Tuesday, March 27, 2007

BBC Radio 2 I love you!

Oh man...I just listened to the EXCLUSIVE World Premiere of Rufus Wainwright's song "Going to a Town" which is from his soon to be released cd entitled Release the Stars. Being the emo gurl I am, it made me cry. He has hit the way I feel about my beloved country on the head.

My husband and I are disenchanted with well, so much here. We will be moving to Taiwan in July. My husband is giddy about it, I am so-so. I love my friends, my job, the beautiful kids I teach - I have become quite attached to them. I have a pretty cushy life here- life will be very tricky for me in Taiwan. It's very crowded, we won't have a yard, oh and there is that huge language barrier to deal with. I will have no choice but to learn Mandarin - it's SOOO hard. But life should be an adventure...so I will roll with it and count my blessings. Great thing is I will be able to teach at the Taipei American School - they are desperate for substitute teachers. Another plus is that I am going to get my teaching credential in Special Needs (on-line) so I will have lots of time for that. (As long as I don't wander over here and/or MySpace during lectures! har har har).

So...back to the song. Oh please don't hate me Dan L! I know I get carried away about Bush and the war...but I will never back down. It sickens me. As the Dixie Chicks say, "I'm not ready to make nice."

Rufus wrote this song after playing in New Orleans shortly after Katrina. (Lovely how Bush abandoned those poor souls).

Going To A Town

I’m going to a town that has already been burnt down,
I’m going to a place that has already been disgraced,
I’m gonna see some folks who have already been let down,
I’m so tired of America

I’m gonna make it up for all of the Sunday times,
I’m gonna make it up for all of the nursery rhymes,
They never really seem to want to tell the truth,
I’m so tired of you, America

Making my own way home, ain’t gonna be alone,
I’ve got a life to lead, America
I’ve got a life to lead

Tell me, do you really think you go to hell for having love, [Rufus is openly gay]
Tell me, enough of thinking everything that you’ve done is good,
I really need to know, after soaking the body of Jesus Christ in blood,
I’m so tired of America

I really need to know,
I may just never see you again, or might as well,
You took advantage of a world that loved you well,
I’m going to a town that has already been burnt down,
I’m so tired of you, America

Making my own way home, ain’t gonna be alone,
I’ve got a life to lead, America
I’ve got a life to lead,
I got a soul to feed,
I got a dream to heed,

And that’s all I need,
Making my own way home, ain’t gonna be alone,
I’m going to a town,
That has already been burnt down

I believe Rufus moved to Berlin. I will ask him when I see him next month!
Ok maybe not...


Cathy with a C said...

Lovely post, Sue. I am embarassed at our behavior as well; but I still have hope that things will get better. I see small signs that I grasp on to to make me believe that things will get better.

Even when you move to Taiwan, you will still be part of the grid!

Cathy xox

Suesjoy said...

Thank you Cathy!
Yes the Grid saved me the first time we moved there (we lived in Taipei for 6 months last year).

I know I must be hopeful. I think things will start looking up the day Bush leaves the White House.

Take care,

Anne-Marie said...

I love how you view change as the possibility for adventure. I'm sure you'll do very well as a substitute over in Taiwan.

I hope all Americans who feel like you do start getting up and voting, etc... It's the only way to have change.

Anonymous said...

Rufus should have moved to Paris.
I could use a friendly face when I finally run there screaming. . .


Grace said...

ah Sue, don't be ashamed to be an american. Be proud to be an american, just not happy with our leader at present. It is a shame of how he is conducting himself and presenting our country. But this is still the best country in the world, it just needs to get back to that. I agree there are so many things to be disenchanted about, I feel you. I do not know what else to say. Be proud and do what we can to support change for the better. We don't have to make nice or back down, that is what makes us Americans strong. (sorry, I am a vet of the armed forces and I have to stand by my country)
I am bummed you are moving in July, that means any time soon you will not be heading north. Maybe someday.

Life is an adventure and you sure are living it take care xxx grace

Grace said...

I want to say that I mean NO disrespect to any other country.

Suesjoy said...

Ok I apologize...I am not ashamed to be American! I deleted that line.
I had an English prof tell me that she could see my writing published,but that I need to restrain myself.

Plus I am guilty of being an Armchair Liberal I think.
Oh they really disgust me.

lryicsgrl said...

I didn't want to comment here....been thinking for days about this....I didn't want to shoot from the hip, you know? Cause I love ya!

I am thankful that I do live in a country where we are free to express our opinions....I am also grateful that this administration will be gone soon...not all is perfect, we are still evolving....I still wouldn't want to live anywhere else...not even Canada..too cold, and the health care system isn't always so kind......nothing is perfect. But, never be ashamed to speak your mind, to effect change....your voice is valid

But, why Berlin? I want to ask Ruffy. Is it because it is a city with such a wonderful past? (EXTREME SARCASIM HERE!) If he can forgive Berlin, he can forgive his country......I say, be proactive, let's start investigating the insurance companies, make them accountable....they are the first in line for not coming thru......ALLSTATE was the worst.....ok, I will stop now!


Suesjoy said...

Rufus lives in Berlin because he FINALLY found true love...his partner works for the Berlin Opera (I think!). Rufus is a diehard opera fan.
His boyfriend is actually very dark...he looks Middle Eastern or something...really!
Ru is more Canadian than American...he moved to Montreal at age 3, then moved back to NYC when he was around 20.
Did you know he is related to um Stuyvesant or something- whoever the Dutch guy was who founded NYC!
I know Berlin has an ugly past...but aren't all those evil dudes dead now???

Thank you for your support! Can I call on you to campaign for ME when I run for Congress?
Sue working on Capitol Hill. They'd chew me to smithereens then dump me in the Potomac to feed the fishies!

Love ya!
Mean it!!

Suesjoy said...

Thank you Anne-Marie (didn't mean to forget ya).
Well I am trying hard to psych myself up everyday...it's a bit scary so I am trying to JUST BREATHE and not get too worked up about the future. Kind of a waste of time/energy.
Thanks for YOUR support too!

E.L. Wisty said...

I like your attitude to life: take it as an adventure and welcome the things that come!

I need to catch this song somewhere, fantastic lyrics.

My vire on the American government is obvious...

lryicsgrl said...

OK...now susie, all the bad dudes are not dead, you silly! But, I get your drift. Did you get mine?
To forgive is devine......xo