Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring is Here!

California Poppies

Just a GORGEOUS day here in San Diego. Tons of flowers are now in bloom - I especially love the bright orange and red California poppies. I always drive slow in my community and just gaze at the flowers and GREEN everywhere. I savor every drop of color- much to the chagrin of those stuck behind me. I don't care...they should slow down and enjoy the beauty too. What's their hurry?

I keep telling myself...get on yer bike, bring your camera, show the peeps what a heavenly area you live in! I will - I promise. It's so cool because it's "semi-rural, or semi-semi rural" now - kind of "cowboy country suburbia". I live in a valley, surrounded by mountains in the distance. We have pretty barns and horse trails near still strikes me as odd seeing people on horseback talking on their cell phones though. That's just WRONG. A friend of mine who grew up here used to go on horseback to the McDonald's drive -thru!

I don't watch tv, except to watch dvds really...I read the news on-line only, but my heart is grieving for those killed at Virginia Tech. Beyond horrifying. I hope lessons were learned. Lots of angry friends, colleagues, family and relatives...I pray they can SOMEDAY forgive and heal, a very tall order. I think because of yesterday's horror, I appreciate the beauty and love in my life more today.

Thanks to all who wished me well in VEGAS. I had a blast and am still recovering!(From lack of sleep before, during and AFTER my trip, not from drinking! I only had ONE glass of wine at a casino!). I don't want to post pics yet - I think I should send them to Molly and let her have a go at them, but I do have a really fun video that I'll put up on YouTube and I'll definately post that.
Molly's gal pals are some CRAZYCOOL chix! So much fun and very, very sweet too.

Take care everyone.
Lots of love,


lryicsgrl said...

Hi sweets!

What pretty poppies! I know what you mean, as Simon and Garfunkel said, "slow down you move to fast, gotta make the morning do do do do....feeling groovey"

It is really important that we take time to smell the roses, the coffee, whatever. Appreciate today's sunshine....uh, wait, I haven't seen sunshine for days..ok, tomorrow's, clouds will be appreciated if there is no rain, and when the sun comes.....I'll be singing....."it's alright!!!"

Terrible tragedy in Virginia. Those poor kids, their parents, and friends. In every tragedy, we see the worst of the human race. But, the best is also there. An engineering professor barricaded his classroom door, with his body. This heroic action, actually saved some of his students, as they were able to escape thru a window. Sadly, he was shot dead.

Pray, yes...I will continue to do that!

I look forward to seeing the pics....let me know when they are up

BallerinaGurl said...

We are a bunch of crazies aren't we! Fun wherever we go, but Vegas just has it in the cards for fun no matter what!

Thanks for playing and hitting that nutty jackpot with me at all hours of the night! Wow I yawn just from thinking about it. Maybe caused a wrinkle or two with that thought too! LOL I am getting old. I LOVE the pics, but only post a few as I look a bit mental.......wait! I AM! lol


Grace said...

Glad Vegas was a good time Sue.


Ben R said...

Hey Sue!!

Soo..... did you get any pictures or videos of your Vegas making out session?!!! I think Delbut and I could be perfect quality controllers before they are shown to the world!

Take care!

Ben R

lryicsgrl said... after I posted this line from the Groovey song, I heard it, 20 minutes later on the piped in music at the funny is that?
Life I love you, all is groovey......badadada

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I saw them!! The poppies, along side the highway on the way to Moss Beach just down the coast from San Fransico. California's glorious state flower. I rejoiced.
Happy groovy spring to you.
Elizabeth Solaka

Suesjoy said...

WOW Suze- that's synchronicity for ya...oh wait...that's the Police! har har har.
Whenever that happens (with songs), I take that as a sign that God is with me, I am right where I am supposed to be..all is dee dah la dee dah.


Suesjoy said...

Ooh Elizabeth - were you just in San Fran?
I just got back from a jog on the beach in Coronado - you should SEE the gardens people keep there - oh just gorgeous. The colors are amazing.
I do love living here...I will miss it something fierce...that's why I am enjoying every second I have left being here.

Anne-Marie said...

Yay, you had a fabulous time in Vegas!

I love the picture- such a vibrant orange! I think spring is here as well. About time!

Thanks for the lovely things you said. I think teaching is its own reward.

Suesjoy said...


VallyP said...

Yay, everyone's got some spring now. Isn't it just too beautiful with all the blossoms. I love Spring more than any other season.
The tragedy in your country just serves to highlight how much we need to appreciate what we have.
Lovely picture Sue xx

E.L. Wisty said...

Oh what a wonderful wonderful sight! Those are the image of beauty, those poppies. You really do live in a heavenly area! You lucky soul :-)

Metalchick said...

I live 11 miles from the California Poppy Reserve, and there isn't a single poppy out there! What's funny is, the city of Lancaster is still having it's annual poppy festival Sat & Sun!

At least my flower bed in my front yard has one single poppy. It has to rain in the winter season to get a bunch of poppies, and sadly it was a dry winter. Better luck next year.