Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats

If you haven't heard Jose Gonzalez then watch and LISTEN! Jose is a MASTER of covering songs. Heartbeats is actually a song by the Swedish band The Knife and his version sounds NOTHING like theirs. Incredible. You can hear The Knife's version HERE. I like their version as well.

Jose is from Sweden, but his parents are from Argentina. THANK YOU lovely Laura for introducing me to his music!

I saw him perform live in October, 2006 at the Casbah here in San Diego. He was sublime... very shy. I met him after the show and he signed my cd. I had my pic taken with him but I look like a beluga so sorry I am not posting THAT one.

I'll post another video from him soon...he is also a member of a VERY cool band called Junip. He does a FANTASTIC cover of Springsteen's "The Ghost of Tom Joad" on their ep. I will hunt down a link for it and post that also. You can hear two of their songs on MySpace.

Enjoy this one!!


lryicsgrl said...

yes, sublime is the RIGHT word.....beautiful, too!

how are you miss sue?


oi, word vert: fkeuy

Suesjoy said...

hello there miss sue-
I am well, and you?

ginab said...

Lovely, melodic, vocals sound 'deuce' or in-two, which makes sense somehow that he's acknowledging love between two.

I've not heard of Jose G before so THANK YOU!


lryicsgrl said...

I'm ROTFL...I just checked my site meter, and someone came to my blog, after "googling" "is pete townshend jewish?", why would someone think that????? Too funny, that it led them to my blog....OI VEY!!!