Monday, March 06, 2006

Off to School You Go!!

My baby started school last week. She's in 2nd grade. Man, what a trooper. Sujoy and I took her up Yang Ming Shan mountain by cab. We got there a bit early, the classroom was locked, and some of the kids were waiting by the door. They were looking at Anjoli's boots and matching raincoat (see above pic) and were snickering. Big mistake on my part! But it had been raining, so I figured it was muddy...but NONE of the kids wear boots. Oh well.
The teacher soon appeared and we chatted a bit, and helped Anjoli settle into her desk and cubby. All the kids wear slippers in class - cozy! That's the Chinese way.
Sujoy and I said goodbye, and it looked like Anjoli was holding back tears (can you imagine what it must have felt like?) - but I had to take one shot of her at her desk which you can see. I made her smile for the camera - but believe me she didn't look too pleased, naturally. MOTHERS!!
After saying goodbye, we spoke to the principal for a bit, then I had to peak
through the door to her class (it had a window), and she was just fine! phew!
Her first day was a little rough - some of the girls kept laughing at her for some reason - but she's a lot tougher than I thought - she calmly told them to stop - but they continued. The second time she was a bit more adamant, and then they listened, and haven't laughed since.
Two girls gave her "welcome cards" - one of them is SO sweet - I have to scan it - I love it. This girl also gave her 2 little gifts - a rainbow made out of wax pellets and a little glass penguin. Anjoli was thrilled.
She's been reading the second Harry Potter book- and she took it to school. It's a Christian school, and I was unsure about how tolerant they are of HP, so I warned her - but I wanted to see what they'd say. Sure enough, on her 3rd day, the teacher reluctantly told her: "we don't read HP at this school. I was waiting for you or your parents to figure that out and didn't tell you right away since you are new here." Ok, so now we know! I called the teacher to apologize, but I let her know that we don't believe in magic or witchcraft or anything...but I understood (I don't agree with their beliefs, but I respect them). Anyhoo, no biggie really.
I was brought up Catholic, and still pray to Jesus, but we don't go to church. I am actually happy that she's learning about Jesus, but I fear she may be confused (join the club). For example, her teacher told her that God is going to burn the earth one day and take us all to heaven! So Anjoli comes home and tells me this, then says, "but I thought God loved us!??" Being brought up Catholic - well, I was never taught all this fire and brimstone stuff! I asked her if she liked learning about Jesus and memorzing verses and she actually does.
She especially likes learning Chinese - she's learning how to speak and write Chinese characters. Actually, our friends and cab drivers are teaching her how to speak it - her school is really only teaching her how to write the characters.
I spoke to her teacher the other night about volunteering and she was very happy - she needs help grading papers, which I'll gladly do. I really miss being in school with kids. Anjoli will be happy to see me of course! I asked how Anjoli was doing and she said, "I've never seen anything like it. She is so strong and brave. She introduced herself, and answered everyone's questions...she's very confident. She's at the top of the class - but it helps that she speaks English, of course." I'm so happy...what a relief. She's made lots of friends and she's always in a good mood when she gets off the bus. She talks about her day without me having to pull info out of her. So it's all good! Only downside is the long bus ride - but her bus is a cushy little tour bus kinda deal. She gets carsick easily - but she carries homeopathy (carbo veg ) and that settles her stomach.
Tonight she was saying that she really misses home though (of course) - her friends, her teacher - Ms. Gliman, and most of all her kitty!

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lryicsgrl said...

What a champion she is.
BTW, my 13 year old wears rubber boots in the rain. So, ok they are Coach, but they are still rubber boots. And they are cool. We will post a pic of the boots for you to show Anjoli. You sound proud of your girl, and you should be. I wish you all much luck, and continued success in your new life. How long are you going to live there? I know you spoke about it in previous posts, but my short term memory is shot. Anyway, best to you!


i cried the first week i went to school didn t want to leave mom hope those cabbies are treating you well

Chelice said...

Hello Anjoli,
Anjoli, you are so brave. Such a strong person to tell those girls to stop laughing at you! I am proud of you for standing up for yourself in a peaceful way, using your words! Some of the kids were asking about you yesterday, we all miss you, but know you are having a new adventure. I will have the kids write to you today. You are wonderful. Tell you mom and dad hello!