed her call while I was away. So...while waiting, I hear all these calls for Palm Springs over and I went to the desk at the gate and saw "Palm Springs" on the board...OMG, I couldn't believe it - I missed my freakin' flight! Turns out I set my watch 1 hour back instead of two! Duh!! And I was looking at my cell phone and I noticed the time was different, but I thought it was my cell phone that was wrong (yeah that GPS is so unreliable) and not my watch. Oh the ego, Sue! Get over it. I'm never wrong! Nope. That's the Leo in me, I guess.
I never heard the call because the gate was to my left and I have severe hearing loss in my left ear, thanks to Pete Townshend. (Kidding!) I have tinnitus something fierce !
So I flew standby - didn't make it on the first try (they told me I did, then they yanked me off the plane - cruel and unusual punishment! wah!) but the second time I just squeeked in. New Year's Day is INSANE to travel...oh man I was praying like CRAZY that I didn't have to spend the night in the airport.
I owe God big time!
While waiting for my last standby flight I called my sister (yes I set my watch correctly) and I told her that I had our father (who art in the hospital in pretty bad shape) sign a Power of Attorney form. I incorrectly called it a "Power of Eternity" form...and I thought to myself, well, that's a cool slip, because
there really is power in eternity.
I've had a rough year - lost my mom last year, now my dad has cancer. So I've been thinking alot about death and thinking about my life...mistakes I've made, wasting so much time, taking people for granted...I've been in panic mode lately, quite fearful about the future. I'm reading a really great book that's helping me though...It's called the Power of Intention
by Wayne Dyer. He talks about death and the soul, and I believe, as he does, that the soul never dies. We are eternal - and earth is our schoolroom, and we just keep coming back until we get it right - that is, when we learn that we are not separate from God. Knowing that we are eternal makes life in the present much easier, I think. I just can't wait until I get to that place where I no longer worry, because when you realize that your are Divine - worry and fear will no longer exist.
I don't know if that makes sense to anyone, but it does to me!

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BallerinaGurl said...

I actually do not believe as you do but I have great respect for others and their thoughts on religion and spirituality. I never speak about it in respect for my own and hopes no one would defile my precious beliefs. I give you a hats off for sharing!

I am so sorry about your Dad. It is hard I know! My prayers are with you for sure and I hope he can enjoy your visit as well as has others around him to the end, to keep him happy!

Regret nothing, we all learn from mistakes and it is the way of Life and God I believe!

OK Traveling on New Years is most definitely on my list of NOT's!! LOL you crack me up!