Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sun is Shining, the Weather is Sweet

The sun finally made a long awaited appearance today.
I opened my windows and breathed the sweet fragrance that emanated from the corner in the distance scooters whizzed by on the main drag...I could hear the hauntingly beautiful sounds of a neighbor playing the piano...I like life in the city.


E.L. Wisty said...

Hi Sue!

I'm sorry for not coming here sooner. I swear I'll get back to regular blogging after the seminar which is in 1,5 weeks is done with...

You brought the scent of fresh bread into my nose! It also made me remember how when I was in Athens for seven months a few years ago there was a corner bakery right across the street where I lived...

greekzoe said...

Hi Sue!

You brought back memories of when I was in Sweden. The bakery was the last place to go before we went back to the house. That way the bread would be good and fresh when we got home. Mmmm I can smell and taste it now. I have to wait until October to have it again. They don't have any bakeries here in rural North Carolina.

Glad the sun is shining!!


BallerinaGurl said...


Sorry just been very busy with Charlotte here for another 2 weeks! Will blog and read up when it dies down here! Till then know I was thinking of you and have more pics to share of my trip. Go check out LO's site. She is in my contacts list!

Tell Anjoli YES I will come to visit you guys but can't until my house is complete! However if it is when you are back for a WHO concert then we can meet up then as it would be sooner!. I plan on China next summer so perhaps swing down. I would love it! I will be in SD in May!


Sarah Beth said...

Sorry for carrying on about Rufus awhile back...
I do that sometimes!

Hey Sue, thanks for the comment. Not sure I remember who Rufus is....??

Anyway...eek, yeah I still feel kinda weird though that Pete teased me, because he was honestly a bit mean! :o( Hopefully he wasn't really serious when he said "i'm sick of her" lol. ouch!