Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Best Day of My Life

As many of you know, I am an elementary school substitute teacher. I have had the pleasure of subbing for my friend Chelice's second grade class 11 days this year. They are the sweetest, most loving kids I have ever taught. (Chelice was my daughter's 2nd grade teacher last year and we have become good friends since we moved back from Taiwan last summer).

Chelice recently gave the kids a benchmark test for writing, and the assignment was to describe the best day of your life. Here is what one little cutie wrote. (I changed his name in case his parents try to sue me!). I didn't correct his grammar or spelling.

The Best Day of My Life
By Sean, aged 8

My best day was on Tuesday Ms. Sue was our sub. We lernd about shapes. After that the class had free time. We had popcorn and punch. We did the congodanse. There was popcorn all over the plase. Then it was the end of school and we did not get any math. Then after that I went to Dash and playd doch ball and basket ball and my mom picked me up at Dash and we had pizza. At night sleped in my moms bed and her bed is warm and cozy. It was an adventure.

Ms. Sue DID pick up every piece of popcorn (with a little help from a few of the kids!). I let them throw the popcorn up in the air and catch it with their mouth! I guess we didn't get too much math done that day...hmmm.


Anonymous said...

Hi Swhozie

I tried leaving a comment here, and down there, and I keep getting stuck....so, I am trying again, because I love ya!

You are Mary Poppins of the substitue school teacher's world....(get it...Poppins = popcorn)

Ok, you should keep this "essay" forever, it is dear!

I am going anon..see if it gets on this way


Suesjoy said...

hee hee. u r so funny suze!!!

I don't think Sean will grow up with women issues! aw...I love him to pieces!!


Elizabeth said...

oh man i thought my blog entry was cute today. this takes the cake. i can almost feel sean's bliss.
and you must be so happy that he bonded with you.
elizabeth solaka

Elizabeth said...

hi thanks for your comment. my blog is http://www.elizabethsolaka.typepad.com

E.L. Wisty said...

Awwww, that is so sweet and wonderful :-)

Heads up, knowing you admire Rufus Wainwright: if you can get it locally, the UK music mag The Word (issue 51, May 2007) has a 5-page interview with/article about Rufus Wainwright as cover story.

ginab said...

blinkin' neato, joy mama!


Suesjoy said...

"Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child."
~ Ron Wild

Teabag Wisdom.

BallerinaGurl said...

awwwww how sweet!!!

Metalchick said...

Hi Sue,
It's nice when kids get a good substitute teacher. That was nice of you to give them popcorn and skip math, sometimes kids need a little break from school work and have a little fun.

BallerinaGurl said...

I was told our VEGAS pics Lo took are posted...here is the link:



ginab said...

gosh what a kiddo! great to have on board even temporarily. The child learned from you and in turn he also revealed his own learning style. he's about writing and not about adding things up. you can almost read his future from what he says about you!


We had popcorn and punch: an avid future movie-goer

There was popcorn all over the place: will always be sensitive to his surroundings

we had pizza: loves food and forever Italian!

...bed is warm and cozy. It was an adventure: need I say anything?


Anonymous said...

Well, the students do love you! I can only imagine that the teacher had a good laugh when she read Sean's paper! It is good to know that there are still teacher's out there that are not all about testing; that a few have not forgotten and understand that joy and happiness make for a perfect learning environment!
Thanks for giving my students joy! Ms. G (a.k.a. Chelice)

Grace said...

aawww!, you must be the best teach ever. How sweet was that?!!


JLee said...

That is so precious!

greekzoe said...

That is so adorable. I love to read littles kids stories. They are so sincere. The spelling is precious. I still have some of my son's old schoolwork. I can't part with it, it was so innocent.