Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another tag!

This is one of my favorite knick knacks. Like Rachel, I actually think skulls are kinda cool. I absolutely LOVE this kind of Mexican folk art. I won't say who this famous artistic couple is...maybe you can figure it out. So, if you are inspired by this random photo, please spill your literary guts all over my blog.

I have mucho to talk about...Sue is a fountain of JOY today...for his royal gorgeousness is coming to SAN DIEGO (Solana Beach actually) on APRIL 28th and another sweetie, Teddy Thompson (son of folk singer extraordinaire Richard Thompson) is opening!!! Yes it's true, dear Ru is coming to town! Bonus is it's a very small club (the Belly Up). I saw both of them there about 4 years ago (hard to believe! maybe it was 3) anyway...the divine Martha Wainwright (Ru's sis) sang backup for Rufus. I wish she was performing too but oh well. I miss you Martha!!
So my plan is to get a picture of him signing a picture of US (where he was signing my poster) that was published in the Monthly Music Observer in the UK.
Am I a sick chick or what????

HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Grace said...

Have a JOYous day Sue!!

ss grace

Grace said...

...oops - that would be 'xx'

Suesjoy said...


Oh and I bought you a ticket Laura, so plan on making a trip down here in April luvvie.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :0


Grace said...

You're very sweet Sue, sometimes I have to remind myself of the beauty of nature around me. Life gets you caught up in the ugly sometimes.


Grace said...

.........yes - he is divine, eh?!!

Anonymous said...

I was not aware Fria was dating Kermit the frog. . .

WHOOT! This is going to be SO FREAKING FUN! I want you to know you've ruined me for essay writing tonight.

I love your plot to have Rufus sign a picture of himself signing your poster. . .maybe you should take a picture of this and have him sign it next time? The man will NEVER forget you. Ohh wheels in wheels.


Elizabeth said...

Um, the obvious is Diego and Frida, but I may be wrong because that's too easy. I'll keep thinking on it.
Feeling your Joy, Sister.
Right back atcha.
Elizabeth Solaka

Suesjoy said...

L- hee hee. OK! I think he knows mw by now...but good idea! He'll never forget me fer sure!

Elizabeth- oh you are right. I think Diego is green because he ate a person that went "bad." (he was a cannibal in Paris- rumour has it...).

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,

Nice to see you radiating with joy. Life is meant to be enjoyed, absolutely.

The last fairy photo was gorgeous!

BallerinaGurl said...

Hey lady! Laughing at the Mexican Folk Art. My Aunt used to run the Uah Arts Council many years ago and she was really into folk art for a few years. .....ok we are talking a LONG time ago. I think she ran it for 9-10 years or something. So I used to get Folk Doll Books and some of these mexican figurines. After she left the art council my gifts (birthday/christmas etc) turned into more of what she was into, like Russina jewelry and books or Stuff from Peru and Egypt, and I think I still have a cool mask from Africa. So I guess I am saying that I actually appreciate those little friends and I like the pictures in their living room LOL. Rambling cause I am still under the weather and need more human contact lol.

So enjoy Rufus! I know you are his #1 fan. He's kinda cute (wink)


PS. I think it is the 7th of April Charlotte and I come down and then with our other friends we decided only to hit Vegas, but you are most welcome! That will be the weekend of April 14th...Birthday Party, cha ching!

SuperAmanda said...

Beautiful photos as always Sue. I loved how in Bradbury's "Halloween Tree" they visited the Day of The Dead. it's a bit too scary for me I'm a fraid but I like reading about it!

Hope all is happy :)

ginab said...

Just a note: Frieda folkart?

A lovely couple. I like Diego green! Somehow it's symbolic. I loved the film with Selma Hyack (did you see it?). Really, AMAZING.

Glad you are able to see your RU and Thompson. I'm not familiar with Thompson, but RU....yes. I am. And to think, it comes as no suprise you were featured with him in the UK press! yeah!

happy HAPPY joy JOY Suejoy!


lryicsgrl said...

ok...I knew it was Frida and Diego...but, it's all been said..

i came here to tell you, that i had a RUFAS dream..how funny is that??? he was performing somewhere, his hair was in a mean mullet....and of course, you were there, on stage with him and he was seranading you...yes, his hair was a nightmare but his song was a dream!!!

i'm back on my mac...yeeeeeehaaaaaa!


Ben R said...

Hey Sue!!!

Wow!! Rachel and Mikey have really let themsleves go in that photo. Mikey's fav. colour is no longer purple, and is now clearly green!!


Ps - the Attic's lost its roof.
Retitle - In the 3-sided-no-roofed-room-tic!!