Sunday, March 04, 2007

Me and You-know-who in San Diego

Ok, yes I look like "tons of fun" (and believe me, I AM a fun gal...most of the time)...but I do love this shot.
Rufus looks much happier to see me!
I had just given him homemade truffles and about a half pound of Ghiradelli chocolate.
He met Sujoy (hubby) and our friend Simon after I did (I wasn't there when they met- I was chatting with the other Rufusfreakazoids).
So...Rufus hits on my husband. ("ooh I like your jacket" - he says to Sujoy, "very stylish."). Sujoy told him that I love Rufus more than I love him...Rufus laughed...his manager laughed harder!

Promise to get off this Rufus kick don't be sad Ru.
I have some excellent music to share.



Suesjoy said...

I need to make a Scrapbook of myself and the rock gods and goddesses I have met throught the years!
oh Bex!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am hormonal and overwhelmed with the hotness. . .


PS. When on a emusic spree. . .Antony and the Johnstons is freaking AMAZING!

Suesjoy said...

I know I know...I have that effect on you...I can't help it Laura...


my poor poor poor friends.

Chris Capp said...

I saw Rufus a couple years ago at the Hollywood Bowl when he opened for k.d. lang. He was wonderful. Quite a set of pipes.

Thanks for visiting my place -- Jack Black was hilarious on Saturday. I'm not sure why I haven't posted about it yet -- it just seems like such a big thing to try to describe. And the energy was a little strange. Not quite as joyful as November's Hotel Cafe gig.

Maybe I'll tackle it in the morning.

Hope all's well by you.

- C.