Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Here is a pic of my little container garden.(A few of the bloggers have seen this already). I am so proud of it! Yes, it's a miracle that Jesus rose from the dead, but the fact that my garden is still alive is pretty darn miraculous too!

My mom would be so proud...I am sure she is smiling down on it now...reminding me to water it regularly. She was a Master Gardener and worked at The Glebe House garden in Woodbury, Connecticut. This was the residence of the first Episcopal pastor in the United States. The Glebe House Garden was designed by a well known Victorian garden designer and artist named Gertrude Jekyll. Ms. Jekyll "had a profound influence on modern garden design and is widely considered the greatest gardener of the 20th century" (from the Glebe House website). My mom took meticulous care of the garden...growing hundreds of plants from seed. Mom even had an appearance in a British documentary on Gertrude Jekyll (along with Prince Charles!). Gertrude Jekyll's brother was a friend of Robert Louis Stevenson, who borrowed the family name for his famous novella.

Anjoli and I had fun decorating Easter Eggs tonight...

I hope all of you have a lovely Easter...Happy Spring!!
Lots of love,


Anonymous said...

The Easter Eggs look lovely. I had no idea that your mom was a Master Gardner! Too Cool! Your flowers are beautiful; I'm sure your mom is enjoying them as much as you! Chelice

Suesjoy said...

Aw thanks Chelice!
See you tomorrow.
Back to skool!

Anonymous said...

Hi Swho,
Your garden is so pretty. A nice tranquil spot for your mind and body to rest, I hope. I have spent a huge part of last week working in my yard, trying to get things tamed in before it gets to hot to do it without being fussy. It was very nice to spend so much time outdoors. When I read your blog about your mom and gardening, it reminded me that you may not know that Chucky is now a master gardener too. He earned it at URI about a year ago. Also, when you wrote that your mom is surely smiling down from heaven I was reminded of something I read recently: "Perhaps they are not really stars in the sky. Perhaps they are openings in the heavens where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy." Yes!
Suzie had another sleep tip for me that I will pass along - she said I shouldn't take my multivitamin close to bedtime, because they can hop you up (maybe the B vitamins?) I don't know if there's any truth behind it, but decided it couldn't hurt to try taking it earlier. Are you sleeping any better?

Bex said...

Long time no visit here - sorry x

Firstly well done on the garden! My Mum too was an avid gardener and I really have not inherited any of it! She used to put cuttings in the post that I would instantly kill ...... the only thing that grows in my garden is weeds!

And I am LOVING that you decorated eggs! I SO should have done that with my nephew - but I think it is more an American tradition as I have seen LOADS of blogs with pics in the USA but not many here - I will put it in my diary for next year!

I hope you have had a lovely Easter and are all wellx Sending cyber hugs for you x
Love Bex

James Casey said...

Gorgeous colours! Some violas there?

Anne-Marie said...

Looks like you inherited the green thumb. I hope you had a Happy Easter!

Cathy with a C said...

Very nice - I've been thinking about doing some container gardening as well. That's my plan this spring and summer is to work on my gardens and yard. Cut the grass Saturday in the snow squall! Not the weather I expected the Sat before Easter!

Cathy xox

Gina said...

Oh so beautiful, you, the flowers, Anjoli. Happy Easter!

Ahvarahn said...

hope you had a great easter. we had the reamins of a blanket of snow here. i remember when i was young we dyed eggs too, only we used these yellow flowers to colour the eggs (dont remember the name of the flower). nowhere near as vibrant as yours. take care.


JLee said...

Looking forward to meeting you this weekend, Sue!

lryicsgrl said...

Hi...I'm baaaaack!

What a beautiful garden, and I think, a living tribute to your mom...Do you have a copy of that documentary? If not, I bet you could send away for it!!!

Hope your weekend was fabby....tell me all about it!


lryicsgrl said... are going this coming weekend...DUH!!!!!!

Hope your Easter was "uplifting"....get it...wink, wink......xo

Grace said...

Hi Sue, Happy Easter and Spring to you. Your garden is lovely.

Thanks for coming by, and your sweet comments, I hope things get better, I forget to pamper myself - good idea, maybe I should do that.

thanks Sue, xx grace

oh, I did'nt take those pics, they were taken by National Brittany Rescue, a puppy mill discovered in Kentucky.

Dan L. said...

A late happy Easter...I thought I was wishing that to you on Sunday....must have missed it...

--Dan L.

Elizabeth said...

happy easter to you and to anjoli too!
elizabeth solaka

Suesjoy said...

Thanks guys and gals! You are too kind.

James: Well, I didn't plant any mini- violins....I wonder if I watered and fertilized them- would they grow to become normal sized violins?

ok that was weird.

I think they are pansies.
I love pansies...especially one special pansy named Rufus!


lryicsgrl said...

You crackin me up........

As a child,I loved Easter. We got to decorate eggs in school, and then again at my friend's house..I don't think my kids EVER got to decorate eggs in school....not PC I guess. That is too bad! My favorite memory from Easter, was the giant chocolate Easter Bunny in my Dad had a major sweet tooth, and was a "sucker" for these bunnies....I was just an excuse..oh, and PEEPS...he loved PEEPS. It seems my Taylor inherited his love of these sugarery marshmellow treats...YUMMM

You know me, always offering up advice...good luck get a copy of that documentary...I'll cross my fingers!!!


greekzoe said...

Happy belated Easter Sue! Your garden looks so colorful! I am not good in the gardening department. I always kill my plants. The only goodluck I ever had was with a grape tomato plant tht grew near my trash cans. They grew beautifully.I did not plant that seed either. I think it just fell there. That is probablly why it grew so good.:)

Have a wonderful spring!


BlackVelvetLace said...

Wow Sue, what a great garden. I can't grow nuthin, I kill everything. Just ask my hub. :P


BlackVelvetLace said...

Peeps rule!


Amanda and SuperAmanda said...

Now THAT is the spirit of Easter. i always wanted the carpet of flowers from the walter Drake cattalog! tahts waht your container garden reminds me of :)
xoxo Amanda

Suesjoy said...

Ta Amanda, Lace and Zoe!

Amanda I never heard of the Drake catalogue. Is it British??
My mom also worked for The White Flower Farm - where Martha Stewart was a regular customer!
I am just name dropping all over da place!

I look kinda tipsy in this pic...I had a few glasses of Champagne at a party earlier that evening. yum.

ginab said...

Lovely story about your mom! I like how small the world becomes. Your mom/Prince Charles. The Jekyll to Stevenson. Holy-moly, and the garden looks great!

I am amazed the eggs did not end up in a colorful spray given your fun pie throws!

happiness to you and yours,


E.L. Wisty said...

It's too late to wish happy Easter so I am wishing happy continuation of Spring instead! I love the colours in your garden! I can relate to your pride of keeping the garden alive and blossoming because I am hopeless in such things.