Thursday, January 12, 2006

Life is a Daring Adventure or Nothing at All

I haven't been posting much - been frantically preparing for a 6 month stint in Taipei. I've told some of you in blogland that my family are moving to Taiwan, temporarily.
My husband is trying to start a new company with one of his company's customers.
So we will live in Taipei from February - August, then, if this new start up is a sure thing, we'll go back sometime in the fall (?) and live there for 1-2 years!

I've been spending alot of time on-line, trying to find a school for Anjoli. I think I found a good one. It's small, in a beautiful area called Yang Ming Shan. It's a very exclusive area - so let's hope we can find affordable housing! I'm sure we will.

When I'm there I plan on studying Mandarin, hopefully taking classes in Chinese Medicine, tai chi and Qi Gong. I also want to take cooking lessons - even if they're given by friends. (We know one family there - they're WONDERFUL people). I'm bringing my guitar and keyboard...I want to take piano lessons along with my daughter. I think I'll have lots of time to study music and finish songs I've started. I hope!

Thank God for this blogging business - 'cuz I'm sure I'll get homesick after a month or so!! I'll be sure to post regularly when I'm there, I promise!

(The above picture is a view from the Su-Hua Highway on the east coast).


Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss you! Far too much. Quite possiably enough to warrent a plane ticket. . .


Mary Beth said...

Hi Susan,

What a beautiful picture! My husband travelled to Taipei a couple of years ago for a conference and loved it. He did say it was HOT there (they went in August), but if your passion is travel, there are so many wonderful places nearby to see. I hope you have a wonderful experience while you're there! :)

Mary Beth

E.L. Wisty said...

Hi Sue!

What an outstanding photo, like from paradise. The time in Taiwan will surely be an experience to remember, what with the cultural differences and all.

Tausha71979 said...

Hi Sue!

Ooh what a beautiful photo! Wow, good luck with everything, sounds like you already have a great plan set forth! Yes please remember when you get homesick that we blogger friends are always here! I can't wait to hear about your new journey as it is happening! See you around the blogs...


Marietta said...

Hate it.
I don't want to be there.
I am not jealous.
This is ugly.
Turquoise beach, bliax, not for me.


Lucky, lucky you! It is breathtakingly beautiful. Enjoy it as much as you can!

Thanks for the invite, by the way!!!