Saturday, April 21, 2007

Girls Just Wanna Have FUN!!

As promised, here are Charlotte in Lo doing their little road trip induced number! Molly (BallerinaGurl), Lo, Charlotte and JLee drove from Salt Lake City to Vegas last Saturday, and shared this little dance that they came up with along the way!
I think right after they danced Charlotte won $24 on the try it for yourself next time you're in Vegas!!

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It was such a fun night - I don't think I've ever been with such a crazy (but sweet) group of women...and they are all very interesting to boot!
I didn't lose my shirt (yeah I know that disappoints some of you ha ha ha) only $25 on the slots. Had a FAB early dinner - an excellent buffet - ate TONS of sushi. Then we all walked it off and shopped (window shopping mostly for me) until we dropped. I was really impressed with the Venitian. They have an indoor canal and gondalas...there were even men singing opera! I loved how they made the market square area feel like a sunny day in Venice. The "sky" felt so REAL. It was tastefully tacky.

Here we are in our sumptuous room at the Four Seasons. This is the rated "G" version..I am too shy to post the more revealing pic of Suesjoy. ;)

JLee wasn't feeling up to going out unfortunately...that's why she is missing from the pic.
Molly posted this pic on her blog, but I wanted to put it up here too because it's such a great shot!

Here is a view from the hotel window.


il siciliano di francia said...

ciao un saluto solo per cortesia per il libro madame de bovary ciao coluccio

Suesjoy said...

For shame I do not speak Italian (I am half Italian - my grandfather was from Gaeta).
I love Madame Bovary...I think I will re-read it.
Grazie for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Suesjoy, great pics, hysterical video, that's going to catch on for sure, sounds like it was quite the blast!! Good on YOU!!

Grace said...

Hi Sue, great photos, great dance, and I think you all had too much fun there in Vegas!! I had a bit dancing at the Ricky Martin concert this week. whew, so hot.


Metalchick said...

Hi Sue,
Looks like you ladies had a great time! I love Las Vegas, it is a lot of fun! but you do have to wear comfortable shoes though. I hurt my feet last time cause I wore my doc martens, which were getting worn out.

I finally did my first sitting! I also had trouble with creating the rhythm. I also had to go back to the previous page. Unfortunately I think that messed up the sounds cause when I played my completed song, it didn't have the sounds I picked! Although the song still came out good anyways, I'll just consider it my happy tune. I'm going to try to get a microphone so I can record my own guitar sounds and make the song Rock Hard!

BallerinaGurl said...

love you Swho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anne-Marie said...

Great pics and video, Sue! It looks like you all had so much fun!

elena said...

Hi Sue,

Lovely pictures, you all look fantastic, haha.


Anonymous said...

You're all so cute!
Even though I HATE vegas (although once I won five bucks. . .whoot! Maybe I need a dance of my own?) It looks like you had a great time!


JLee said...

I can't believe you got the dance on video!! That is fantastic!!