Friday, March 09, 2007

Fairyland in a flash

I took this one with a flash!
For Elizabeth...


Grace said...

It is more beautiful than the last Sue!


Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

Just laughing because I notice you climbed up a couple of the steps and probably said to yourself, 'shoot, I better take one with a flash too!'

Elizabeth said...

Gracias.I'm touched. Ah, Taiwan.

A lot of warm, green mossy things and dirt that reflect a soft even lighting. I like the flash photo. What a gorgeous scene.

('Mommies are people, people with children.' That one was sung with Harry Belafonte. . . )

Elizabeth Solaka

Anonymous said...

Hey Suesjoy, thanks for dropping by and of course the compliment. This picture looks like the home of a hobbit. Is this true? I don't see any sign of Gandolf, but it's a great shot. Hope things are good with you!

Suesjoy said...

Grace: You think so? Maybe...but I like the composition and mist in the first one. It looks mystical...

You're quite welcome Elizabeth! I am glad you like it- that's a huge compliment coming from you!
I love photography...but I know nada and sometimes I just get lucky.

Rance- yes it does look Hobbit-like!
It was taken in Taiwan.

Peace out!

AhvaRahn said...

Taiwan, eh? I’m not so sure. I think there might be a cupboard in your attic that leads to this. They are both wonderful photos, but I do love the mystery of the first. That tree has ideas it can move, it’s decided to take a walk, but the earth keeps it’s grips, smiles at the foolishness; and casually says, “where do you think you are going?”

Suesjoy said...

Very nice, Paul.

I am looking for more pics, but can't seem to find anything quite like my fairyland tree...

Lannio said...

lovely, luscious and very green. Mystical looking indeed. Amazing the different auras you can get with or without flash.

Bonfire Jones said...

Hi Suesjoy! Thanks for stopping by my Blog recently.

You had asked if my Dad's finger-amputation by the Nazis got infected. It didn't as his family & others at the labor-camp took care of him afterwards.

I posted that comment on Pete's blog simply because it had the WW2 connection.

Pete has been bringing up the fact that many lives were deeply affected - as a result of the atrocities people endured during the war.

My Dad, his family & the younger generations that followed have all felt the 'aftershocks' of something that occurred 60 years ago.

I thought it was relevant when I posted it & still do.

Of course other people had it much worse. Someone commented to me that they had visited 'the killing fields' & made me feel a bit apprehensive about what I had posted.

However, I stand by my post since everytime I shake my Dad's hand I feel that missing pinky.

Time may have healed the 'physical wounds' yet the 'psychological' implications are still haunting us.

And... I wasn't even there!

Hope all is well! Please feel free to visit my blog more often.

Kind Regards, Ed

Bex said...

Hiya sweetie

A simple request .........
Could I please use this photo in my next craft circle journal ........
It is SO weird. I had decided on the theme of "Killers" cos I have a sick fascination with the old world serial killers ......
But people were a bit OMG
SO I decided on "The Magic Faraway Tree" Not sure if you are aware of this - it is a serialisation of books by Enid Blyton where each day they climb the tree in the enchanted wood and find a different land.
So my take on it is what land would you like to find ............
AND this picture is SO perfect!!!!

PLEASE ..... PRETTY PLEASE can I use it!!!!!!
Might be open to bribery ............ In fact If I had the time or the money I would plan a trip to see you to collect the originals!!!!! In the interim I am sure I could maybe come up with some other reward lol
PS - please answer here rather than my blog - don't want to give them a heads up as to what i am up to!!!!!

Love Bex

Suesjoy said...

Lannio: I know aren't the colors amazing?
I just got lucky with these...
(It was taken on the grounds of a hotel where we were staying!

Paul- just loved your comment. Thank you!

Thank you Ed- nice to see you here.
Yes of course your comment on Pete's blog was relavent. Absolutely.
There are so many arocities in the world...still. But there's lots of beauty also. And thank God for Pete and Rachel who make life so much sweeter for us!

Bex - YES of course by all means pinch away!
Wow - I didn't know about that Enid Blyton series. Anjoli loves her Famous Five and Five Find Outers series - she has those two.
We'll have to look into the Magic Faraway Tree series.
Well, that's a little disturbing though, because there's a very popular kids' serires here called The Magic Treehouse - it's the same idea - the kids go explore other lands/history (they always go back in time) in their treehouse.

Hey if you like serial killers (!) you should listen to Sufjan Stevens' song about John Wayne Gacy. It is hauntingly beautiful and you actually end up empathizing w/Gacy.
Ask Pete or Bernard! They'll have it, I'm sure. It's called John Wayne GAcy, Jr. and it's on the cd Illionoise.
Happy crafting!!