Thursday, March 02, 2006

In the Attic Returns!!

Wow what a show! It was so good to see the old gang again! I pulled an all nighter and it was well worth it. I had to see it live and join the other crazed fans in Molly's chatroom. What a blast- it was great to have Rene and Bex there too. We got quite carried away at the end there!

I was a bad mom though - I woke my daughter (Anjoli) and Sujoy laughing (at 3:30 a.m.) - plus I had the volume too high. Anjoli had already got to bed very didn't make it to school today (she was complaining about earaches and a scratchy throat). This morning she was watching the ITA loop and right after she heard Rachel's beautiful cover of "Riverman" she ran to her room and started playing her Casio keyboard. She has been teaching herself Beethoven's "Fur Elise" and she played it perfectly - adding a few more notes this time (we just got it shipped to us yesterday from home). She hasn't played for about 3 weeks. Anyway, she loves to experiment with the sounds - and today she discovered a whole slew of them. She found a sound called "feedback" and just started playing this riff all along the keyboard. I know it's boring to hear - but she was just jamming - it was SO cool!! She hasn't had any lessons - and I don't want to stunt her creativity - so I'm going to hold off for a bit and just let her keep playing from her heart. Incredible.
So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Rachel, Pete, Mikey and Simon!!
Well worth the black circles under my eyes today.
Don't more hooky playing...but:


blue said...
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blue said...

Hi Susan!

I'm very sorry I didn't response to your comment in chat room this morning.
Are you staying in Taiwan?
(travel?)We woke up early, too. Racel made us DO it!haha.

Your lovely daughter must be "FUTURE" Rachel...
Hope you enjoy to stay Taiwan.

xoxo Tomoko

6:54 AM

lryicsgrl said...

We gotta get those t-shirts.
And, I will be wearing it while I purcahse one of those halter gowns from

We don't live far from the city. Would love to get together if we can work it out. Keep me posted!

Love the story about your daughter. Best if it comes naturally. I bought a piano for my older daughter's 10th birthday, they took lessons, on and off, for about 3 years. They just never loved it!
I keep telling them, "look, you never know, Nick Lachey might need a gifted pianist in his life someday..."

JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...


Awww... and I missed it! Aargh!

I had a rather urgent school emergency to deal with. A group member of mine chose to be a useless twat, and I too pulled an all-nighter. Sigh.

"She hasn't had any lessons - and I don't want to stunt her creativity - so I'm going to hold off for a bit and just let her keep playing from her heart."

While I agree with encouraging her creativity, make sure she learns some of the basics too. Some formal training would be helpful, and will actually expand her ability to be creative. There are many things she'll learn in lessons that will spark new ideas. Try to find a teacher that isn't so geared towards classical piano. (I recommend a good Jazz teacher! :)) Although, I'm sure it'll be difficult to find a teacher where you are, I really, REALLY must recommend getting her into lessons. You don't want her developing some bad habits that will become impossible to break! (Hand positions and such... playing "wrong" can actually lead to injury, if done excessively.)

Anyways, enough of me lecturing. Thankyou for visiting the JellyJar blog. I'm just putting it together so Amilee and I can share ideas back and forth more easily, without filling up email inboxes. :)

We're going to animate TBWHM. She's currently doing up a storyboard for the first few chapters. (She loves the first two chapters, which is typical, cause I didn't like them. We are opposites, which helps the creative process.)

Alright, I must quickly visit some others and then get back to work. I have a proposal to compose!


Tausha71979 said...

Hi Sue!!

It was so great to chat with you on Wednesday! So glad that you are all settled, will be checking in on a regular basis for my culture lesson:) Oh I'm sending along an email in a few moments for the myspace links, so you can spice it up!!!