Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pictures of Anjoli's School

These last two are the custodian's garden and house.

I started volunteering at Anjoli's school this week. I'm going to volunteer on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's really fun! The kids are so sweet. I have a shadow...she follows me everywhere (no, not Anjoli!).
I have to stay all day because it's impossible for most taxi drivers to find the place! It's a wee bit off the beaten track.
On Tuesday I graded papers all day, pretty much, aside from recess duty. It was FREEZING up there! I derive great pleasure from grading - I was born to be a teacher, I think...maybe it's a power trip (as I was telling Ballerinagurl), but I love the red pen, making corrections, giving encouraging comments, and best of all I get to give them ALL really cool stickers! Yeah, it's all good. I also helped the 6th grade teacher grade math homework, which was interesting. I enjoyed that too, and even surprised myself by asking if I needed to deduct points if fractions weren't reduced. Yeah - pure genius - that's me!!
The really good news is I'll be subbing for the first grade teacher at the end of the month - just one day. They definately need someone to be on call, so I told them I'd be happy to help whenever I am needed. It's good to feel useful, and all the teachers were elated to have help. They are all so kind and friendly - and of course it feels good to be around Americans!


Steve H said...

Hey Sue!

Thanks for visiting my blog . . sorry you couldn't get to hear the song (not sure why) but please try again - appears to be working fine now.

So are you living in Taiwan now? I do alot of work for a Taiwanese company - RITEK


greekzoe said...

Hi Sue!

The pictures are beautiful! I especially like the one with the trees.

Thanks for sharing!


P.S. Buns says thanks for the birthday wishes!

Tausha71979 said...

Hi Sue!

Wow so great to come and see all of the cool photos!! It was great to see you in the chat today, you seem really happy:) Also so great about you helping out at school, seems like that would be a fun thing to do!!!


lryicsgrl said...

You won!!!


Love the pics, thanks for your comment at my blog. I agree, "our Pete", has never seemed so happy!

again, me

BallerinaGurl said...

Hey Sue!!! OK FINALLY I have read over your WHOLE blog. ok and now I need to go back and comment. It has taken me an hour and thank goodnes I was watching an auction on eBay or I would not know what to say LOL!

AMAZING photos on every single blog you placed them on. I recall one with love voodoo and another of a very cool looking bridge. WOW how amazing for you guys to all have this experience! The apartment looks very nice indeed! I am so happy for you and looks like Anjoli is really enjoying herself as well!

I am so happy you popped into the chat the last two weeks. I WILL be there next week for sure! I am up late doing some International Trade with you neighbor's there in China, so if you are up drop me aline and I can pop into my chat room and catch up.

I am super sad to miss you next week when I am in LA! Oh well...the Who concert there for sure!!!

Big kisses and one for Anojoli as well!


Mike S said...

Gorgeous photos Sue! As far as being discreet about taking pics,
you might want to invest in a really nice camera cell phone,so
when you are snapping a photo
it looks like that you are checking
your messages or talking on it.
I have a cam phone but it's a cheap
one so I have to get up really close to the subject to get any
kind of decent shot.

I still haven't received my CD from Pete and Rachel :(

Hopefully it'll get here by Saturday.

JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...


These pictures are so VERY cool. Oh wow! I love coming over to this blog, it's so exciting. Always a new story, or a neat picture... Wow!

I love the photo of the trees over the road. It reminds me of driving through England as a kid, and the tree tunnels, and how I'd always wish the next one would be darker than the last. (With only the brief sparkles of light between the leaves.)

I've been SOOOOO busy as of late, but I still come by and read, even if I don't comment!

How is Anjoli enjoying everything? Is she picking up on the language fast? Dare I ask about the local food? How are you holding up besides being a sticker-giving, fraction-reducing wonder?



Tom Matchett said...


Thanks for posting on the blog.

So far its gone very well. No smoking as of yet. But this gum is really nasty tasting stuff...and I'm running out of it. The question will be whether I buy some more of it, or go back to the smokes.