Monday, March 05, 2007

Picture Tag?

Ok nobody really enjoys tags...but if you so desire, and you are one of the many talented bloggers who enjoys writing... perhaps maybe you could come up with a paragraph/essay/novella inspired by a photo.

We could start with this one that I took...I won't say where it was taken.


James Casey said...

Oh, wow - that looks like something from a fairy-tale!

Delbut said...

Fairy Tale, Indeed.

It rose up from the bank at the side of the steps that led up to Del's hidey-hole. Almost reaching the sky. Phallic. It's roots, the very things that kept the bank from toppling down the steps, like fingers clasped around a maiden's breast.
"How the fuck am i going to climb that, then?" He mumbled to himself.
"You're not" A voice from nowhere.
"You even think of sticking nails in me to climb up and i'm going to kick you in the nuts." No-one.
"This can't be a talking tree." Delbut said as he scratched his arse. "That would just be...too weird."

"Oh, and you tapping on a bit of plastic and sending the words down a telephone line to someone on the other side of the world isn't?
Not only can i talk, but i have a degree in Astronomy from Cardiff University, too." The tree straightened with pride and now looked even taller.

" So what?" Said Delbut. " They'll give anyone who turns up a degree in anything."

" I know they are not the best university in the world, but it was the only one with high enough ceilings." The tree, a little miffed at the slur, insisted indignantly.

" Now fuck off you twat." The tree said angrily.

"Yeah? Well i'm going anyway. Time for tea.And when i come back, i'm bringind a buzz-saw with me." Delbut said over his shoulder while he skipped back down the steps.

" Oh, WHATEVER, dude." Said the tree as he stuck out one of his roots and tripped up the retreating Delbut, who fell arse over elbow and slammed -face first -into the ground knocking 3 teeth out.

"Cunt!" The tree, sneered.
"Ow." moaned Delbut.

The End.

Delbut said...

Please rmove all errant ' I noted one in it's -should of wrote its.

I do know the difference, honest!

elena said...

Wow, Sue, it's beautiful...It looks like a shot from the "Lord of the rings"...

Grace said...

Wow, that is a fantastic pictures. A fairy tale forest. Expect to see nymphs or gnomes milling about.....

Dan L. said...

Ahah! Great photo! WOWza!

I will think awhile before I give an idea for you...

Really great!

--Dan L.

Elizabeth said...

That's not like anything I've ever seen. What a gorgeous photograph.
Elizabeth Solaka

Elizabeth said...

I'm looking for an image to respond to your image, because I'm horrible with words.
I do love this game. . .

Something tells me that you too grew up with this song? Just thought I'd send it along to you today. . . .
Elizabeth Solaka

There's a land that I see where the children are free
And I say it ain't far to this land from where we are
Take my hand, come with me, where the children are free
Come with me, take my hand, and we'll live

In a land where the river runs free
In a land through the green country
In a land to a shining sea
And you and me are free to be you and me

I see a land bright and clear, and the time's comin' near
When we'll live in this land, you and me, hand in hand
Take my hand, come along, lend your voice to my song
Come along, take my hand, sing a song

For a land where the river runs free
For a land through the green country
For a land to a shining sea
For a land where the horses run free
And you and me are free to be you and me

Every boy in this land grows to be his own man
In this land, every girl grows to be her own woman
Take my hand, come with me where the children are free
Come with me, take my hand, and we'll run

To a land where the river runs free
To a land through the green country
To a land to a shining sea
To a land where the horses run free
To a land where the children are free
And you and me are free to be
And you and me are free to be
And you and me are free to be you and me

Suesjoy said...

Hello all-
Glad you enjoyed the photo.
I will try to find more...Elizabeth may have some good ones to share maybe??
Yes Marlo Thomas....I know that song well Elizabeth! Good one.
Thank you.

Del! My dear...what a mind! Love it. Ta sweetie.
I came up with another "chapter" to follow your story. It needs a bit of work but you will enjoy it (I think!).

Can't wait to see what Dan L. comes up with!


Anne-Marie said...

Sue, that is a gorgeous photo- can such a place really exist?

ginab said...

Holy landscape! It's a photograph too! "I wonder as I wander...."

Erm. I wish i could see the image WHILE I post.

From memory: green upon the steps unequals me / enmeshed tree roots becomes glory green / and small becomes everything / that witnesses grace and mourns / all in passing.

Poems, I guess? To images, makes sense (to me).

Thanks for the great idea!!!

Dan L. said...


I must say, that is a really cool, cool photo. My kids (daughters)play the video game TOMB RAIDER, and it looks like many of the really neat screen shots in those video games.

I, have a real world perspective on such things, however...

I was traveling north to San Francisco in 1967 (The famous "Summer of Love"), and was treated by my Dad (our whole family of six kids were there, my Dad without my deceased Mother) to a wonderful trip to see redwood trees at Muir Woods (google that, if you need). Those trees, the coast redwoods, are very, very tall, and also quite old (though the mountain redwoods are bulkier and often older).

Much more recently, I was able to visit the amazing Big Basin Redwoods (also near San Francisco), with all of my own family. How utterly incredible that was! We stayed at the state park in rented cabins with no electricity by design, but favorable conditons and beautiful weather, otherwise.

My whole story revolves around this:

Your photo captures the essence of wherever it is. Most compelling to visit! I trust it is not altered, or computer generated in any way, because it thoroughly reminds me of mant great and marvelous places I have in my memory...

...but then, there is so much more! The trees in your photo speak of maybe a jungle-ish place...or rain forest. I just love it.

My own wife, Cruz, absolutely LOVES pictures like that. She is drawn into Hobbits, and all of that sort of thing. She always says how much she enjoys trees wit "character".

I do not enjoy a tropical environment, so if that is the locale, I likely am staying home. You have a neat post on your blog with that one.

Thank you.

Please humbly excuse my sorry typos,

--Dan L.

Elizabeth said...

Will you ever say where it was taken? Either California or Taipei, knowing you.
It certainly doesn't look like Boston or anything remotely related to things Atlantic. Definitely Pacific.
It doesn't really look like the Redwood Forest, but it could be! Those steps don't look familiar. Please, do tell!
Elizabeth Solaka

Suesjoy said...

Thank you Elena, Grace and Dan!
I will say where it was taken, but I want to post my little follow up to Del's fairy tale!
I am so slow I know.
I promise to reveal where it was taken and NO Dan it wasn't altered AT ALL. Nope. nada. I do have a cool one taken with a flash but it looks kinda fake...

Elizabeth said...

let's see the one with the flash?
elizabeth solaka

Suesjoy said...

OK OK! Let me finish Delbut's silly fairy tale...

As Delbut rises from the muddy earth, he grimaces then smiles...for out of nowhere a beautiful azure eyed maiden appeared before him, offering her hand.
He clasped her milky white skin and was overcome by a sense of calm.
"Come with me," Princess Rachel beckons.
He follows her, puzzled but curious.
She leads him up the stairs, which takes them up a hill and then onto a winding path.
At the end of the path Delbut takes in a most stunning view.
Before him, he sees a rushing waterfall and a group of lovely almost nymph-like women bathing in a pool of water beneath it.
The beautiful Princess Rachel places her hand on Delbut's shoulder and explains:
"Delbut, these are your earth angels, and I believe, no i KNOW that they were sent from above to show you guidance with their unconditional love."

One of the nymphs named Lucy comes forward, "Yes that's right Delbut, we are here to bathe you in our unconditional love...we are all here for you - and she points to each nymphwoman: myself,Molly, Sue, the other Sue, anne-marie, Lace, Elena,Natters, MetalChick, Cathy...sorry Bex couldn't make it, she had a scrapbook circle to attend.
Upon hearing that, Del tries hard to hide his disappointment.

"Ah, well, I..." stammers the beleagured man.
"I was sorta hoping to be bathed with ah, some soap maybe?"

They all giggled in unison. "Funny, funny Del! You are just a real treasure."

"Delbut," Anne-Marie came forward this time. "Let our unconditional love open the door to your heart."

"It's open! It's open!" Grinned a very Happy Delbut. And as he smiled, he revealed a new set of pearly white teeth.
Gazing at the beauty and wonder before him, Delbut opened his mouth and golden rays came spewing forth (!) as he sang that lucent, familiar tune:
"Listening to you, I get the music, gazing at you, I feel the heat, following you, I climb the mountains, I get excitement at your feet!"

The ladies clapped...and Delbut declared:
"I really do love you ALL."
The nymphs rejoiced for they knew his words were true.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bex said...

ARRRGH where did my post go .......
Do you have comment moderation on or am I just thick!!!!

Either way I am sorry for being so slack in commenting in yonks .....
AND I am hoping that pic was taken near your home so I can come and blag a nice holiday and go there!!!!

And laughing my big fat arse off at stories so far - proper tagging this is!!!!!

Love bex xxxxxx

Suesjoy said...

The pic was taken in the mountains of south central Taiwan - in a gorgeous area called Alishan.
I bought Pete a beaded skullcap made by aboriginals there (I know you are all dying to hear that).
I washed it Pete, don't worry.

Ok and Elizabeth I will post the flash pic later, I promise.

I am pretty sure that we are moving back to Taiwan this summer...all bloggers welcome to visit the soon-to-be-lonely Miss Sue!!!
Blogger convention in Taipei anyone???


Suesjoy said...

So so sorry - didn't mean to forget you.
Beautiful poetry- thank you!!!
Just lovely.
I knew you'd come up with something gorgeous!

Delbut said...

fantastic ending Sue. Delbut is one spoiled, happy dude.

lryicsgrl said...

i am so out of the loop de loop without my computer..this laptop gives me a headache..thanks for the love; i'll take it in pieces!!