Thursday, March 01, 2007

New Tag!

Apologies to Woof Nanny...who tagged me eons ago.

Top Five Weird Things About Sue

Ok I edited this because it was a bit embarrassing! Sorry James and Sue...

0. I just remembered this one...I can't really blow dry my hair without being mistaken for Link on the Mod this is how Sue (often) dries her hair before work.
a. Get in car.
b. Turn on ignition
c. crank the heat
d. lower front windows all the way
e. pull out of garage
f. stick head out window
g. travel 80 mph down the freeway because I am late
h. Stick out tongue
i. kidding! but all the rest is true.

1. I have obsessive compulsive disorder...but only when I cook (ok that point is an arguable one to those who really know and love me). When I cook, I can't STAND seeing even one morsel of food on the empty cans, dirty dishes, vegetable peels etc. I must have clear surfaces or else! I don't wash my hands compulsively or anything like that! It pretty much is contained with's weird because I am not a neat freak and can't stand cleaning my house.

2. I have had many crushes on gay men. Oh that's a big secret!!

3. I am absent-minded beyond belief...the other day I laundered my cell phone (I picked up the strange habit of keeping it in my bathrobe pocket). You may have read how I accidently tried to take a shower in a complete stranger's house...(See "Get a Clue, Sue!").

4. Mister Rogers (R.I.P) is one of my heroes! "I like the way you are, I wouldn't want to change you, or even re-arrange you....I L-I-K-E like you!" I used to cry as a kid when he went off the air for the summer.

5. I had a very cool out -of- body experience while meditating when I was around 26 or so. It started off as something very primordial (with bubbles and sand) then I saw what looked like pennies flashing before my eyes (yeah that's weird) then I felt my soul well, the only way to describe it is that I felt like a comet - reaching up into space (it was very dark wherever I went).

Ok now I need to tag 3 people....hmmm...
How about: Lucy/Pictures of Lily, James Casey, and MetalChick?

Feel free to comment on your weirdness if I didn't tag you!!!!!!!

Love ya'll.


James Casey said...

Oh. Damn.


May do it on MySpace, may do it here, may do it on my Ether City blog. I'll let you know.

James Casey said...

Well, I've decided to do it here, in keeping with my Minimise Online Presence directive. Sorry.

Anyway, the interesting people will read it here:

Five Weird Things About Me

1. I can waggle my ears. Independently of each other. And my eyebrows. I noticed I could move my ears together with my hairline when I was a kid, and practised in front of a mirror on numerous occasions until firstly I could move the ears without the hairline moving, and then move each ear separately. So far this skill has proven infallible for amusing small children (amusing small children is always worth it, because they are invariably the most beautiful grinners on the planet, let alone the most honest).

2. I can dislocate my right thumb at will. Used to be both thumbs, but a friend of my sister effectively broke the left one when I was a child. I try every now and then to get the movement back in it, but to no avail so far; it's almost certainly fused. Whenever I bend the right too far (and, in the past, the left, though neither has happened in well over a decade), it is intensely painful.

3. I have waking nightmares. Which means I can dream while my eyes are open. This is without the intake of hallucinogenic drugs, and can be rather frightening, because no matter how much you try to rationalise it and tell yourself it's not real, you know your eyes are open. Last time it was a vampiric skeleton bursting out of my bed and attacking me. Charming. I've always had a strong imagination and powerful dreams; often involving pitched gun battles or flying. I have dreamed comedy sketches and songs, both of which I've put to good use.

4. I talk to myself. Out loud. Sometimes I refer to myself as 'I', sometimes 'you', other times, 'we'. Mmm. Not healthy.

5. My first word was in French: 'pendule', French for 'clock.

Tag: Nelson Mandela, Ringo Starr and Johnny Depp.

lryicsgrl said...

You gotta love James...even if he ISN'T gay!

I share some of your weirdnesses.

1. Sue, you and I would be perfect cooking mates; I cannot stand a dirty work space. I, do wash my hands several times a minute...but, I don't see that as weird, as I have two dogs constantly around me in the kitchen, and well, let's just say, I don't believe in cross contamination!!

2. James...I dream while awake.....but just before I am actually out of my bed...the alarm clock goes off, I even shut it off, but I continue to is a weird feeling. I have also been visited by dead celebrities in my sleep...I am NOT kidding. One of note was William, at first, I couldn't figure out the significance of the encounter. I was a young college co-ed, and well, I was indulging way too much...I found out later in life, that Holden was indeed and alcholic in, I think he came to slow me down. Which, happily I did. For a while, anyway.

OK, not my blog, so I won't abuse your's, Sue.

I hope others will join in on the is so much more interesting than the book thingy! I guess it would have been funny if the "dirty" parts of the books we read happen to be on page 123...5th sentence....



(word vert: uslape)

Suesjoy said...

Thank you my dear. You rose to the quickly too!
Jack Black would be impressed with your ear wiggling!
Kids ARE the biggest grinners and are always honest...that's why I love 'em.

You and Pete BOTH suffer from those waking nightmares. Wow - that's really scary. Sorry to hear about that. Good that you can channel your good dreams into your work.
No - you are wrong - it's a sign that you are healthy if you talk to yourself! I read that somewhere...

Aw you can abuse my blog - go ahead. I want to revel in weirdness.
Cool story about William Holden - a bit random though! He wouldn't be my dream actor but looks like he had a mission!


Chris Capp said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting me. I share your need to clean-as-I-go when cooking. For me, there is nothing worse than a pile of dishes, utensils and pots waiting for me after a good meal. In fact, two weeks ago I scoured the entire kitchen in preparation for guests and have become a bit OCD about keeping it clean now, since that's much easier than a two-hour, back-breaking cleaning session!

We'll miss you at Attic Jam tonight. I somehow feel that the room will be a tiny bit less joyful without your presence.

- C.

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
I can certainly add you to the readers list- just send me your google new boggler email address and I'll send you an invite. Check out my profile for the address to use for me.

And yeah, so far the book is good- I love the whole sub-genre, and this one is a great ride.

woof nanny said...

Hi Sue. I am just catching up on blog reading--I'm so behind! Interesting stuff! I've been thinking of you. Let's catch up. I'm working early hours--off by noon every day.