Thursday, March 29, 2007

Show us yer fridge!!!

Well, I am really in awe of Bex's craftiness. This is as crafty as I get! It's like a scrapbook on my fridge! (NOT!).

I think this is what many American's refrigerators look like. (Maybe not??). You can see a few of my favorite people, bands, artists, etc. Yes it's plastered mostly with kids(are you impressed Mary?). The sweetie with the red bow is BallerinaGurl's daughter, Lexi. I love Betty Boop and Hello Kitty. Is that sick or what? :)

So, my dearest bloggers...your mission...should you choose to accept it is to POST A PIC OF YOUR FRIDGE.

I wish LAURA was a Blogger- she has the best fridge in the USofA!
I will post it if she sends me a pic (hint hint).

I love the cartoon- the boy is saying to his dad (they are walking through a forest): "Wow what is this place? It smells like Home Depot!"

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Bex said...

I Love it

I will play tomorrow - BUT I will tell you know that all my fridge has on it is a handmade magnet clip with a piece of paper with my own mobile number on it!!!! Yeah I know I should learn it!

LOVE your fridge - it is very cool and lively!
Will pass the tag on xxx
Love Bex

Suesjoy said...

Aw glad you like it Bex!

I think if we opened your fridge we'd probably find a very chilled-out Delbut!


2:58 PM

lryicsgrl said...

Hi fridge, in our first two homes, was almost identical to yours....littered with pictures of my friends, their children and our dog....but, since we moved to our current home..our fridge is "paneled" with the same cabinetry as our, erm cabinets (makes sense, doesn't it?..) I did have a collage going on the side, however, but took it down about a year ago....I am getting more anal in my life.....but, I have lots of pictures round the house, can I enter those????

Thanks for considering my revision of your rules!

Love and hugs from a Mom who missed seeing Foy Vance perform tonight, because her daughter had a big test tomorrow that she thought was for friday, so she wasn't prepared, and felt so bad, and tried pushing me out the door, but I assured her that SHE is the most important person (not to exclude her big sister of course) and Mommy will be a grown up and stay home, and help her study......


lryicsgrl said...

Oh and your fridge shows your open spirit and loving disposition....I think our fridges ( a word?) say a lot about us........

Grace said...

Hi Sue, I don't have anything on my fridge. is that sad? But i like yours. I see the Haight Ashbury SF magnet on the left.


Anonymous said...

Well I am tickled pink to see my kiddos on your fridge not once, but twice. But could you please rearrange the magnets so that the Got Junk isn't the caption over their heads?


Delbut said...

Is there a fridge behind all that crap? Ok, i'll play but i may take a picture of my arse in a fridge.

BTW. Old Rufus looks in his Lederhosen. Well slap my arse and call me Frans.

Delbut said...

BTW. If you want Bex's mobile number it's for sale on Ebay. I put it there. 0800 69 69 69 lurv. It's a free number so get a calling.

Suesjoy said...

Del- I just called and I keep getting a busy signal (do you say that or do you say "engaged?").
uh oh.

Any pics of you are most welcome!

And as for RU well...when in ROME...but, aw man he just looks so CUUUUUUUUUUTE!
a bit like Pinochio I think!
I'll give him a kiss for you when I see him next month.

Mary- I did move that crappy GOT JUNK magnet.
You know, I called them to remove an old grill...they wanted to charge me $100 to remove it! I think that's what I paid for it.
Crazy. You have to fill their little truck...then it's worthwhile.
Ok why am I carrying on like this? :)

Sue the Who- I let you know on your blog that of course you can post any pics you want!
Aw thanks for your compliment.
I think my refrigerator says I am schizophrenic!
(I must be schizophrenic if my refrigerator is talking to me!)
Nah...unorganized maybe? NOT anal enough?? (At all!!!).

Grace- no that's not sad! That's normal I think. I am the saddo...

E.L. Wisty said...

I rather like this! Esp. of the details the Dylan postcard and the Betty Boop (sp?) magnet!

My fridge is rather bare but let me see if I can get around to taking a photo of it :-)


Grace said...

Hi Sue, June, let me know. Would be great.

woof nanny said...

Oh how fun. If I had my own frig, it would be loaded with weird magnets, tons of recipes held up with magnetic clips, and probably some photos. But alas, I am a dog sitter, so I use other people's frigs(sp?). I had a roommate once that had to have everthing 'clean'. Nothing on the countertops, nothing on the fridge, no 'extraneous' anything. It was completely sterile. No personality. I moved out right away.

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
My fridge looks very much like yours. I can't follow your tag because I lost my digital camera battery charger somewhere in Florida in December and haven't had the time to replace it and make my camera functional again.

Suesjoy said...

Aha- just as I suspected - it's really a (north) American thang!

Thanks for stopping by Maria, Barb and Anne-Marie!


lryicsgrl said...

Have fun.....Viva Rock Vegas!

ginab said...

Just saw that you are moving in July. I guess last summer was the introduction. Perhaps you knew?

I hope so. Never lose the connect here as we would miss the joy coming from you Sue.

I think youre scrap book is groovy by the way. The 'fridge effect' is all that and more on immediate impact. I imagine half of everything flying off once the freezer door is slammed, making the scrap book effect more 'virtual' in nature. I do like the who shot. old, though, OMG!


Lannio said...

Cool - I think I'm up to it once my digicam batteries are recharged. Here's a hint ... Canada's latest food guide along with some ladybug fridge magnets.

Certainly not as crowded as yours! Come on over and take a look in a couple of days.

greekzoe said...

And I thought my fridge had a lot of pics, etc.! Nice looking fridge. It's good to see someone else's home art gallery.


Amanda and SuperAmanda said...

Bex is amazing, it's inspiring how artistic both she and rachel are, they are both so percise!
my fridge has a lot of Entwistle and cute pics from the past.

Hope you are well!!

Love Amanda

Bonfire Jones said...

Very funky & crafty indeed Sue!

Hope all is well, Ed

Lucy said...

Just wanderin' thru your colorful blog...

What a neat idea this is, to share fridge shots!

Unfortunately I don't have one handy. But mine looks much like yours did here (sans the PT ticket)... :-(

Cute pics!